Harry Styles - Girl Crush (At The BBC)

  • Published on: 02 November 2017
  • Performed on his very own show, Harry Styles At The BBC, presented by Nick Grimshaw.

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  • Runtime : 4:38
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  • Lauren Ashley
    Lauren Ashley   9 hours ago

    Will never not make me cry, you can tell he really relates to this song and he just let the emotion pour the fuck out on stage. Respect.

  • Ly Invisible
    Ly Invisible   13 hours ago

    after almost 3 years, i'm still here crying with this piece of art.

  • Alexandra X
    Alexandra X   14 hours ago

    that’s sad 2 thousand people are completely psycho

  • Amber Francis
    Amber Francis   1 days ago

    the songs he sings fit him so much, you can see the emotion

  • Leah Comstock
    Leah Comstock   1 days ago

    teenage girls in like 2070 will watch this and say they were born in the wrong era and i’ll be able to rub it in their face

  • Shirley León
    Shirley León   1 days ago

    I wish I could tattoo this video on my forehead

  • snoxx ice
    snoxx ice   1 days ago

    Just a larrie person passing byhi zarries :)))

  • Bdlagm
    Bdlagm   2 days ago

    Sigo amando esta canción con todo mi ser ❤

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight   3 days ago

    I honestly love the original version by little big town and hearing him sing it so good makes me happy

  • fjf sjdnx
    fjf sjdnx   3 days ago

    Fuck it, I am gonna say it, Harry is this generation's Paul McCartney.

  • Laura Styles
    Laura Styles   3 days ago

    do an ugly reveal. oh wait...you can't do that because you dont have something ugly❤️❤️❤️✨

  • Stuti Jalan
    Stuti Jalan   3 days ago

    Harry Styles, you got me week in my knees with tears flowing down my cheeks.I got a heart rush Harry, looking at you, hearing you, somewhat knowing you ♥️#YouArePerfect

  • Lydia Hendricks
    Lydia Hendricks   3 days ago

    “no one can have a perfect voice, amazing sense of style and be the most adorable person on the planet” Harry Styles: hold my beer

  • Sydnee Miller
    Sydnee Miller   3 days ago

    I listen to this every night before bed ugh it’s so beautiful

  • Millie Munro-Stevenson

    On a continuous loop and gets me emotional every time. Just his voice! ugh... I love him and wish him the best

  • horse4you
    horse4you   3 days ago

    Smart choice Harry. Really shows your scope.

  • Kenny Sikes
    Kenny Sikes   4 days ago

    I have a boy crush, it just happened. He's amazing...

  • Ayesha Nygma
    Ayesha Nygma   4 days ago

    He really just sang a song about liking a guy - we cannot help but stan

  • Devan Nicole
    Devan Nicole   4 days ago

    If we had to narrow the music industry down into one person, Harry would be my only vote lol

  • samcad2013
    samcad2013   5 days ago

    Holy shit he’s really amazing isn’t he. I’ve caught on a bit late.

  • Paula Crnolatac
    Paula Crnolatac   5 days ago

    When I listen to this song I just have feeling like he is singing to me.Probably every other HS fan lol

  • charlotte carpio
    charlotte carpio   5 days ago

    God when the first vers ends and the rest of the song starts... that note wisijdjekwkwjdndje

  • lexdforbes
    lexdforbes   5 days ago

    imagine Louis watching this and crying in his bathroom

  • Janet McIntosh
    Janet McIntosh   5 days ago

    Beautiful song, beautiful performance by Mr. Styles

  • Madara Rutkovska
    Madara Rutkovska   5 days ago

    Every word of this song is like knife through heart. So much PAIN, CONFESSIONS and LONGING in 4 min. Sad tears everytime...

  • Simon Gujbhi
    Simon Gujbhi   6 days ago

    This dude is immensely talented. Hats off, Mr. Styles.

  • Amlll Nnko
    Amlll Nnko   6 days ago

    is this even real? he is an angel 👼