How to SUPER FLUSH your Cars Cooling System

  • Published on: 06 March 2015
  • Learn how to flush your cooling system including the radiator, heater core, and engine block. I go though every step to SUPER FLUSH your cooling system completely. My truck's cooling system was really really bad and it needed a good flush. Now the cooling system is filled with brand new coolant and is clean!

    If your system is old or dirty, that dirt could be clogging holes in hoses, seals, and gaskets so take that into consideration when you do this.

    Spill free funnel I was talking about:
    Black Socket Set I use:
    Hose Clamp Pliers:
    Large Drain Pan:
    Universal Antifreeze:

    Quick Flush your Cooling System:
    Here is How to Test your Cooling System:
    Here is how to Flush your Heater Core:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix   1 years ago

    Learn how to replace your radiator if your cooling system is too far gone (wont get clean, has a leak, overheating, etc):

  • Dave Newton
    Dave Newton   2 hours ago

    Your videos can be very useful to the first time DIY crowd, great job

  • Dave Newton
    Dave Newton   2 hours ago

    Fix your brake light issue please.... lol. warning lights are my absolute top pet peeve in automobiles...

  • san5981
    san5981   4 hours ago

    You did not use a funnel for adding distilled water to the coolant reservoir?

  • Rae G
    Rae G   5 hours ago

    great job. Just a general note for anyone with pets, please be very careful around dogs - coolant is toxic. For some reason dogs like the smell and taste - even a small amount of licking it will lead to kidney failure. I have been in a vets office when they tried to save a dog who had ingested a tiny amount, the poor thing died.

  • Kristian Satrang
    Kristian Satrang   8 hours ago

    I like how well you explain how to do these jobs at home and walk us through step by step. I have a 98 ford f150 shortbed and I have just started a basic tune up. I decided to flush the cooling system after watching your videoes. I have no mechanical experience or training and with your videoes I have been able to change the read end on a mustang and paint the same mustang with spray paint, and fix its odometer

  • Bryan Wayne
    Bryan Wayne   8 hours ago

    That 50/50 antifreeze is a terrible waste of money. You're paying a high price for a half gallon of AF. Just keep an empty gallon jug around. Buy 1 gallon 100% AF, and pour half of it in the empty jug. Fill both jugs the rest of the way with water, and you have 2 gallons of AF ready to pour in your vehicle. Also, using that high priced distilled water to do this is a waste. Water out of your hose is fine for this use.

  • Paul Pollitt
    Paul Pollitt   1 days ago

    I doubt dumping the chemical cleaner in the overflow first would do anything since it only gets pulled into the system if the pressure in the system is high enough to compressed the radiator cap spring. I may be wrong

  • Keith Cline
    Keith Cline   1 days ago

    In 31 miles, his mileage would be 123456 miles. Found that funny. Idk why.

  • n0ukf
    n0ukf   1 days ago

    "Hear the air escaping"... it is not leaving the engine, it is entering.

  • Jeremy smothers
    Jeremy smothers   3 days ago

    Your ratio isn’t accurate bc you still had 100% water in the heater core and the engine block which then mixed with your added 50/50 pre mix bringing that ratio lower say 60/40 or possibly 70/30 depending how much water was held in the block and heater core...maybe you already know this but just saying it for someone who needs it to be 50/50 all the way through in colder climates

  • Fill M
    Fill M   4 days ago

    can you use the 50/50 antifreez on 2009 dodge charger while flushing your coolant?

  • Paraground
    Paraground   4 days ago

    flushes with distilled waterbuys diluted antifreeze

  • jaymz Reschke
    jaymz Reschke   4 days ago

    Is it really ok to keep the thermostat in when performing the flushes? I really don't want my car to over heat

  • Peter Stokes
    Peter Stokes   4 days ago

    Guys guys guys... this is waaaay too complicated. Rub some Tussin on the radiator and watch the magic happen!!!!!

  • jonni Rivera
    jonni Rivera   4 days ago

    I just changed out my thermostat on my 3800 supercharger but I didn’t do the flush just yet. Whenever I do the flush (soon) would I need to change the thermostat again ?

  • bep2001 kumar
    bep2001 kumar   4 days ago

    Great video, fun fact. Radiator fluid isn't sweet anymore. Its been like that for a couple years now. Its bitter as hell now.

  • Nick
    Nick   4 days ago

    Chris: "I like to show proof of the work I do"Math teachers: Approving nod

  • Peter Bishop
    Peter Bishop   5 days ago

    Is there a requirement to use distilled water with the chemical flush? I know you have to use distilled water with the antifreeze if you are going to make the 50/50 mixture. When I have done this in the past I have used tap water out of the hose for the flush. I used to have a Prestone flush kit in which you installed a Tee fitting in the heater hose and attached a garden hose. After running the cleaner through the engine I attached the hose to the Tee, put a spout in the radiator fill and turned on the hose and engine. When the discharge ran clear you were ready to drain and refill with new fluid...Pete

  • Armando Osegueda
    Armando Osegueda   5 days ago

    A question i had was that what do you do with the distilled water that has all the gunk? Did you recycle it just like the antifreeze?

  • Time Capsule 7
    Time Capsule 7   5 days ago

    Bought that Stanley black socket set. Been watching your videos for a while and currently working on my AC system following a combination of your instructions and the Chilton manual. Those videos lead me to this video. Now I'm fired up and motivated. I need to find me a part time job at a dealership or car repair shop to play with cars... LOL

  • gajnan gajooknian
    gajnan gajooknian   5 days ago

    Hello Chris, i think my hose to the reservoir is blocked no matter what i try the old coolant wont come out. Should i try to blow it thru with compressed air? Grtz

  • vanie ishigh
    vanie ishigh   5 days ago

    So this video its been five years, I guess you need to change your coolant lol

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt   6 days ago

    Your gonna want something to suck on this...... Obama will do ....

  • Ilie Dragoş
    Ilie Dragoş   6 days ago

    This is SUPER FLUSH for dummies.I like how he explains the steps of the procedure with every detail covered like how to tighten bolts.

  • maresl3m
    maresl3m   6 days ago

    Why am I watching that ? I'm only 13 years old xD

  • Spencer Knutsen
    Spencer Knutsen   6 days ago

    If you own a vintage vw just put a house fan in front of your engine for a while and that'll super flush it

  • chochonero341
    chochonero341   1 weeks ago

    Took my car to get a coolant flush. Now my AC isn't cooling well. Any ideas? Have a 95 Monte Carlo z34. Haven't driven it much due to quarantine. When I turn my AC on now, not only is it not as cold there is a click sound. AC was working just fine (cold air and no click) but not anymore since the flush.

  • Max Novakovics
    Max Novakovics   1 weeks ago

    4:00 that's actually air going in.The draining coolant is pulling a vacuum and the volume of coolant drained is being replaced with atmosphere..

  • Apache-Yaqui Brown
    Apache-Yaqui Brown   1 weeks ago

    😂😀🤢😷Oh my, I wouldn't use my mouth to get the suction started. I would hope not, it is highly toxic and you can die rapidly. If any of you know anyone who drank even a couple of drops, call 911, Don't drive yourself to the hospital, CALL 911, AND START DRINKING, DRINKING ALCOHOL TO SAVE YOUR LIFE! I worked with the top expert on antifreeze poisoning, Dr. Donald Barceloux.

  • Steve T
    Steve T   1 weeks ago

    why is the brake light on?

  • Ulyses Lujano
    Ulyses Lujano   1 weeks ago

    What if you can't drive the car when you put the chemical coolant in?

  • Reiley Houtz
    Reiley Houtz   1 weeks ago

    i have never seen him not warring gloves

  • Kevin Ferguson
    Kevin Ferguson   1 weeks ago

    Note: when you start it up yes turn the heater on and the fan on but take off the radiator cap off so air can bubble out, you really don’t need to drive it! Just a thought

  • ronald peterson
    ronald peterson   1 weeks ago

    when you drain the radiator there is still almost half the coolant is still in the block. So after all the water was run through the system draining the radiator would not get all of the water out of the in the end by putting a 50/50 mix wouldnt it be more like a 75/25 mixture or so????