• Published on: 01 July 2016
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    Dear Ryan, I cannot thank you enough for your support, your guidance, and more importantly, your friendship. From "Agents of Secret Stuff", to the YTF days, to the present, you've really been a true inspiration. Also, not only have you gave me opportunities, but you gave my friends opportunities and we are forever grateful. (Well at least me, Derrick, Daina, and Will are.... Greg i'm sure is definitely not. You can fire him if ya want. Send him my way... "ANNYWAAYYZ") Shoots Den, Ry.


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  • Runtime : 9:16
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  • Kay Renee
    Kay Renee   2 days ago

    Oh man, I really forgot how much I loved watching these guys together. Glad I made my way back to their channels.

  • Danny Girl
    Danny Girl   1 weeks ago

    Can someone make a video teaching the Tatting at the end? I really want to learn it. Lolc

  • katie crawford
    katie crawford   2 months ago

    Don't do that again for your friend not d_tay he bad friend forever you love good friend forever is name sean

  • sa rah
    sa rah   2 months ago

    They’re so cute and handsome gosh ! Nice video btw ❤️

  • MajinSleep
    MajinSleep   3 months ago

    I think Julien Bam is the fastest YouTuber

  • hi im josh
    hi im josh   3 months ago

    I tried doing what d-trix did and a massive booger from my left nostril shot up and down my throat, unpleasant

  • Marissa XO
    Marissa XO   4 months ago

    Awe brings back memories lol I remember cracking up to all those videos

  • DonCrafts1
    DonCrafts1   4 months ago

    Can you do this kind of thing again

  • Abby Butts
    Abby Butts   5 months ago

    This is taking me back so far omfg 😭

  • Aditya Rathi
    Aditya Rathi   6 months ago

    It's so sad that Sean is actually gone now. We miss you Sean.

  • Sonni
    Sonni   7 months ago

    I'm that plant right there...

  • Pandaguin1
    Pandaguin1   7 months ago

    I love you guys!!! Reminiscing on older videos ❤️

  • just tell me why
    just tell me why   7 months ago

    1:22 oh my goddd i remember watching that part with a specific friend at their house and we were laughing our asses off for a good 5 or 6 minutes. just replaying that part and laughing while tearing up

  • Vertex Group
    Vertex Group   8 months ago

    Sean is so cute and sounds smart I love Sean.

  • Jahdeen Kool
    Jahdeen Kool   8 months ago

    I don’t know how but when Sean tries to act awkward it’s not awkward. It’s cute no homo.

  • CymbalKnight
    CymbalKnight   8 months ago

    I know this is an old video, but this group of people make me so happy, god.

  • cuckuh
    cuckuh   8 months ago

    aww~ jealous sean is too cute.

  • jacob IG
    jacob IG   9 months ago

    It’s funny how it’s dtrixs channel but all the comments are about Sean (who is gone btw)

  • MetaSlaveHS
    MetaSlaveHS   10 months ago

    bro i almost cried , thank you guys for all the memories.