People Reveal Their Silliest Work Rules, And They Were Pretty Amazing

  • Published on: 22 March 2019
  • What's the most ridiculous rule in your place of work? - r/AskReddit

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  • MyNameIsM
    MyNameIsM   1 weeks ago

    this rule was on silly/stuiped becasue they had to make it in the first place:You could not show to work with out pants on.Dont know what happend, as it was before my time, But i realy want to...

  • Alp Uzun
    Alp Uzun   2 weeks ago

    8:15 Willy Wonka in a parallel universe

  • Domino cracker
    Domino cracker   2 months ago

    Besides, UPS turns left into my driveway to deliver a package

  • Violet Patina
    Violet Patina   2 months ago

    Ohhh boy where do I start with the amount of dumb rules I have to follow. For context I'm a gymnastics coach so it's a really active job- spotting kids, stretching, generally moving around a lot, etc. The first major dumb rule is "no shoes" (which my bosses don't follow). Within 3 months of working there I developed what I /think/ is plantar fascitis... I can't be sure because I'm a poor college kid that can't afford a doctor's trip to find out. Anyway my feet are dying because I stand all day on sinky floors with zero arch support. When I asked politely to wear shoes and explained why, they just said "we don't allow shoes, sorry." There is literally ZERO reason for this rule and every other gym I've been to has wearing shoes as a requirement and the official competition rules also state coaches have to be wearing shoes. Considering if going to OSHA or workers comp is too extreme when I'm just going to quit soon. BS thing number 2 is we aren't allowed to have water bottles out in the gym, only in the lobby. There is ONE water fountain inside the gym for the kids that we can drink out of BUT we also aren't allowed to walk away or turn our backs on the kids which you have to do in order to drink from the fountain. On top of that, who wants to drink from the same fountain as a bunch of gross kids? What ends up happening is we work 4 or 5 hours of an active job without getting any water and by the end are so dehydrated we feel like we're going to pass out. Again there's literally no good reason why we shouldn't be able to have close-able water bottles while we're teaching- it's just water and getting a small spill on the equipment is hardly the end of the world. There's more but those are the 2 big ones.

  • Pat Ryder
    Pat Ryder   3 months ago

    0:58 In Uganda, people accused of being witches are tortured and killed. Forbidding such accusations at work is correct and necessary.

  • Pat Ryder
    Pat Ryder   3 months ago

    I worked in a state psych hospital in a unit housing the most dangerous people in the state. They were Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity murderers who would get consequences of free Ativan injections and temporary restriction to unit for assaulting and injuring staff. Administration issued a new dress code requiring all male staff to wear neckties. After receiving vigorous objections by staff, they agreed to let us wear clip-on ties rather than standard neckties. After discussion and practice with a co-worker and friend, we attended the next meeting with administrators. I stood and mentioned the policy, while walking behind my friend. I snatched the tie off of him and wrapped it snugly around his throat. I remarked that if any administrators were wearing clip-ons, I would enjoy demonstrating that a clip-on could be used as a garrotte. I definitely was not kidding, but they apparently didn't think I wanted to kill them, because they didn't fire me. Even so, the necktie requirement was dropped. Bob was a good friend.

  • Brandon Hayduke
    Brandon Hayduke   4 months ago

    When I was in the Army, I was addressed by both my supply Sergeant and Company commander at the same time. In the military as a courtesy to those who out rank you, you have to stand as a way to recognize their rank, (Sergeant to Sergeant Major - Parade Rest - hands behind your back and feet shoulder width apart) / (2nd Lieutenant and higher - Position of Attention- heels together and out at a 45 degree angle, hands down your side with your thumbs on the seam of tour trousers) with that being said, I had to go back and forth between each position when addressing and being arrested by a Staff Sergeant and a Captain, I don’t know if it was intentional but that was a giant pain in the ass.

  • Master0of0Blades
    Master0of0Blades   4 months ago

    must wear a tie: i am a forgetful person; who walked to and from work eight 8 kilometres each way and even though i worked in a cold calling call centre, i had to wear a tie, so i made a origami tie that i attached to my gold chain (necklace), and i used coloured pens to give it a nice stripe pattern. my manager just sighed and gave me a company tie, that i was to keep in my desk, but was mine to keep, so being the little S**t i am i wore both while i pretended to golf or did hand stands on my desk, or did yoga or tai chi, or kung fu or whatever martial art i felt like doing that day and gave my sell speech. my record for desk hand stand was three pages into my speal before my feet touched the ground again we were in an open office with long desks two computers and there fore two people to a desk and they were arranged so we were facing away from each other and had a little wall so we would have to sit up a bit to see over about 40 people in the room and every single one of them struggling not to laugh at my antics. BUT I WAS WEARING THE TIE. i quit working there due to mental health reasons and did door to door charity collection instead.

  • W
    W   5 months ago

    I had a job where were weren’t allowed to order pens, printer/copier paper, toner, etc. until all of our supplies completely ran out because they were concerned we were going through such supplies too quickly. Then it would take several days for them to order new supplies and get them to us. So, the printers would be down for days, everybody would hoard pens as soon as we got them, nobody would ever share their pens, and people would buy pens themselves in violation of company policy. Seems like a reasonable trade off.

  • W
    W   5 months ago

    I heard a manager complaining to another manager in the hallway that most of his staff was sent to a foreign country for two weeks for some sort of unnecessary pretend work thing which was really supposed to be a job perk, that there was nobody to do the primary work which was their job for weeks. The other manager quipped that if they didn’t send those people they, would feel put out and it would be unfair. The complaining manager said, so if we don’t send most of the office to a foreign country to do nothing which is really necessary and make the rest work overtime in a vain attempt to keep up the work which IS the actual job of the absent majority, the people who would have got to go will feel unfairly treated?

  • AngrySpongeCraft
    AngrySpongeCraft   6 months ago

    I work at a miniature golf course during the summer.We have some moments where it gets extremely busy, and others where it’s dead. We are only supposed to be allowed a 15-20 minute lunch break, and otherwise should keep being busy. Whether it’s cleaning clubs, talking to customers, walking along the course to make sure it’s clean, and etc. However, there’s a problem. There’s only 2 people who work on a shift at a time, not including the supervisor whose there but off doing other work stuff. If it’s a really busy day, there’s no way for one person to handle it while the other takes a break. On the other side, If it’s an extremely dead day then we usually do all we need to do rather quickly or won’t have the materials to do some of our tasks and thus cannot do anything anyways.So it’s either we get no break or we’re bored for half the day.

  • explosivefreak666
    explosivefreak666   6 months ago

    The probs, are these pricks that install these rules, but far Worse are the dumb, useless DRONES of SHEOPLE that actually FOLLOW these moronic "rules".! If it wasn't for these sheople, the REAL PEOPLE, could go and sabotage anything like these idiocraties they call rules... The real scurge, is obedient, mindless dumbasses... Drones, without anything resembling a person like a backbone, morals, honnour, loyalty, inner worth, and basic, run of the mill, good judgement.! I saw ton's of them during jobs, and "to die" is about ALL they diserve... They only drag us down, and are far worse than àny other disease.!... I FUCKING HATE SHEOPLE.!!  Kill'em ALL.!!

  • Carol Prasad
    Carol Prasad   7 months ago

    everybody: we need to drink a lot water to stay hydratedCOMPANY: we don't do that here!!

  • Zippy Zepeda
    Zippy Zepeda   7 months ago

    Top 2. You need doctor note to have water bottle with you 2 they only want us use the bathroom next to office/breakroom the other one for customers. What if I really had to go and other bathroom in use I don't go in pants then get in trouble

  • Ibrahim Cehajic
    Ibrahim Cehajic   8 months ago

    Business forget that the only reason they're in business is because of customers and employees providing goods or services to customers,and having a female boss/supervisor is going to ruin every business sooner or later.

  • Spawn of Heck
    Spawn of Heck   8 months ago

    Why does 6:30 remind me of that one scene in Watership Down

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay   9 months ago

    Disheartening, I thought just my industry was horrible

  • Yoonji Trash Min
    Yoonji Trash Min   9 months ago

    Omg I have a story for this. This is my dads work, not mine.So all over my dads work are these signs that day stuff like “We do not tolerate drugs or alcohol in this work space.” But then you go into the kitchen freezer...and there are two giant bottles of straight up vodka

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob   9 months ago

    Not applying the rules to every employee seems to be a big source of abuse.

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob   9 months ago

    I once worked at an auditing company and I made a mistake on my counts. The first manager talked to me about it and I said sorry and thought that was the last of it. Then a second and a third came to talk to me about the same mistake and it seem like every manager their had to say something to me about it.

  • SoJayTay
    SoJayTay   10 months ago

    Sadly, absolutely none of these suprise me. I worked at dominos and the store was understaffed and always incredibly busy. So our pizzas always came to the customers really late. Delivery usually took about 2 hours on a typical dinner rush. So what do they decide to do? They bring upper management in to 'help' get our pizzas to the door more quickly. What did we need? More delivery drivers, obviously. What did the management team do instead? They switched the spoodle (the tool used for spreading pizza sauce around on the dough), breathed down our necks as we topped pizzas on the make line, and rearranged the order of the toppings (which threw everyone off and made us work more slowly). If they would have set their pride aside and helped deliver some pizzas by car it would have been much more helpful. Upper management ended up stressing out the GM so much that she yelled "fuck you" to her boss when customers were around and threw her hat on the ground as she left. I dont blame her.

  • Trashlord Supreme
    Trashlord Supreme   10 months ago

    I had to quit my last job because my manager threatened to fire me if I didn’t get rid of my anxiety. I was having a panic attack at work every couple of days after an extremely traumatic experience I had went through, and it was seen as too disruptive. I want to clarify that I had asked several times to be moved to a less stressful position until I could work through what I was facing during the aftermath of the traumatic event, and they declined it. I tried to explain that my anxiety is a legally diagnosed disorder, and I don’t choose to have it, but my manager avidly argued with me. She kept telling that feeling anxious is a conscious decision that I participate in, which I can somehow choose to stop making.She wouldn’t relent, so I had to quit.

  • Cobra3111
    Cobra3111   10 months ago

    For my old job in construction as a labourer we were given sick days. On sock days we get paid for those days but barely anyone does because we need to get a note from the doctor now. I mean wtf you can see I am not feeling well and even when you go home and they say they will log it in they don't!

  • Yuki 88
    Yuki 88   11 months ago

    The retail pharmacist: so true. I work 10 hour shifts and only get 20 min ‘legal’ break so I run to the break room, wolf down my food (usually sandwich because microwave food takes up precious minutes), pee, and run back to work.

  • Sage
    Sage   11 months ago

    I was a mid-level manager in Arizona state goverment. We had some wonderful workers, but many were entitled whiners who compulsively tried to work out their emotional issues in the workplace through attention seeking behaviour. A few of them could have been diagnosed as sociopaths and it was horrendous the things they got away with. Upper management was no better. They lacked both a moral compass and common sense. In addition to unethical and self-serving behavior, they made incomprehensible decisions about procedures and also implemented many of the ridiculous rules in this video. It created chaos and low morale. The agency had a 42% turnover rate. The good people left while the unbalanced workers stayed for decades and the Machiavellian types got promoted. Try being sandwiched between those two groups of people! One day I watched a slide show with all of upper mgmt rep'd by a bunch of dots at the top of the page and all the workers rep'd by a bunch of dots at the bottom. The office manager (me) was represented by a single dot in the middle looking like the narrowest part of an hourglass. When I saw the situation laid out so clearly like that, I started preparing to get out of there!

  • Hlheutte
    Hlheutte   11 months ago

    they didn’t make them clean the plane hangars, lucky? i did

  • Seini Carr
    Seini Carr   11 months ago

    I once worked somewhere that would change your shift without telling you then ask why you weren’t there... like I distinctly remember DOUBLE checking my roster at the end of the day on a Saturday, we were closed on the Sunday, then Monday morning when I think I can sleep in I get a call saying where are you your meant to be here.... what? Happened too often especially since I had another job who kept my hours the same every week to make sure they knew exactly when they could have me to make things easy for them but they’d always roster me the days I wasn’t available so I kept having to cancel shifts cos I just couldn’t be in two places at once..

  • Han Skinslo
    Han Skinslo   11 months ago

    Amazon is horrible to their employees.

  • Glenn Stork
    Glenn Stork   11 months ago

    8:14 You sure you're not an airline pilot?

  • Suadela
    Suadela   11 months ago

    These stories make me really sad

  • Collaide
    Collaide   11 months ago

    This is why we need communism

  • CreepyCasesOf
    CreepyCasesOf   11 months ago

    In my old job in a bank call centre if we came back off our break 1 min late we would get pulled into recorded discussion or HR meeting 💩

  • The Container
    The Container   11 months ago

    the last one is completely your own doing, dont have a job that puts you on call if you dont like it.

  • Christian Akerberg
    Christian Akerberg   11 months ago

    1:23 What fucking DUMBASS decided to put LOCKS, on the fucking FIRST AID KITS!?!?!? THAT IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE LAST THINGS YOU SHOULD PUT A LOCK ON!!!!!!!!!

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl   12 months ago

    To be fair, weave is really expensive and technically isn't dye. It's hair braided or sewed in. Hell, just getting my hair washed, deep conditioned, and trimmed is over a 100. Braided is nearly 200 and I have to provide my own fake hair. I get the ladies frustration over it, but rule wise, there is a distinction and would hold up in court in the companies favor due to wording. Best she could do was argue about racial discrimination as weave is a more African American thing, but technically black people don't need weave and are still following the policy and could argue she could go get fake hair a different color too.

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez   1 years ago

    Military: at 18 years old you are responsible for billions of dollars in government/ military weaponry , equipment, you can certify aircraft are safe to fly combat missions over seas however we have mandatory room inspections to make sure you don’t have black listed dangerous items like candles, toasters, charcoal, or aerosol in your room because they’re fire hazards and your not responsible enough to handle said items.