The Iceman of Antarctica - Our $15,000 Bet

  • Published on: 24 November 2019
    Free Seeker (lightning bolt) necklace with every order of $35 dollars and more..Only available until next Sunday.

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    Filming by: Bryce Pery (@Brycepery) and Herman Berger (@hermanberger)
    Editing by: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle and Bryce Perry
    Directing by: Ammar Kandil

    Project Iceman Svalbard footage by Jan Bue Laumark (@janlaumark), Sam Newton (@samnewtonmedia), and Nicklas Kold Nagel (@coldnail_)

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  • Runtime : 24:50
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  • John Doe
    John Doe   4 days ago

    15k is pretty much a drop in the bucket though... Your video hype about him already made that amount........

  • Finessekid
    Finessekid   5 days ago

    I like how he doesn’t hug Matt at all💀😭

  • fluffydoodle0305
    fluffydoodle0305   6 days ago

    :me: ........really your jumping off a plane now...........:my little brother when I show this to him: HES A MADMAN

  • Unconventional Gaming

    This is a really long commercial. Instead of Geico, State Farm, and Doritos commercials, we can just have three Yes Theory episodes.

  • Pewa Hangula
    Pewa Hangula   6 days ago

    Recently found this channel now i am binge watching all their videos. the amount of hugs in this videos though BEAUTIFUL

  • Ron Balgos
    Ron Balgos   6 days ago

    No one:Literally No one:Ammar: Oh hey guys listen up real quick, I'm hanging 13,000ft up in the air so gotta do this quick, buy our merch.LIKE HOW TF CAN SOMEONE JUST LIKE KJHJGDSFGJHHDIUYJ HANG 13K FT IN THE AIR CASUALLY LIKE ITS NOTHING.Respect bro. Respect.

  • Mo
    Mo   1 weeks ago

    Yes sir this channel is the best on YouTube period.

  • la person
    la person   1 weeks ago

    i dont like him, because its such a mixed feeling, on one half hes achieving his dream, and on the other half hes replacing wim hof and i love wim hof and he was original and this dude just TOOK the whole idea and named himself ICE MAN like wtf

  • Some Player
    Some Player   1 weeks ago

    Its CRAZY how far these guys have come from their beginnings they really show what they are saying is true people:SEEK DISCOMFORT

  • ryan bhuiyan
    ryan bhuiyan   1 weeks ago

    Bro I’ve been seeking discomfort you guys motivated me

  • Ryan Dunsford
    Ryan Dunsford   2 weeks ago

    If you look close you can see me in the 3rd row 6th from the right.

  • Paulina Contreras
    Paulina Contreras   2 weeks ago

    Only Yes Thorey would do an announcement 13,000 ft up.. I LOVE YES THOREY

    GECKOO   3 weeks ago

    So young yet so wild

  • Mac Boy
    Mac Boy   3 weeks ago

    Im just an ordinary guy with CRAZY IDEA -anders

  • Tim Larsson
    Tim Larsson   3 weeks ago

    As a straight man he makes my body feel so confused!

  • Gabriel Malek
    Gabriel Malek   3 weeks ago

    Amar is such a strong minded person, I’ve never seen someone with so much belief and optimism

  • Marcos Greif
    Marcos Greif   4 weeks ago

    no one else thinks ammar and him had a thing?? hahaha joking loved the video

  • Learn_Dk
    Learn_Dk   4 weeks ago

    I’m from denmark😂👍

  • Solid Lense
    Solid Lense   4 weeks ago

    I was gone at Ammar's first scene from plan :)

  • Adithya Bhat
    Adithya Bhat   1 months ago

    This is the longest ad that I've watched

  • Sem Roelants
    Sem Roelants   1 months ago

    Yovani Tecuautzin 4 months ago IDEA: Yes Theory should make their own "YES!" App were strangers can meet up with other strangers and hang out in order to seek discomfort. Also, it can have great impact with Yes Theory Fans and make friends and relationships within the community to come closer together as a part of the Yes Family. Another cool feature would be making meet up not only for Amar, Matt, and Thomas but for us fans to meet up at the beach or a restaurant. Like so they can see and make it happen. 😀👍🙏 Thank You for hearing me out. I appreciate it.By Yovani Tecuautzin

  • Noah Martins
    Noah Martins   1 months ago

    I love how he explained people who say you can't do something. Most people just say, 'Haters gonna hate' or whatever, but he's actually thought about why his dream is actually possible, and why almost nobody else could possibly understand it

  • Angel Pagan
    Angel Pagan   1 months ago

    Fuck i never gave a video a like but this one made me hell yea

  • Holly House
    Holly House   1 months ago