I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
  • i made him an instagram. its @declanchamberlain. go follow for beauty shots of him. he's quite photogenic, you wont wanna miss it.... lol....

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  • LPS Dante
    LPS Dante   15 seconds ago

    My friend named her cat feta and her last name is Cheney and the cats middle name is alfredo, it's the cheesiest thing ever ( no pun intended )

  • Flower Bee
    Flower Bee   5 minuts ago

    You live alone but have millions followers

  • Chiara Lipski
    Chiara Lipski   10 minuts ago

    ur gonna regret putting the litter box in ur bedroom

  • Cierra Creek
    Cierra Creek   11 minuts ago

    Why is there a high pitched screeching noise in the background? Am I crazy?

  • Chiara Lipski
    Chiara Lipski   12 minuts ago

    you know what stop buying toyshe wont use them anyways within 1 week betrayl

  • Aidyn LM
    Aidyn LM   14 minuts ago

    Alfredo but nickname him Alfred

  • Celine Dawson
    Celine Dawson   20 minuts ago

    decklynn exactly sounds like what a white mother would name their kid

  • 4:00 AM is my morning
    4:00 AM is my morning   24 minuts ago

    You should name him eggs because eggs are found at the grocery store and the grocery store has bread and bread has carbs and carbs are in noodles and noodles are in spaghetti and spaghetti is Italian. Your Welcome!

  • kiara rozo
    kiara rozo   31 minuts ago

    “and it will never stab you in the back” ... at hannah

  • Sidnei Barber
    Sidnei Barber   32 minuts ago

    When she said my cats affectionate my cat bit my leg.

  • Leah Hunt
    Leah Hunt   33 minuts ago

    ha not A dog i have 3 dogs its hard work lol

  • Caroline Grace
    Caroline Grace   35 minuts ago

    Please for the love of god name him gnocchi (nyo-ki)

  • Krisi ._.
    Krisi ._.   38 minuts ago

    Aw Mogan adopted a cat too :)

  • Jamie Durham
    Jamie Durham   43 minuts ago

    Maybe you can name him pumpkin because sometimes people call their kids pumpkin?? Or maybe even pepperoni because pizza is kind of Italian?? Hoe you like my suggestions!! Or maybe jinx because you said you didn’t want to JINX that you would get the gray cat??

  • Hope Ntsimane
    Hope Ntsimane   47 minuts ago

    she should make new merch with Declan’s face on it🙈

  • Bailey mcconnell
    Bailey mcconnell   51 minuts ago

    ALFREDO to keep his 'alfredo' fettuccine roots! (then Alfie for short)

  • Suchana m
    Suchana m   54 minuts ago

    my dogs name is also declan, but also your he(your cat) is so cute !!

  • Olivia Hache
    Olivia Hache   55 minuts ago

    Omg I want a cat now!!! Even though my dad and sister are allergic

  • Madie Paige
    Madie Paige   56 minuts ago

    Omg when you said “he looks like a Simon” my mouth dropped open bc my cat looks exactly like yours and his name is Simon and I almost lost my shit lmaooo

  • Inez M
    Inez M   1 hours ago


  • Abby Nabozny
    Abby Nabozny   1 hours ago

    8:30 ohh well now I see where you put your private polaroids (to the right of her hand you see some polaroids) 😜

  • Cadence Jones
    Cadence Jones   1 hours ago

    I’ve had cats throughout my life and all the cats that I’ve had were always so loving and we always had the best connections. The first cat that I ever had used to climb up on my book bag that I would put against my bed every night. And he would jump on my bed and sleep on top of the pillow that still has some room while I was sleeping on it but, sadly he died after 3 or 4 days of having him because we got him from outside in the rain and he was probably sick but, we were going to take him to the vet right after the day he died but it was too late :((

  • patricia bustamante
    patricia bustamante   1 hours ago

    You should name him “Macchi / Maki” short for Macchiato bc you love coffee