Halsey - Graveyard

  • Published on: 08 October 2019
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    Music video by Halsey performing Graveyard. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC
  • Runtime : 3:56
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  • Hilary
    Hilary   9 hours ago

    This song hits different when you lose your best friend to drug addiction

  • Pat Bertram
    Pat Bertram   12 hours ago

    Mamas give the best advice...those butterflies are NOT a good sign girl...run...

  • Ashley Irwin
    Ashley Irwin   15 hours ago

    Is this Ashley or Halsey? I'm going with Ashley

  • IDK Anymore
    IDK Anymore   16 hours ago

    I would like this more if it wasn't about Dom. Gotta protect the precious baby boy.

  • pushaudio
    pushaudio   1 days ago

    So toxic ): don't ever lower yourself for someone else. Have some self respect.

    SIILE   2 days ago

    Hey guys! I’d love if you watch my music video and let me know what you think 🖤 https://youtu.be/62UuGmHr-Dk

  • David brown
    David brown   2 days ago

    Dalton Harris made this song his...great rendition Dalton

  • Aiden scott
    Aiden scott   2 days ago

    "You look at me." Me:micheal Myers MODE

  • Shruti Tanwar
    Shruti Tanwar   2 days ago

    Was that a “3AM” reference at the beginning?🤔

  • Zombiedarling
    Zombiedarling   3 days ago

    Am I really the only one thinking this song actually is about EDs and her past with them? Ana (Anorexia) and Mia (Bulimia) are always portrait as Girls/Friends who motivate you to get thinner and thinner until you end in the grave. The warningsigns feeling like butterflys? Hunger and Nausea. The hand that's a weapon when you're only skin? I think this song has way more depth and meaning than just the usual bad love.

  • Jeffrey Gordwin
    Jeffrey Gordwin   3 days ago

    This Jeff out of Houston thank u Halsey for this sweet song give me strength

  • Windysaint
    Windysaint   3 days ago

    ❤️ One of my favorites ❤️❤️G❤️R❤️A❤️V❤️E❤️Y❤️A❤️R❤️D❤️

  • Lilly Plays
    Lilly Plays   3 days ago

    Out of the 32 mil views 31.9 mil are mine

  • Radi Shah
    Radi Shah   3 days ago

    Is it me or does anyone else think that dalton harris' cover is better than this

  • Bethany Guettler
    Bethany Guettler   3 days ago

    Does anyone else think she looks like a mix of Mandie Moore and P!nk? =) Love her music.

  • Skylar Gomez
    Skylar Gomez   4 days ago

    I love the lyrics but the video........nah

  • pasteel
    pasteel   4 days ago

    Halsey + Sydney Sweeny = tudo para mim 💖

  • Hume Barrett
    Hume Barrett   4 days ago

    Dalton Harris rendition brought me here,you should listen he did justice to your song.beautiful song.

  • sue smith
    sue smith   5 days ago

    Your are my moon baby girl. I love you and I see you ♥ ♥ ♥ beautiful pearl you are.

  • Roberta Montagnini
    Roberta Montagnini   5 days ago

    the actress is from The Handmaid's Tale... I hated her character ugh... (great actress!)

  • Kari Smith
    Kari Smith   6 days ago

    Shes coming to Atlanta!!! But I cant go😭😭

  • Thensia
    Thensia   6 days ago

    I never heard this song before. Its lovely. Dalton Harris did a cover which is magic, so here I am. 💖