This bride thought her first dance was ruined… you won’t believe what happened next:

  • Published on: 16 March 2016
  • Wait till you see what this bride does when her husband surprises her with her favorite country artist during their first dance. Selective Sound Entertainments own video division caught it all!
    Special guests Mark Wills was the country artist and he was AWESOME to work with!

    Maria Kovacevich from Elegant Events and her team were amazing in assisting in this surprise.

    Thanks to all of the production that Selective Sound Entertainment did to make this a reality.
  • Runtime : 5:35
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  • Blair x
    Blair x   1 hours ago

    Day 22 of quarantine brought me here

  • Lynn Bradford
    Lynn Bradford   1 days ago

    Love her reaction. If this happens to me when, I do get marry I will never FORGET that special moment.

  • Lisa Eastes
    Lisa Eastes   1 days ago

    Such a beautiful video. I pray God blesses your marriage. It had me crying with tears of joy for ya'll...Congratulations!

  • Karla Soraya
    Karla Soraya   4 days ago

    Beautiful song!! Beautiful surprise to his wife!! Beautiful girl!!

  • Lynne TMB
    Lynne TMB   4 days ago

    BEAUTIFUL VENUE. Great video quality.

  • Juanita Burnett
    Juanita Burnett   5 days ago

    WOW!!!Her reaction was GrandBeing happy on your wedding day means the world to a 👰

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind   1 weeks ago

    This guy just made a bunch of men look like shit, Lol congratulations brother good job. Wish you and your beautiful wife the best. And a beautiful song by Mark Wills you a good man for doing this.

  • Marwan Aldoual
    Marwan Aldoual   1 weeks ago

    I don't want my wife to cry of happiness for seeing some other man on our wedding day 😑

  • JDF
    JDF   1 weeks ago

    What is she screaming about?

  • Nunya .Bidness
    Nunya .Bidness   1 weeks ago

    Very cool but it used to be about the couple being together but now it is about being on social media, camera everywhere and how the wedding will be perceived once it is out for everyone to see.

  • Joseph Parkhurst
    Joseph Parkhurst   1 weeks ago

    I couldn’t make it through this song with out a tear 😭

  • Mary Sunshine
    Mary Sunshine   1 weeks ago

    what a husband, what an event.......I cried with you, happy tears

  • Summersblues1
    Summersblues1   1 weeks ago

    If my wife screams , and has goo goo eyes for another man with a guitar , while I’m having , what I think is our most sacred dance, and then it looks like she can’t wait to meet him, .........I’ would be thinking ,”......THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGHN!!! “”

  • DAL Eight
    DAL Eight   1 weeks ago

    Pays to marry a guy with connections -- or money -- or both.

  • Bill House
    Bill House   1 weeks ago

    What ever the case that first dance will never ever be forgotten. That was definitelyA song that is played at weddings. Thanks for sharing.

  • Samoel Pjeshka
    Samoel Pjeshka   1 weeks ago

  • CR1M50N G0M3Z
    CR1M50N G0M3Z   2 weeks ago

    Lol her response was like her guy brought Ariana Grande to their special day 😅😁

  • Weeb
    Weeb   2 weeks ago


  • madisoned
    madisoned   3 weeks ago

    It's so funny when she ran away from her favorite singer

  • grandma in Michigan
    grandma in Michigan   3 weeks ago

    I would love to have put multiple likes or anything better. That's an awesome surprise.

  • Rachel
    Rachel   3 weeks ago

    i've never been in love but i wish this would happen to me

  • abbottweb Music
    abbottweb Music   3 weeks ago

    this is one of my wedding songs one day ! - Love it from SA

  • Yvonne Kalkhoven
    Yvonne Kalkhoven   3 weeks ago

    If I ever get married again...yes guys I still believe in it. I would like to have Keith Urban on my wedding day.

  • Peter Shaw
    Peter Shaw   4 weeks ago

    Hes punching well above his weight!

  • Mary Sunshine
    Mary Sunshine   1 months ago

    Thank you Mark Wills, so special, my new favourite song :-)