• Published on: 06 August 2018
  • This is the intro to my fall craft series 2018 and a little tour of my front yard!!!!

    I hope you enjoy and come back to watch my channel for
  • Runtime : 15:59
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  • Funny Lady
    Funny Lady   2 months ago

    How are you selling things so cheap and making money? The big kid grab bag for 1.00 ? What is your cost in them?

  • Margaret deVries
    Margaret deVries   11 months ago

    Gail, if hubby dead heads his roses he will get more blooms,

  • Diane Leonard
    Diane Leonard   1 years ago

    Where do you get the container for the nail items?

  • Barbara Allen
    Barbara Allen   1 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing the new items you'll be making this year. I sometimes "run away from home" and come to Kansas City by Amtrak. It would be great to meet up with you sometime. BTW, is it KC, Kansas or KC, Missouri where you live? Almost came last week but my dog sitter was out of town.

  • Sheila Miller
    Sheila Miller   1 years ago

    Love the yard. Are you on the Kansas side or Missouri? I've been there a ton but honestly your house is probably the nicest I've seen there, I love your channel btw. Hugs from Minneapolis,Minnesota Sheila

  • K Hill
    K Hill   1 years ago

    Gmorning, Gail! Your front entrance is SO pretty! I was wondering where you found the Halloween paper with the black cat and pumpkin vintage type picture on it? That's my favorite Halloween pic.

  • Bohemia 555
    Bohemia 555   1 years ago

    Your videos are really AMAZING. like you soo much. Greetings from germany🌹

  • Sharon Watts
    Sharon Watts   1 years ago

    Hi Gail, I came across your channel and now I am a new member......tfs

  • sassafras and scraps
    sassafras and scraps   1 years ago

    The ducks in your fountain are so cute! 🦆💚 Your ideas truly inspire me ☺️

  • Josephine Chadd
    Josephine Chadd   1 years ago

    What a beautiful yard! Your hydrangeas are beautiful too. Mine, not so well.

  • Delia Cumoletti
    Delia Cumoletti   1 years ago

    Hey Gail glad you’re back really looking forward to seeing your craft fair series

  • Elaine Bruno
    Elaine Bruno   1 years ago

    Hi, Gail. Very good point about the clothes pins and paper clips now being available at the Dollar Tree. What a great job on the two walls! We just had a wall built (contractor) and just by watching him, I know how much hard work you and your husband put into those walls. Happy crafting and looking forward to what you will be making for your fall shows!

  • Dinahsoar
    Dinahsoar   1 years ago

    You are so right about the clothespins, etc. You can't really compete with the Dollar Tree when it comes to $1 items. If I were doing a craft fair I'd try to come up with items that would justify a price of $3, $5 and $7. People can get all kinds of great $1 finds elsewhere. I think most are willing to pay $3 without blinking, for an item that appeals to them; but they are not going to do that if they can get similar at the Dollar Tree for a dollar. You just can't compete with Dollar Tree. Also, I hear people say 'but it's handmade". Most people don't don't care about the fact that it's handmade vs manufactured all things being equal, i.e. they are not going to pay more to get handmade.Anything that has detail and workmanship in it also has a lot of time and effort in it, and few people are willing to spend more money for that aspect either. I think people will pay more if they love an item and it's not easily found elsewhere or if it's unique. I think you are smart to get away from the things that are in abundance for a dollar. I'd have an abundance of $3 items. And I'd have a lot of $5 and a few $7 items. If you sold just one of each of those you'd gross $15. You'd have to sell 15 one dollar items to gross the same amount. You're biggest investment in 15 one dollar items would be your time. And time is money. If you can make a $3 item in the same amount of time that you can make a one dollar item you'll have a bigger profit margin. Five $3 items would gross $15 too. It takes a lot less time to make 5 items than 15.

  • jessicagriffis17
    jessicagriffis17   1 years ago

    Hi Gail, I get very excited to see what your going to make. I love your work and personality!! Can you please tell me where to get packaging and sizes that work well with different stuff?? Thank you❤️ jessie

  • Sweet Yvonne 71
    Sweet Yvonne 71   1 years ago

    Hi Mrs Gail.. Everything is beautiful as usual.. Your front your too...

  • Charlotte Buckingham
    Charlotte Buckingham   1 years ago

    Hi Gail! I love your beautiful hydrangeas (I believe that’s what those white flowers are)! Your hubby sure has a green thumb! lol!I am looking forward to the next installment in your series here, and I hope that you will be giving more detailed information for us Craft Fair newbies! What a great start! I am a new subscriber.Hope you start feeling better soon! 💜

  • BritgirlTX
    BritgirlTX   1 years ago

    Beautiful front yard. I almost thought the white flowers (Gardinias???) were stuck on the fountain! It looked so perfect! Tell me the name of the flowers please ... and good luck with your craft show series ... lots of good tips and ideas I'm sure! 🌺

  • Norma Jones
    Norma Jones   1 years ago

    Hey Gail! I'm doing inventory too! I have a show on Friday. My craft area is like yours about now lol. Looking forward to your new series!!!

  • Peggy Packer
    Peggy Packer   1 years ago

    Woo Hoo!!!!! So glad you're starting you craft fair series!!! Can't wait to see your spread sheet!! I really struggle with keeping track of what I have done and what i have supplies for!! Looking forward to another great craft fair series!!

  • goodiesfondant1
    goodiesfondant1   1 years ago

    Hi Gail, Bless your heart! I am so grateful that you will be one of the first people I've seen try to get away from mini journals, composition books, paper clips, and clothes pins, That's ALL anyone does. I've been hungrily searching my favorite channels (yours is right at the top) for NEW ideas, so I was THRILLED to hear your plans. You're wonderful, I love your channel and always love your house decor designs. And your yard is absolutely beautiful. So thanks again for being so observant and changing with the times. Have a fabulous day! Thanks, Denise

  • Mae Claxton
    Mae Claxton   1 years ago

    Hey Gail, Absolutely luv your videos! I also live in the greater KC area. Would love to meet ya or come to one of your craft shows.

  • SparklingChar
    SparklingChar   1 years ago

    Hi Gail, so happy you're back. I heard you state that the DT is selling products that crafters make for craft fairs...I was thinking the same thing:(. Look forward to watching your craft fair series and as always TFS xo SparklingChar :D <3

  • Nancy Bourland
    Nancy Bourland   1 years ago

    Hi Gail Your front yard is so pretty. Love your fountain and white flowers. Are they hydrangeas? The pink roses are pretty too. 🌸 I like all the craft items you’ve made and goody bags you’ve made too. 😊 Lucky you that you have a craft room. Wish I did. Lol. You are the Crafty Queen 👸🏼 Thanks for sharing

  • Debra Kilgore
    Debra Kilgore   1 years ago

    Oh my Gail you just stepped into my craft room, I kid you not. I have been working on it for a few hours a day and , said when did I buy, or that's where I put that, or where did I put that !! Did I hear you say something about living in Kansas and work at a school ? , Because I also live in Kansas

  • Mary Salvato
    Mary Salvato   1 years ago

    wow you have a lot of items happy crafting tyfs,