Dr Phil ANNIHILATES spoiled Teen!! Dr Phil #9

  • Published on: 25 December 2018
  • Dr Phil Madison teen spoiled brat funny moments epic compilation
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  • Runtime : 21:14
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  • Sòn Goku
    Sòn Goku   56 minuts ago

    10:23 they have repaired the holes felix😑 Today I unsubscribe

  • Draco Sararangay
    Draco Sararangay   1 hours ago

    Pewds: she kicked holes in the walls huh where are the holes then??Me: umm pewds they just repaired as u can see the white color of the walls

  • Brianna Wu
    Brianna Wu   2 hours ago

    I get that it’s a millennial thing for wanting her phone but she was taken from her home in her sleep and for lots of people, their phone is their way to connect with other people or have something to do in awkward situations. Considering how stressed she probably was, she might’ve wanted her friends or just any form of comfort to calm her down.

  • Caleb Vang
    Caleb Vang   2 hours ago

    ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊Dr . Phill hand

  • Buck Mcleod
    Buck Mcleod   4 hours ago

    5:04 theres a thing called discipline

  • Kinetical
    Kinetical   4 hours ago

    tbh I would of slayed dr Phil when he said my sister wasn't coming out.

  • Lucas Murphy
    Lucas Murphy   4 hours ago

    "Here is what i like to call the battle of the foreheads."Jacksfilms has entered the chat...

  • Maria Trixia
    Maria Trixia   5 hours ago

    making children cry is a hobby????INTERESTING🤔🤔🤔

  • Sam 7089
    Sam 7089   5 hours ago

    Maldicen: says a bad word to her mother Felix: send her to jail

  • Benjamin Lowery
    Benjamin Lowery   6 hours ago

    Lol dang thirty times well at least she is getting her hours in on driving.

  • some how i exist
    some how i exist   7 hours ago

    12:43 millennials am I right so that means that pends isn’t a millennial so is he a BOOMER :0))))))))

  • Fetchxc
    Fetchxc   8 hours ago

    Bet pewds wouldn’t think that he would be ripped rn

  • Noah Tne Hippo
    Noah Tne Hippo   8 hours ago

    Why not go to the ranch it looks fun like to get to ride horses why not😮😮

  • Jelline Hwa
    Jelline Hwa   10 hours ago

    honestly my parents would just kick me out...Asian parents -_-

  • Michael Nocturnal
    Michael Nocturnal   11 hours ago

    The girl has problems yes, but the dad is paranoid, the sister might be possessed, and the mum is a backstabber.Hmmh so all in all a pretty balanced family

  • Liquefied -X
    Liquefied -X   12 hours ago

    What is the point of a purge, why does it exist. Its so dumb.

  • Kilbrn
    Kilbrn   13 hours ago

    Almost 1M likes🥺

  • Ahmed Akram
    Ahmed Akram   13 hours ago

    Why can’t he get more that 104M subs

  • Dj Squishy
    Dj Squishy   14 hours ago

    This was the greatest Christmas special ever.

  • Sleepy Mask
    Sleepy Mask   15 hours ago

    I don't think that the parents should take no responsibility for their children either. They did seem to really not like their parents, and they're doing things they shouldn't because they don't like them, so it is a personal dispute that they need to help solve if they at least care for their children.

  • Lil Llama
    Lil Llama   17 hours ago

    13 year old girl: (screams and throws stuff)Me being a 13 year old: (cries when my brother scares me at night)

  • Mystic Bandit
    Mystic Bandit   18 hours ago

    Regular 13 year old: to scared to go to the bathroom with the lights off This thirteen year old: becomes posesed

  • Ice wollowcom
    Ice wollowcom   19 hours ago

    And if he hits her back he gets named and shamed

  • TTV_Dripzy
    TTV_Dripzy   19 hours ago

    Ok. I'm in quarantine just watching some old vids, but SHUP UP GIRLS. They are so annoying and loud like jesus help me.