When Apes Conquered Europe

  • Published on: 11 December 2018
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    Today, our closest evolutionary relatives, the apes, live only in small pockets of Africa and Asia. But back in the Miocene epoch, apes occupied all of Europe. Why aren’t there wild apes in Europe today?

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  • Runtime : 8:55
  • dinosaurs dinos paleo paleontology scishow eons pbs pbs digital studios hank green john green complexly fossils natural history Oreopithecus Europe Apes Italy hominoid old world monkey Africa Griphopithecus Miocene Y-5 molars Proconsul Ekembo Morotopithecus Dryopithecus Rudapithecus Himalayas Ouranopithecus hominin Graecopithecus Homininae Pierolapithecus Pilobates


  • Parker87
    Parker87   1 days ago

    1:27 This is debatable =)

  • Native Engine
    Native Engine   1 weeks ago

    The thumbnail ape is so pleased with himself.

  • Iain Mawhinney
    Iain Mawhinney   1 weeks ago

    i don’t know about ouranopithecus and graecopithecus being hominins, in class i got the idea that eurasian great apes were actually closely related to orangutans like another grass-eating ground-living ape, sivapithecus; instead of homininae, at least some of them were ponginae

  • Az Slump
    Az Slump   3 weeks ago

    They still conquer Europe

  • Pup314
    Pup314   3 weeks ago

    Those apes that had human traits were convergent evolution.

  • June
    June   4 weeks ago

    Started in 2014 I believe.

  • Alex
    Alex   1 months ago

    Damn, its crazy to think that if this ape was never discovered we would have never had oreos.

  • 動物精神
    動物精神   1 months ago

    PBS Eons smart channels. Always informative. I've learned so much! Thx u... 🙏

  • Merluzz
    Merluzz   1 months ago

    That's how French people came out

  • Serratus
    Serratus   1 months ago

    You're killing me :( i love them

  • Willaim R. Kirkland
    Willaim R. Kirkland   1 months ago

    Of course now, illegals have returned to Europe.  What goes around, comes around.  Right?

  • cdarbo 98
    cdarbo 98   1 months ago

    The evolution of pandas would be interesting. Like they should have died out so long ago.

  • Andrew Nuttall
    Andrew Nuttall   1 months ago

    I would love to see your take on Doggerland. There isn’t enough about it on YouTube and I find it fascinating

  • Shamim sk
    Shamim sk   1 months ago

    Well this one look more like gibbons

  • Axel DeAgne
    Axel DeAgne   1 months ago

    I thought I was gonna see a documentary about the Islamic occupation in Europe!

  • Invisible Shooter
    Invisible Shooter   1 months ago

    This might have something to do with Caucasians having the rh factor just my opinion not fact

  • nromk
    nromk   1 months ago

    There are no wild living apes in EuropeHomo sapiens:am I joke to you

  • 4FunRC
    4FunRC   1 months ago

    What a bunch of horseshit!

  • Aquila Romana
    Aquila Romana   2 months ago

    Is this talking about the ottoman conquest?

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody   2 months ago

    Seems like history's repeating itself ;)

  • Jay 156
    Jay 156   2 months ago

    Wiat a second. I thought this channel was about prehistory, not 2015.

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187   2 months ago

    https://www.oreo.com/Yep, they missed a perfect opportunity for an ad spot!

  • 終極神卡
    終極神卡   2 months ago

    Wow, apes AND horses conquered a land twice

  • HGB 1
    HGB 1   2 months ago

    evolution of rat

  • Manley Nelson
    Manley Nelson   2 months ago

    Simply put graecopithecus doesn't fit into the politically correct narrative of public media. But public media mean publicly-funded media you know our tax dollars at work

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam   2 months ago

    You should use the word "know" allot less and "think" allot more

  • Mary C
    Mary C   2 months ago

    Eaten by Neanderthaels or other preditors.

  • Casper
    Casper   2 months ago

    The age that all of Europe went APESHIT