A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place – Egoistic Altruism

  • Published on: 18 March 2018
  • Why should you care about the well-being of people half a globe away?

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    A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place
  • Runtime : 7:15
  • Selfish Egoistic Better World Third World Farming Economy Agriculture Innovation Progress Education Research Science Cancer Cure Distribution of Wealth Industrial Revolution Productivity Growth Economic Growth Human History zero sum game positive sum game innovation supply demand Kurzgesagt Animation


  • Spicy Artisan Hipster Salami

    We need 3rd world countries to prosper, and thankfully they are at a rate that outpaces the original up and coming 1st world’s (like England). We all win when everyone is secure

  • Len
    Len   4 hours ago

    This is probably the most inaccurate Kurzgesagt video I've listened to.Innovation caps out and stops sustaining populations.

  • Ghada
    Ghada   5 hours ago

    This is basically you trying to convince a bunch of bourgeois stockholders to basically acknowledge anyone else below them , " and if food-insecured or say starving people aren't much of an incentive to you guys, because you, like, have iota of compassion at all , let me show you that helping sup bar nations and populations develop might actually have the best outcomes for your own singular selfish benefit ." plays the vedio:

  • duckface
    duckface   5 hours ago

    It's a shame this isn't reality

    JNOIRAMC   17 hours ago

    true but sadly this is gradually happening..

  • TheYellowMeaning
    TheYellowMeaning   20 hours ago

    unfortunately, people aren't concerned with the volume/area of pie they get, but the overall percentage that they control. The issue is people who have 15% of the pie, want to keep that 15% regardless of the size of the pie.

  • Katy 777
    Katy 777   23 hours ago

    0:54 chokes on water did they just-

  • aohige
    aohige   1 days ago

    Yet, we live in a world where "got mine, fuck you" mindset prevails in parts of ruling class.

  • Brian
    Brian   1 days ago

    Sad that they didnt include property rights or the WTO in this presentation.

  • Anne-Charlotte Hill
    Anne-Charlotte Hill   1 days ago

    The world is still a zero sum game. Except now your gain isn't just the neighbor's loss... it's the planet's loss. I usually love those videos, but pretending we live in a world of infinite ressource seems irresponsible.

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel   1 days ago

    I would like to see how a marxist, a liberal and a libertarian would react from this video

  • Frask
    Frask   2 days ago

    Its a horrible day outside...Bees are dyingSky is pollutedOn days like these, humans like usS h o u l d b e b u r n i n g i n h e l l =)

  • Goosey Fish
    Goosey Fish   2 days ago

    do you like being alive?Guys I think kurzgesagt is going to Court this Sunday.

  • Vincent Visser
    Vincent Visser   2 days ago

    Problem is that the invested money gets lost along the way. The more you invest, the more expensive a product/service becomes. Its nice to theorize about this ideal world, but when the 1% keep skimming all the cream of the top, there will never be enough cream for the less fortunate. So, you end up becoming just as competitive and selfish as the people you despise in order to take what others worked harder than you to produce. It is true that all the new technology and science does eventually make its way to the mainstream consumer, but it happens at such a slow rate that innovation outruns deployment which ends up causing increased income inequality. Trying to leverage it back into balance is really hard and can lead to critically stable economic models. How do you put a monetary value on productivity? How can two people who work the same hours and deliver the same amount of end product not receive the same monetary compensation for their effort? One is just better at negotiation and as such is promoted faster than the other, even though both deliver the same results. If both were to receive the same promotions, the big boss would just increase the selling price of the business offers. This loops back on the workers and now they have to work harder just to sustain the same level of living comfort. Then we account for automation and the internet where everyone becomes more diverse, so now people get laid off simply because the business no longer requires their inputs. These people could start their own businesses, which then encourages competitiveness and selfishness. The world no longer cares about whether a person's needs are looked after just for the sake of it. There are always strings attached. Make your workers happier because then they will give you more effort and you can exploit them further.It is the way things are for now and until we can convince ourselves that there is enough to go around for everyone, nobody will be satisfied. Or am I just talking nonsense? Where do we start to improve the system?

  • DanglingHammer
    DanglingHammer   3 days ago

    "The production of iron increased in Britain" did it???? They just stole from Indians And then you say you spend a lot on research

  • Edan Lian
    Edan Lian   3 days ago

    0:391 like = 1 fifth of a pie slice for birthday bird ;(

  • Jaka Lazar
    Jaka Lazar   3 days ago

    Did anyone else read it Egoistic Autism

  • David Eckert
    David Eckert   3 days ago

    Thanos was right. Somewhat. The universe does appear to have finite resources. Eventually, if not humans, one society that advances far enough will use them all up. We have to seek balance.

  • Ryan Ambrose
    Ryan Ambrose   4 days ago

    Said the bacterial culture in the petri dish on the 59th minute.

  • D.K Weeks
    D.K Weeks   5 days ago

    Unfortunately if "well-off" means the standard that most Western civilizations hold (primarily the USA), there are just too many people on the planet to sustain that. We would run out of resources so fast that this kind of progress could not happen. As odd as it sounds, I wish we had less people on the planet. The less people there are, the easier it becomes to solve things like poverty. There are too many people in the world for us to help

    ALOK SINGH   6 days ago

    Once we start living for each other, we'll be like the cells of our own body which live for each other. We will be supporting the life of an earth organism by acting co-dependent cells of it's body.

    LODIELIE B   6 days ago

    People are so sick it hurts Many diseases probably already have real permanent cures, but they “don’t want to say it”. Because they make more money of inhibiting drugs. If the person is fully cured, then they don’t make any more money! Take Aids for example

  • Domihork
    Domihork   1 weeks ago

    But... The western world is rich because eastern world is poorer... And northern world is richer because southern world is even more poor...Look at the double standard of food quality in the EU... The former Eastern block has not only worse quality of products from international companies but it's also often more expensive while the salaries are ridiculously low compared to the west. Allowing the western countries to live in comfort of having high salaries and low prices... Because the eastern countries are paying for it..

  • Tim Fode
    Tim Fode   1 weeks ago

    I don't disagree, but I want sources supporting your argument. Please and thank you.

  • FrostiMintz
    FrostiMintz   1 weeks ago

    We've been living with innovation for around long 0.000000000000000000000001%of the lifespan of humanityMe: that's a long time on the loading screen