Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel & Audience (Classifieds Lady)

  • Published on: 09 January 2015
  • During a commercial break, Jimmy talks with a woman who handles the Classified ads for a newspaper.

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    Jimmy Kimmel Chats with His Studio Audience (Classifieds Lady)
  • Runtime : 5:56
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  • Iyarkayin Illakanam
    Iyarkayin Illakanam   2 months ago

    I want kimmel to put this ad lets get it on and give aunt chippy's address lolJimmy if you use this idea give me some royalty lol

  • Hao Li
    Hao Li   1 years ago

    Going to Jimmy Kimmel show would br the first one on my check list when i am going to America. Love Jimmy so much, he is funniest

  • Hailey Wilson
    Hailey Wilson   1 years ago

    Silk light western host suddenly hunter clearly property pleased hundred crazy particularly finally.

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S   2 years ago

    so did jimmys ad ever get placed in her newspaper?😂😂

  • iringa77
    iringa77   2 years ago

    Two Reasons I watch Jimmy: The segments are fun and the second reason is that Jimmy comes across as a genuine individual. I know, probably not the best reason to watch someone, but fake talk show hosts are a put off.

  • Lo Woah
    Lo Woah   3 years ago

    Im tired of seeing that desk being put back together

  • P K
    P K   3 years ago

    Please do more of these. Am rewatching all of them

  • George License
    George License   3 years ago

    I would love to have a conversation with jimmy kimmel

  • Jagraj Wasan
    Jagraj Wasan   3 years ago

    Bet he gave Matt Damon's address. That or John krasinski's

  • herihehe
    herihehe   3 years ago

    Check out a comment down below, someone said: "Her teeth look bad" , Samantha replied it, and the commenter said they didn't see it coming and not expecting her to reply to it. That's the problem with many of you so-called trollers, you don't think these kind of trolls matter, you think they're virtual, harmless, and fine. They're not.

  • Squish
    Squish   3 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a good interviewer.

  • GlobalWatch
    GlobalWatch   3 years ago

    whats up with assembly of desk all the time

  • Airehcaz
    Airehcaz   3 years ago

    She seemed like a very nice person ^_^I love these Audience Chat segments Jimmy! Keep 'em coming

  • Vermilyea
    Vermilyea   4 years ago

    she seems really cool. but man what a shitty job :/

  • asdabir
    asdabir   4 years ago

    This comment section is so nice I had lost faith that Internet could still be nice to people

  • TubeYou
    TubeYou   4 years ago

    FINALLY someone from Nebraska

  • Godwin Paul
    Godwin Paul   4 years ago

    What a sweet lady , seems a nice person.

  • Sybarite Sphynx
    Sybarite Sphynx   4 years ago

    I really hope they disable the comments on these "chat with audience" videos. They shouldn't have to deal with nasty comments.. I dunno.. Ellen disables the comments on her non-celebrity videos, and I kinda get it.

  • Jack Camino
    Jack Camino   4 years ago

    she is not from Tampa, she doesn't look to have gone cuckoo.

  • Miami 808
    Miami 808   5 years ago

    That was pretty cool. She really handled herself smooth. I would have been nervous and would have probably messed up a few words. lol. 

  • OrngePeel
    OrngePeel   5 years ago

    So funny!! :) She's naturally funny too! :)

  • Samantha Greene
    Samantha Greene   5 years ago

    I tweeted the ad to him!

  • Colin Poole
    Colin Poole   5 years ago

    If John Krasinski lived in Florida I know exactly what address Jimmy would be giving.

  • Angie
    Angie   5 years ago

    Hi Sammy Awe, can we see a pic of that add? Thanks!

  • Gibbo Goblin
    Gibbo Goblin   5 years ago

    Im english so normally im like fuck american dumbass humour... But this made me laugh and i liked the girl alot XD seemed down to earth XD