Matt Stonie vs 1 MASSIVE Slice of Pizza

  • Published on: 07 May 2018
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    Took a 28" Pizza and cut ONE big slice out of it. Results were....


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  • Runtime : 7:57
  • Matt Stonie Megatoad Competitive Eating Food Challenge Speed Eating Eating Challenge Giant Pizza Pizza Challenge Giant Pizza Slice


  • Jan Nassan
    Jan Nassan   8 minuts ago

    When you can eat one slice only

  • Karolsman
    Karolsman   2 hours ago

    i gained calories just by watching it lmaoo

  • S0RA
    S0RA   4 hours ago

    Man, this guy really do be speed running pizza

  • weekend Gamer
    weekend Gamer   5 hours ago

    Mabey when he is eating it's a work out for his jaw muscles

  • Vanessa Muco
    Vanessa Muco   5 hours ago

    That massive pizza is literally worth 100 normal one. Brahhhhhh😱🍕🍕🍕💯

  • Electro_ Bolt
    Electro_ Bolt   7 hours ago

    "double New York fold"Me: wait that's illegal.

  • رمَرمم
    رمَرمم   10 hours ago

    سحسس يفوز عليهه✅✅✅✅

  • John Leimon
    John Leimon   11 hours ago

    Matt should post his before and after LDL/HDL levels with these achievements.

  • ItsMeFishyy
    ItsMeFishyy   12 hours ago

    I thought he really made a slice of pizza and it grew a bunch in the oven lol

  • Krishna Kireeti Tata
    Krishna Kireeti Tata   17 hours ago

    Matt was speaking Russian around 5 mins when he was eating the crust first time.

  • Sami Noori
    Sami Noori   18 hours ago

    this guy is an animal ....omg how is one skinny looking guy can eat like this ? wow

  • TJ Olaiya
    TJ Olaiya   23 hours ago

    This is one way to commit suicide 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Leon_ Kek
    Leon_ Kek   1 days ago

    вeзёт парню,кушает

  • Vivi Rodriguez
    Vivi Rodriguez   1 days ago


  • Inner Version
    Inner Version   1 days ago

    This Guy looks like the Brad Pitt of "True Romance" and "12 Monkeys" era.

  • The Flareons Alt
    The Flareons Alt   1 days ago

    I wonder what that first pizza that he “made” ended up like

  • David Restrepo
    David Restrepo   1 days ago

    Whenever I watch him my mouth waters when he eats