Brad Tries Pottery | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
  • Join Brad at Keith Kreeger Studios in Austin, Texas as he learns how to make ceramics, from wedging clay and using a wheel to glazing and firing. Spoiler alert: Brad actually makes a decently useable bowl.

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    Brad Tries Pottery | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit
  • Runtime : 22:38
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit   2 months ago

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  • Aylin Arslan
    Aylin Arslan   1 hours ago

    AUSTIN TEXAS Y’all!!!(Yes that’s all I wanted to comment)

  • FrazNinja
    FrazNinja   12 hours ago

    5:51 did Keith call Vinny, Vincent? hahah so formal :'D

  • Tyler Mason
    Tyler Mason   2 days ago

    Somebody get this man a dog! He clearly wants one.

  • elzeus13
    elzeus13   3 days ago

    The clay like dough can sense fear.

  • Raphael Ibbet
    Raphael Ibbet   3 days ago

    There is something horrible about seeing what looks like a regular plate folded in half without breaking

  • Mairi D. Wiles
    Mairi D. Wiles   3 days ago

    Awe Brad! He looks so uncomfortable and vulnerable. Totally different from when he's in the kitchen!

  • bird
    bird   4 days ago

    "We're both dads" omg yes brad you friggin are ahahahah

  • bird
    bird   4 days ago

    bro that guy knew about one direction and "harry styles solo band" he definitely has children hahahahaha

  • bird
    bird   4 days ago

    HAHAHAH "frued can see that from his grade" omg the editor

  • Pablo Zamora
    Pablo Zamora   5 days ago

    i took ceramics in high schooli found it funny how they didn't how him centering the clay hahacentering the clay is by far one of the toughest things to do as a beginner

  • Dinda
    Dinda   6 days ago

    Audio Simulation Maniac's Recreation

  • Freda Ke
    Freda Ke   6 days ago

    :O what happened to your beard!!?!?

  • BurningWater
    BurningWater   1 weeks ago

    Keith is giving me some sociopathic vibes...

  • Kogure
    Kogure   1 weeks ago

    15:44 it's a calzone!

  • Smita Tanaya
    Smita Tanaya   1 weeks ago

    I cracked my face mask because of this video :')

  • Mary Napier
    Mary Napier   1 weeks ago

    As always a great Brad video. He just brings so much joy to whatever he does. Even when he screws up, its wonderful.

  • mathshop24
    mathshop24   1 weeks ago

    I demand at least 2 more hours of these two.

  • Yeah No
    Yeah No   1 weeks ago

    Selling replay buttonsCost one like14:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:5614:56

  • Benjamin P.
    Benjamin P.   1 weeks ago

    Y'all just gonna ignore the fact that VINNY HAS A VOICE!?

  • Garbs
    Garbs   1 weeks ago

    I wanted to see Brad's bowl and plate get finished :(

  • TheDiscoMole
    TheDiscoMole   1 weeks ago

    20:20 no they don't, they really really don't.

  • ketmateo
    ketmateo   1 weeks ago

    I'd watch an entire series with Brad and Keith, effing brilliant

  • That one asian kid
    That one asian kid   1 weeks ago

    I love potters, they are just so care free. They could of spent 3 hours perfecting a vase, then in the same second toss it into the trash to start a new one.

  • Miranda Brumbaugh
    Miranda Brumbaugh   1 weeks ago

    anybody else start this up hoping for a "Ghost" pottery wheel scene recreation :D? anybody now ;)?

  • Divja Sood
    Divja Sood   1 weeks ago

    2:50 ” Freud can see that from his grave ” i can’t !😂😂

  • Blue G
    Blue G   1 weeks ago

    One plate calzone at 15:44

  • HaileyBubs
    HaileyBubs   2 weeks ago

    “Where, in the garbage?”nervous laughter

  • anaperez
    anaperez   2 weeks ago

    7:37 it's a tortilla holder, thank you very much, sir.

  • KSM
    KSM   2 weeks ago

    i think brad is one of the coolest people on youtube. if not the world. iv even seen some of the videos 2 or 3 times i laugh everytime!

  • Justyna K
    Justyna K   2 weeks ago

    Gosh, them having fun, telling dad jokes and the "I´m high drama" line just made my day! I say that about almost every episode, but here we go: This one is my favourite!

  • C705E
    C705E   3 weeks ago

    2:50 that’s a meat ceptor my friend

  • Mushpa Y Mensa
    Mushpa Y Mensa   3 weeks ago

    Just watched the first five seconds again and again. Perfection.

  • Decept0r
    Decept0r   3 weeks ago

    Keith is the only guy who can casually throw a plate without the fear of breaking it, he’s surrounded by them.