Everything Wrong With Pokémon Detective Pikachu

  • Published on: 29 October 2019
  • Well this is a movie that happened. It's not bad. It's not great. It just is. But like all movies, it has sins, so we counted them. And we showed our work!

    Thursday: Recent-ish horror sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 18:11
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  • Silvally The Bean
    Silvally The Bean   15 hours ago

    1:33 what is that move? Bome rush? ;-; I've never seen a explosive bone move ,_,

  • The_Lawless_Rogue
    The_Lawless_Rogue   16 hours ago

    5:47Say that to the Demon Crowley from Good Omens, he's anything but an asshole.

  • hana kim
    hana kim   2 days ago

    The second to last sin, I was literally screaming it at the top of my lungs while watching the movie... in my head. like AAARRRGGGHHH I WAS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT SO BADLY AAARRRGGHHHHH

  • Section
    Section   2 days ago

    5:45 is that fuckin Milo?

  • Zachary Wooden
    Zachary Wooden   3 days ago

    Pokémon fans: BulbasaurMe, an intellectual: Care Bear Onion Lizard

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood   3 days ago

    I loved the pokemon in this movie. But overall the story was fucking lame, the actors were cringe and I shut it off after 40 minutes. And I HATED Pikachus voice.

  • 84ever Fan
    84ever Fan   3 days ago

    It's not a butthole, it's a tail, the camera's at a weird angle.

  • HeyLookItsFNaFb
    HeyLookItsFNaFb   4 days ago

    Hell, I could've helped you with the sins for this one, as I'm a big Pokénerd myself.Also, I feel like some teenager who is watching this would have answered your sin about Mewtwo's d*ck, saying Mewtwo has no gender.

  • DonoFab
    DonoFab   4 days ago

    0:20, 2:11, 7:14, 7:48, 9:14, 9:42, 14:59 - all of these sins are there because of details from the source material. Those sins are now reflected on you.DING DING DING DING DING DING DINGI love your videos and you're doing great but fix your research

  • Eris Cyl
    Eris Cyl   4 days ago

    Is that really what Jeremy looks like?

  • Chase Clement
    Chase Clement   4 days ago

    I'd like to think Ryan Reynolds bursting out of Pikachu would be like an even more hilarious rhino scene from ace ventura when nature calls.

  • Damien X
    Damien X   5 days ago

    🤔 WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE explain to me what he means when he says, "So & So must of went to the Prometheus school of ________." Usually he says something like, "running away from things," or something similar to that. BUT YEAH! IF someone is kind and awesome enough to tell me what that means exactly.... (And please explain it to me like I'm 5-years old) You my friend, get a BRAND NEW subscriber PLUS lifetime likes from me! (LOL)-SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU ALL!

  • Vineet Honkan
    Vineet Honkan   5 days ago

    I'm not really into Pokemon, but I enjoyed this movie...

  • LanteanStream
    LanteanStream   6 days ago

    so the endgame story is about fusing Mons and humans..... so..... this is a prequel to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi   6 days ago

    Is no one going to mention that pikachu can somehow 1 vs 1 Mewtwo

  • darkk 64
    darkk 64   1 weeks ago

    dude did you think the train could have taken a few days to get there, or maybe his child wasnt the first told and it was a few days after he was told

  • darkk 64
    darkk 64   1 weeks ago

    all a pokemon can say is there name, pikachu talksalso i get its the point of this but like.... waaaaay to nitpickey

  • First Last
    First Last   1 weeks ago

    That tim actor is horrible like a pretend black Michael cerra with none the skill

    ROBBIE REDRUM   1 weeks ago

    That Wizard reference was on point. You gotta sin that movie.

  • Jeremiah Briggs
    Jeremiah Briggs   1 weeks ago

    MewTwo is a clone of Mew which has the DNA of all Pokemon inside of it so MewTwo not needing to get a Pokemon's DNA to heal them isn't a plot hole... tho they could've mentioned it Pokemon fans know this already. Also being a clone MewTwo generally hates humans as his only encounters with them were the scientists in the lab. lol We know how Charmander's tail stays lit also.

  • Jacob Fisher
    Jacob Fisher   1 weeks ago

    2:35 I had myself a little Fanboy moment when I saw Totodile in live-action form, even if it was just for a few seconds.

  • ProfessionalTsundere
    ProfessionalTsundere   1 weeks ago

    you know, seeing what jeremy really looked liked made a whole lot of things make more sense regarding this channel.

  • JunkyVirus
    JunkyVirus   1 weeks ago

    The shitties movie no one ever asked for, why would I want to watch a movie about Pokemon where they all look like dirtyass crackheads

  • Bpuno
    Bpuno   1 weeks ago

    My only question is, How did Tim not recognize his father’s voice from out of the pikachu?

  • Mg 30
    Mg 30   2 weeks ago

    -one sin the reason that Pikachu is not going insane becuse of the gas is becuse he is Tim’s dad and the gas one makes Pokémon go insane but Tim’s dad is not a Pokémon that’s also why he can’t use anymoves

  • Andrea Bay
    Andrea Bay   2 weeks ago

    this has nothing wrong about it*!!!1 :I

  • Pokémon Trainer
    Pokémon Trainer   2 weeks ago

    Your Channel so stupid I would subscribe to the 1 year old’s because your channel stinks so much!🤮🤮.

  • Typhlosion Official
    Typhlosion Official   2 weeks ago

    Personal sin: THERE IS NO MISSINGNO REFERENCE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE.Edit: Also, how many furries do you think that turned into Lucario where very upset when they changed back into a human mid jerk-off.