Harry Styles Funny Moments Imitating and Mimicking Fans

  • Published on: 02 April 2018
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  • Runtime : 8:58


  • M. K.
    M. K.   1 weeks ago

    He’s literally the best!! He makes me smile...😊

  • Bablu Pal
    Bablu Pal   2 weeks ago

    Your smile is so cute I love it so much

  • Lisa Z
    Lisa Z   1 months ago

    I love this man and I wish he could come to South Africa already

  • Emilija Jekic
    Emilija Jekic   1 months ago

    I’m kinda embarrassed to admit I cry at least 4 times a day cuz ik Harry will never now I exist

  • PieceofLove B
    PieceofLove B   1 months ago

    i love how he gets so distracted so easily but is so funny -and its so sweet how he takes the time to get their names and ages right.also i love how he like always has a pride flag on his mic stand🥺🖤🏳️‍🌈

  • Don’t at me!
    Don’t at me!   1 months ago

    In a relationship I feel he’d be the jealous type

  • Kelly c
    Kelly c   1 months ago

    I want Harry to pick on me at a concert lol

  • M. K.
    M. K.   2 months ago

    Awesome video!!

  • Riya Mishra
    Riya Mishra   2 months ago

    I would have died if he would have called me adorable

  • fatima adreeta
    fatima adreeta   2 months ago

    Can't wait to see him perform again!!!!! He will be in his element again, and he will put a smile on so many faces. World is yet to witness more of his greatness, and I'm here for it. 💚💚❤️❤️

  • Layla Reeves
    Layla Reeves   2 months ago

    Damn he’s like a comedian heckling his crowd 🤣

  • Sw an
    Sw an   2 months ago

    while he was laughing at the girl who screamed austria my ass kept yelling poland from its seat near the end of the pit

  • Grace
    Grace   3 months ago

    Harry owns a really beautiful soul and his beauty is annoyingly gorgeous.

  • Emikamkahi Kyndiah
    Emikamkahi Kyndiah   3 months ago

    Seriously someone need to tell him his life is not a photo shoot, I don't k ow why he's always so photogenic in everything he does.

  • Morgan Kelly
    Morgan Kelly   3 months ago

    “You’ve been wonderful so fa- your eating a sandwich.” 😂😂 kills me every time 😂

  • Stephanie Lux
    Stephanie Lux   4 months ago

    Harry has such an incredible personality and stage presence. He looks like he puts on amazing concerts.

  • Luna Ivy
    Luna Ivy   4 months ago

    Иисус любит тебя, ставь Его первым во всем, что ты делаешь, и обращайся к Нему, пока не стало слишком поздно, и Он - все, что тебе нужноIisus lyubit tebya, stav' Yego pervym vo vsem, chto ty delayesh', i obrashchaysya k Nemu, poka ne stalo slishkom pozdno, i On - vse, chto tebe nuzhno

  • emily madison
    emily madison   4 months ago

    4:57 he wasn't imitating fans he was telling a fan they got the lyrics wrong lmao

  • Priscilla Joseph
    Priscilla Joseph   6 months ago

    "I got a tattoo yesterday! It has nothing to do with you, but" 😂😂😂

  • Jane Jung
    Jane Jung   6 months ago

    Either harry is irresistible or I’m the worst person ever I love him more than anything and I have a boyfriend

  • Lillian Takach
    Lillian Takach   7 months ago

    I’m still waiting for another season of strawberry shortcake I mean I can’t even live a day without watching it