James Corden's Audience Attempts To Answer Simple Trivia For A Big Cash Prize

  • Published on: 08 November 2019
  • It's time for another round of "Know For Your Row" - a trivia quiz for the audience in which individual rows compete against each other for a cash prize. Get a question wrong and you're losing for everyone in your row!

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  • Runtime : 13:18
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  • Xx TwentyOnePilot
    Xx TwentyOnePilot   5 hours ago

    12:56 look at the guy's face it's so funny af I literally spit my tea from my mouth all over the bed😂

  • ISHA
    ISHA   9 hours ago

    the immense stress I got when I’m younger than most of these people and they couldn’t name queen and the beatles right away.

  • Thomas Lucas
    Thomas Lucas   11 hours ago

    Please return the Simon Cowell BGT cookie cutter.

  • J C T
    J C T   12 hours ago

    Rest in peace David.

  • Sara Dirani
    Sara Dirani   15 hours ago

    Chelsea! Your name is Jane Villanueva!

  • Sarapuff
    Sarapuff   1 days ago

    I knew all the answers i shoulda been there heh

  • Laurie Jo
    Laurie Jo   1 days ago

    He had the opportunity to do something good for other people, besides himself. That's what's wrong with many people in our society today, they don't care about other people. They can be greedy and selfish. When you have an opportunity to do something good, take it. You'll never regret it.

  • Mikaila Goss
    Mikaila Goss   1 days ago

    Imagine being that salty. He should have said he was pregnant and all would be good.

  • Strawberry Mel
    Strawberry Mel   1 days ago

    The ninja turtle question was hard!!! 😫😫😫

  • michelinho197
    michelinho197   2 days ago

    i mean it’s cool that he says that he Wants the 750 but he is an absolute dickhead vor the thumbs down and the Screams

  • Bill S. Preston, Esq.

    I bet David votes Republican. Also people saying his row didn't contribute: They didn't even get a chance to contribute!

  • Crazy_killer 1112
    Crazy_killer 1112   2 days ago

    Some were plain easy some you had to watch those shows or like those bands to know

  • Michael G Viemeister

    People looked pissed when he said he'd keep the $750! That is hilarious!!!

  • Jamuna Tamang
    Jamuna Tamang   2 days ago

    Such a greedy person he was lol 😂 took $750

  • murno
    murno   2 days ago

    the fact he didn’t know paul mccartney from the beatles really got to me

  • SpoonMan
    SpoonMan   3 days ago

    James Corden really wasnt expecting to get kissed lol

  • Ella Fearless
    Ella Fearless   3 days ago

    the first three guys had their outfits coordinated..

  • Stefan B
    Stefan B   3 days ago

    at least smarter than the people jay leno seems to run into

  • Yanique James
    Yanique James   3 days ago

    Why does the girl in purple look exactly like Gina Rodriguez

    MYSVRHY   3 days ago

    Tbh, i will share the money

  • usermiguelF
    usermiguelF   3 days ago

    100% of the work 100% of the profit. Row must have been filled with entitled millennials 🤣

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad   3 days ago

    I probably wouldn’t have gotten Donatello cuz I forgot for some reason but she could have said Leonardo cuz it was the previous answer

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad   3 days ago

    The question he answered was no work at all lol I’d share the money and ❤️

  • Ana Lorenzi
    Ana Lorenzi   3 days ago

    I'm so upset that one guy didn't answer the Paul Mccartney question correctly, like c'mon 😔😔

  • Tecc
    Tecc   3 days ago

    David = A Simp

  • Katie
    Katie   3 days ago

    He was the only one on his row that got a question anyways. Good for him. I mean, at least he was honest about the fact that he's never going to see those people again. His whole row looks so pissed. Especially that guy with the beard.