How to SUPER FLUSH your Cars Cooling System

  • Published on: 06 March 2015
  • Learn how to flush your cooling system including the radiator, heater core, and engine block. I go though every step to SUPER FLUSH your cooling system completely. My truck's cooling system was really really bad and it needed a good flush. Now the cooling system is filled with brand new coolant and is clean!

    If your system is old or dirty, that dirt could be clogging holes in hoses, seals, and gaskets so take that into consideration when you do this.

    Spill free funnel I was talking about:
    Black Socket Set I use:
    Hose Clamp Pliers:
    Large Drain Pan:
    Universal Antifreeze:

    Quick Flush your Cooling System:
    Here is How to Test your Cooling System:
    Here is how to Flush your Heater Core:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix   1 years ago

    Learn how to replace your radiator if your cooling system is too far gone (wont get clean, has a leak, overheating, etc):

  • GracefulWalrusPK
    GracefulWalrusPK   1 days ago

    I cannot find what coolant I can use for my '03 bmw 540i m-sport. How do you know this peak life coolant would work? Thanks!

  • tkyman buck
    tkyman buck   1 days ago

    I am not a mechanic... but I am sure becoming one thanks to ChrisFix. Love his videography and commentary

  • Geoff Fisher
    Geoff Fisher   2 days ago

    It's not "Gravity" that causes the coolant to drain, it's "Atmospheric" pressure!

  • Stephen Free
    Stephen Free   2 days ago

    Hey, Chris, really liked the video! One question: I know that on some GM motors there is a plug to drain the coolant out of the engine block; is there such a plug on other motors as well?

  • Elijanroz 2.0
    Elijanroz 2.0   2 days ago

    This video saved me I almost put ice on my coolant

  • Kani Fuker
    Kani Fuker   3 days ago

    So from start to finish it also uses a quarter of a tank of fuel too. ;).

  • Octavio Mendoza
    Octavio Mendoza   4 days ago

    Hey chris im HUGE FAN! all your videos are great! Thanks for all the info and genuinely wanting to help people out, i have a question im very on low $$ work 13hrs a day 6 days a week and can't really afford a shop...iv tryed my best to fix my vehical and can't seem to. My vehical was running just fine always maintained it but 3 days ago my car died, and when i turned the key it would just click and flash lights and would kinda want to turn but not really, had to jump start it worked good for another day no issues, but than died a second time, jump started again and worked again but i got a check engine light for low voltage, and also my radio reset so assuming other stuff might of as well im not sure, but took my buttery was told it was bad so i had it change ti a brand new one. My car has worked normalfor 2 days now but durring those 2 days my temp gauge has been higher than normal my car has always maintained normal temp right before getting half way on the half line on temp gauge but for the last 2 days it has been just passed it or right on it, when i turn the A/C on and the gauge will stay just above the half line and everyonce in a while it will go close to the line before it reaches the last 2 lines for overheating, still good i would but hasn't reached the bad area while that happnes i just turn on the heater and it will shoot back down to just above the half line, durring drives when i have my temp on the middle with no ac on my gauge will go down when i drive to just above half way and might go a little higher than that when in the city but i can notice it moving between temps, hope i explained as best as i could, really need the help thank you!

  • Brian Douglas basketball 26

    How are you doing tonight Chrisfix this is Brandon Ward I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am with a 3.4 liter engine with a v6

  • Joe Figueroa
    Joe Figueroa   5 days ago

    Should be a fun time doing this to flush out oil contaminated water. Can't wait

    ECTOPOWER   5 days ago

    I did the entire flush and my car only took 4 quarts and the manual says 7.5 hhaha

  • CarpWhisperer
    CarpWhisperer   5 days ago

    This is a god send. Been fixing my family's Yukon XL 1500 from 04. She's got over 300,000 miles on her.And sir your entire channel is just a blessing

  • Matt Le Moo
    Matt Le Moo   5 days ago

    1/4 tank fuel for job.How much do they charge in US for this task if you take it back to dealer?

  • Fuze -
    Fuze -   6 days ago

    "The only ingredient in the water should be water"-ChrisFix 2015

  • Steven Sevek
    Steven Sevek   6 days ago

    If you could do it, we can do it... Hmmm, one variable is how easy or difficult it is to remove the thermostat on a different vehicle. Great video though. Thanks for posting.

  • rim popper
    rim popper   6 days ago

    Chris, get a torque wrench. Correct torque is not really that important on a lot of things, but VERY important when aluminum is involved. The video was very good, but the just guessing at 10 ft lbs. ALso, if a couple drips is gonna throw your serpentine belt off, you got other major problems.

  • Rod.S
    Rod.S   1 weeks ago

    Nice Ford Ranger

  • AcE Stebba
    AcE Stebba   1 weeks ago

    Do i own a car? No. Do i live in the USA? NoI'm just a Dutch 17 Year old. Enjoying these videos. :)

  • Tanks and Critters
    Tanks and Critters   1 weeks ago

    If your vehicle has had stop leak in the past don't do a flush with the chemical. It will remove the stop leak. A flush in general may not be the way to go. Thanks Chris your a great teacher

  • Michał S
    Michał S   1 weeks ago

    But why do this, if you don't have any problems with yours engine temperatures?

  • Ryan Hollister
    Ryan Hollister   1 weeks ago

    Recycle antifreeze? I grew up in the 80s we would just let that shit run on the ground...😯🤫

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo   1 weeks ago

    Just did my power steering fluid flush on my 2000 Toyota Corolla 5 spd manual an hour ago. This is next! Thanks Chris!

  • Danger fixs
    Danger fixs   1 weeks ago

    hey im doing this right now do i need all those waters??

  • Shannon Brooks
    Shannon Brooks   1 weeks ago

    Prestone Flush bottle.... Ya can't fool me. I can use that electrical tape if your done with it...

  • Alexander
    Alexander   1 weeks ago

    hellow, Chrisfix, 2.5 gallon put into radiator. 2 Gallons Direct to radiator 1/2 Gallon to Coolant Reservoir ,Is that right?

  • Robert Lovell
    Robert Lovell   1 weeks ago

    been almost 5 years.. whats it look like now??

  • Skylar Kovack
    Skylar Kovack   1 weeks ago

    Wouldn't it been faster and easier with a T-connector in the heater hose and back flush with a garden hose?! Hmmmmm - just saying...

  • Brandon
    Brandon   1 weeks ago

    21:54 Top Tip: Shake Your Car: Yes but please don't shake your car by the engine bay area as Chris did but rather use the door frame in case the engine hood collapses from shaking.. that is if you'd like to keep all 10 fingers!

  • Dino Dean
    Dino Dean   1 weeks ago

    hi Chris, can i use a high pressure hose to flush out coolant by removing the top and bottom hoses ?

  • Amanda Choses
    Amanda Choses   1 weeks ago

    Chris, if i am replacing the radiator, should i stil do a flushing after i install the new radiator? the car is a 1999 Mustang, 3.8 , 86k miles, first time radiator change. - TY!

  • Shawn Weaver
    Shawn Weaver   1 weeks ago

    It didn't get hot because you forgot to pick the thermostat back in.

  • Cody Arndt
    Cody Arndt   1 weeks ago

    That’s not proof because you didn’t record each oil Chang e

  • Joe Bussets
    Joe Bussets   1 weeks ago

    ??? Must be nice to have parents who are well connected