Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Cutting Their Own Bangs And Regretting It

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Bangs, bangs, and more bangs. So many people take a leap of faith and cut their own bangs and regret it.




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  • Runtime : 24:57
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  • Vallie Pallie
    Vallie Pallie   1 months ago

    I didn't even cut my own bangs and still regretted it lolUpdate: I'm 8 minutes into the video and am now thinking about having bangs againOkay.. I made it through the entire video... no bangs/fringe for me lol

  • Erinkelly __
    Erinkelly __   2 hours ago

    That 80’s one I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • Alisa miller
    Alisa miller   3 hours ago

    You should react to twist out hair videos for natural hair since you love curly hair. I recommend three strand twist, two strand, and/or Bantu knots.

  • Natalie Silveus
    Natalie Silveus   8 hours ago

    So I got bangs last May and it took only 7ish months for them to grow out.

  • Rhoda Yackez
    Rhoda Yackez   10 hours ago

    You're so right about bangs and girls. I've spent many long years growing those, awful things out. I have curly wavey hair so bangs just never work right for me.I'd say yes, do the video.Your hair looks great!

  • Shonna R.
    Shonna R.   13 hours ago

    Brad thinks "bangs" is the ugliest word ever.I think "Dookie" is the ugliest word ever! 🙅🏼‍♀️

  • Lauren Button
    Lauren Button   16 hours ago

    I watched this last night and booked an appointment with my hairdresser today to have a fringe for the second time what is my life

  • Cassandra Bergantim
    Cassandra Bergantim   19 hours ago

    The first time I got bangs, my friend told me I looked like Willy Wonka ☹

  • heartattackandvine
    heartattackandvine   21 hours ago

    I'm literally trimming my bangs while listening to this video rn lol

  • F F
    F F   1 days ago

    F for fringe... Aussie here

  • Eric Darkov
    Eric Darkov   1 days ago

    Lol the fail one just reminded me of soul glow from coming to America lol

  • Chrissa Harmon
    Chrissa Harmon   1 days ago

    I want that video about whether or not to choose bangs based on your faceshape, please!!!!

  • Fawnai~
    Fawnai~   1 days ago

    I am very happy I didn't regret cutting my bangs 😂

  • Rainbow Colors :3
    Rainbow Colors :3   1 days ago

    A week ago i cut my own bangs bs y wanted to dye hair (split dye) and my mother didn't let me so i just when to the bathroom and cut them they turned out surprisingly good LOL

  • Alandra Williams
    Alandra Williams   1 days ago

    Watching this makes me miss my bangs. I loved having them.

  • Sydney Gardiner
    Sydney Gardiner   1 days ago

    To me it take 2.4 seconds for me to grow out bangs ! WTF

  • Jazmine Williams
    Jazmine Williams   1 days ago

    When that girl cut the whole front of her hair I SCREAMED SO LOUD🤣🤣🤣 I was literally wheezing on the floor I don’t know why I found it so funny 🤣🤣

  • Charlotte Monger
    Charlotte Monger   1 days ago

    Do do a "bang" video!? just did bang(s) myself, and I love it. But I am addicted to cutting them and restyling hard to stop when the gettings good! Really could use some trustworthy advice

  • Red Burri
    Red Burri   1 days ago

    This is why I didn’t initially cut my own bangs! Didn’t not want to risk messing it up! Though I do trim them myself without any problems.

  • Ashley & Avery Rieck

    Haven't had bangs since I was like 9 , and that was because I was forced to... I hated them

  • Kenzi Vieane
    Kenzi Vieane   2 days ago

    Fringe! Yess. Every job I have had my managers have kicked me out of the habit of saying Fringe instead of bangs.... But I still say Fringe.

  • Morqque
    Morqque   2 days ago

    when your bangs look like the first girls

  • Abigail Falcon
    Abigail Falcon   2 days ago

    My bff cut her bangs and I told her how to do it 😂 which is not a good idea and I’m not a hairstyles whatsoever they didn’t turn out bad they turned out cute but I would not recommend 😐

  • iiLuvÃvöcadø ÙwÚ

    I've been thinking about getting a bob with side swept bangs and I think I'd like it but.. still thinking 😂 because long hair is so annoying to me 😂😵

  • Marissa Huennefeld
    Marissa Huennefeld   2 days ago

    I asked for pretty thin bangs and i think i would have loved them but my stylist cut them pretty thick. so now i always have to pin part of them back :(

  • Jo Youngblood
    Jo Youngblood   2 days ago

    I'm sorry but the whole head bang girl is how every mother I knew cut thier kids bangs boy or girl when I was a kid lol

  • Laura S
    Laura S   2 days ago

    Please make the video!

  • Andrea Tarelo
    Andrea Tarelo   2 days ago

    Please do a bang video 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • WeirdAj
    WeirdAj   2 days ago

    Love all of these "OMG CAN'T JUST CUT MY HAIR" girls.. xD When I hear that I think back to when I shaved my head randomly before my high school exams xD ah the difference