Do Screws Shear easier than Nails? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 17 June 2019
  • Shear strength of nails and screws is something to consider when selecting a fastener for a project. For building construction, building codes come into play and some screws, such as GRK (tested per viewer request), are building code approved for some applications. A total of seven different types of nails and screws are tested in 3 types of tests to determine shear strength of each type of nail or screws. Fasteners: GRK, deck screws, drywall screws, spiral shank, galvanized 16 penny, and 16D sinkers. I purchased all the products tested and am not sponsored by any company or brand.

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  • Runtime : 13:30
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  • Tony J
    Tony J   1 hours ago

    Great test, I've been wondering about their strengths for a while

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown   10 hours ago

    Would like to see how much a joist hanger would add to the shear strength. Would be interesting to see the difference of nails or screens for the hangers as well.

  • Jason Hull
    Jason Hull   1 days ago

    I built my daughter a massive play house. I used screws for wall framing and nails for floor joist and header boards. Screws are fine for studs since they are simply keeping wood from moving and the direct force is on the wood. All plywood was fastened with screws. Deck was built with 6×6 post for decking frame. Used stainless steel 3 inch screws for fastening 2x10s to post. Post were notched so all shear force was resting on wood. Hope this playhouse out last me.

  • Fůck Gøogle
    Fůck Gøogle   1 days ago

    Guys he was testing the shear force necessary to cause a failure, either being the pulling out or breaking of a nail or screw. In my opinion this is more relevant since in practice it does not matter what force it takes to break a fastener if it pulls out beforehand.

  • Sovereign Mountain
    Sovereign Mountain   1 days ago

    I Really enjoy ALL of your GREAT videos. You are by far the best "real-life tester" there is. Thank you for taking the painstaking time, effort. cost and engineering all the tests you perform. Even if I had the time and budget, I would not have the mechanical insight to realistically test all the products that you do. You are the professor of the workshop! Thanks again for you do.

  • 4thephil
    4thephil   4 days ago

    The best testing I've seen to date. So much more real-life than hitting them with a hammer. Well done!

  • waptek2
    waptek2   4 days ago

    11:45 = bends till broken , dry wall screws = 1, ring shank nail, grk & deck screw = 2 , = failspiral shank & coated nail= 6, smooth galvanized nail = 8, = win dry wall screw & standard galvanized nail = my new combination

  • Atlas WalkedAway
    Atlas WalkedAway   6 days ago

    I spot a methodological error sir. This is not purely shear force, owing to the fact that with the lifting point is centered on the forward 2x4 instead of directly over the junction. This forms a fulcrum on the top nail, the leverage of which applies a significant normal force to the underside of the lip of the lower nail, pulling it outward instead of upward after the first small amount of slippage.

  • Nicolas K
    Nicolas K   1 weeks ago

    What kind of explosive works the best as an engine fuel

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock   1 weeks ago

    It's sad when youngsters try to put down a simple test of uncertain variables that can't be 100% true all the time. I approve of this test. It shows the random occurrences that can happen. In a real scenario shearing can occur by bending twisting due to stress and weight or pressure.. all falls into the same category. People say this isn't a shear test. I say it is. Due to 3 test being conducted showing different yet same ways a screw or nail can fail or even it's structure connected to. It happens. Even in a real life situation pulling is sometimes inevitable grip gets involved one way or another.

  • Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry   1 weeks ago

    My deck is over 23 yrs old. All wood original. I used ring shanks for the decking and not one has failed but the deck screws heads easily snap off.

  • Steven Martin
    Steven Martin   1 weeks ago

    I'm no expert but I feel like this video wasn't a true Shear test it was more of a real world test

  • Daniel Kornely
    Daniel Kornely   1 weeks ago

    Love your videos. I would like to see a degreaser showdown.

  • Tristan 123
    Tristan 123   2 weeks ago

    Omg i at first i didn't know why you've always put a nail on the one 2x4 but then i realized that that was to show which nail/screw you're testibg right now😱 amazing effort!

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson   2 weeks ago

    Wow impressive for screws everyone tells me nails are better but this video tells me otherwise

  • Caleb Murphy
    Caleb Murphy   2 weeks ago

    How about the best engine degreaser? IE purple power or gunk etc etc.

  • Alexander Walker
    Alexander Walker   2 weeks ago

    A more repeatable test medium should be used. The wood varies too much in quality. Maybe use a composite deck board instead.

  • D Lewis
    D Lewis   2 weeks ago

    Love the vids but the test is totally invalid because the wood is to soft

  • Dr. Westside
    Dr. Westside   2 weeks ago

    You forgot the spax brand from Home Depot . Why not do a video on shear strength and impact strength of plywood . CDX vs. OSB vs press board floor decking vs. particle board .

  • cheapspace
    cheapspace   2 weeks ago

    i would like to see a self propelled mower with treads instead of wheels i bet it would walk taller inclines

  • Zachary Weitl
    Zachary Weitl   2 weeks ago

    Love your videos as always. Just wondering why during the nail tests your steel support angle was pushed all the way to the t-joint and during the screw tests the support angle was held back just barely under the U Bolt. This allowed for the wood to flex possibly giving inaccurate results. I think the positioning of that support angle is critical to each test. I also agree with another viewer that face grain would have been an awesome test as well. Anyway keep up the good work. :-)

  • Emi R
    Emi R   2 weeks ago

    Do you have a video or any metal bonding adhesives or super glues?If so, can I have a link, if not, here is a new idea for another video. Thanks

  • Alejandro Merizalde
    Alejandro Merizalde   2 weeks ago

    Sorry but these tests are flawed, the test mainly tested the wood and not the fasteners. If nothing else you also tested the friction of the nails vs the grip of the screws, and even that can't be determined appropriately because the wood grain is different on each piece of wood used.

  • Christian Erazo
    Christian Erazo   2 weeks ago

    You should have gone for a lower point, towards the middle of the wooden block. It feels than rather than trying the screw's power, it was more about when would the wood break, instead

  • JCcanU
    JCcanU   2 weeks ago

    Part of Shear is wind and the rocking motion , the Nail & Screw test in the bending tool is the best part of the Video . I use Deck Screws with the ceramic or powder coating they work great hold up in all weather even hold up to salt for porch summer deck . Headers need a ring on the shank aka pole barn nail . screws only Windows , drywall , doors hang cupboards building a home . back in the 80's I used Twist Deck nails with 1-1/4 deck boards , but after 5 years the nails heads still pop up 1/4 inch . just from expansion hot cold weather. Great Video you covered all the Bases

  • Joe Hoe
    Joe Hoe   3 weeks ago

    The breaking point for deck in the threading...and not just below the head.

  • Joe Hoe
    Joe Hoe   3 weeks ago

    It's not real shear...when the one piece of lumber is allowed to pull back and turn upwards.  Shear has to be isolated to an up and down force.

  • Joe Hoe
    Joe Hoe   3 weeks ago

    I would expect that nails would have more shear strength...before watching this video.  Screws are so easy to break, by bending.

  • Pein-Tech
    Pein-Tech   3 weeks ago

    5:06 the wood failed not the nail

  • Pein-Tech
    Pein-Tech   3 weeks ago

    there is an issue with all of these tests, due to the fact that if you were to use an actual 2x4 fresh then nail after some time it dries out and has a better grip on the nail therefore the ring style nail has a very high efficiency for untreated wood prior to being aged a little. so these tests dont really reflect the true worth

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis   3 weeks ago

    I want to see a test on the strength of staples!

  • KillSwitchNY
    KillSwitchNY   3 weeks ago

    Can we also show some respect to that U bolt holding the jig together?

  • Kenneth Short
    Kenneth Short   3 weeks ago

    I don’t understand why you would use anything but a screw. Nails are a headache.

  • Jefferey Ayers
    Jefferey Ayers   3 weeks ago

    I can't help but shudder at the thought of framing a house using screws rather than a nail gun. It would take so long.

  • Keys Monk
    Keys Monk   3 weeks ago

    How about different mixxes of accordion wax? With and without olive oil. Lol I know im one of less that 5000 on the planet that wanna see this but I will have to send you some accordion wax or make my own test. Thank you again for all the excellent fix it facts. Rock on

  • TheDaily
    TheDaily   4 weeks ago

    You should do a video about yourself

  • DonnieBigBucks
    DonnieBigBucks   4 weeks ago

    Dude, I love your comparison testing. You've already helped me out on several purchases. Thanks a bunch!