Employee at Cold Stone Creamery Insulted After Customer Allegedly Fat-Shamed Her

  • Published on: 14 December 2016
  • More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC

    A teenage employee at a Utah Cold Stone Creamery says she was fat-shamed by a customer. Justine Elwood, 19, was working behind the counter at the popular ice cream chain when a customer said something that left her stunned. "Her kids were sampling a lot of the flavors we have and she kinda pulled them aside and was like, 'with all those samples you're having you're gonna end up as big as her,' and then she kinda pointed to me," Elwood claims. The fat-shamer didn't stop there, she says.
  • Runtime : 1:30
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  • suvignan pothuraju
    suvignan pothuraju   1 days ago

    Fat shaming should make a comeback and mom with two is very clairvoyant and cricumspect.

  • Core
    Core   3 days ago

    This Record Is Not Satisfying

  • AmericanPatriot
    AmericanPatriot   5 days ago

    You must be a pill popper to say something like that and then take the time to go online

  • Emilio Carrizal
    Emilio Carrizal   5 days ago

    Annoying that people say fat shame I'm fat too I don't take it as a compliment I go to the gym now.

  • Trisha Ghosh
    Trisha Ghosh   6 days ago

    That's so horrible, why would she write something so nasty about a young girl whom she doesn't even know. She was very polite and that's all that matters.

  • JackLostThe Y
    JackLostThe Y   1 weeks ago

    “Hi I’d like 3 Big Macs, 2 large fries, a smarties McFlurry, and a caramel frappe, by the way you’re fat “

  • Meteor
    Meteor   2 weeks ago

    The one who insulted her was clearly jealous this woman was prettier than her.

  • Eric Walsh
    Eric Walsh   2 weeks ago

    0:59... Her mom plays high school football?

  • Coole Socke
    Coole Socke   2 weeks ago

    Lol I mean yes she does weight more than the average teenager but I wouldn’t say she is „disgustingly obese“.

  • it's definitely true
    it's definitely true   2 weeks ago

    We all need to be kind to one another and most important thing is to always be a good person❤ so you just keep being you and I'm very sorry that happened to you.

  • Adrian Shiva
    Adrian Shiva   2 weeks ago

    "This teenager says she was fat-shamed in -- of all places -- an ice-cream parlor!"Me: snickers

  • Honey Baae
    Honey Baae   2 weeks ago

    It’s obviously not alleged if she wrote it online for everyone to see

  • standby unit
    standby unit   3 weeks ago

    She's beautiful what's wrong with that lady with kids

  • yoinked
    yoinked   3 weeks ago

    excuse me wtf? if you dont want your kids looking like “that” what came to your mind to go sample some ice creams. no need to fat shame sis.

  • Saffron Sinclair
    Saffron Sinclair   3 weeks ago

    There was no need to fat shame her, but the fat shamer could have just told her children to stop sampling the flavors

  • Georganne Nelson
    Georganne Nelson   3 weeks ago

    No food place will let you work with you'r hair down like that.

  • Bethany Christensen
    Bethany Christensen   3 weeks ago

    Hey i'd rather be fat, kind, funny, and have friends, than be a skinny, mean, curmudgeon that everyone avoids including their children.

  • Ramesh HIRA
    Ramesh HIRA   3 weeks ago

    She beautiful the way she is But don’t worry what goes around comes around somebody will say the same thing to her kids and let’s see how she’s going to feel

  • Bennyfromthebronx
    Bennyfromthebronx   3 weeks ago

    She’s a pretty big girl. It’s only the ugly fat ones we can be mean to

  • uhhh
    uhhh   3 weeks ago

    So they never found the person? Obvious setup

  • Glennandrews
    Glennandrews   3 weeks ago

    Anyone who goes to Cold Stone Creamery should be shamed and trolled.

  • Ronny Johanson
    Ronny Johanson   3 weeks ago

    Inside Edition Fiction. They tell these mostly made up stories based on no proof or corroboration.

  • jennifer smith
    jennifer smith   3 weeks ago

    This woman who did the fat shaming must have no substance in her life. Someone like her will end up being alone and lonely in her life. It just so incrediably rude, ignorant, and shallow. She basis herself on how she looks. Just wait tell she gets older and her looks start to dimish, she is going to be one miserable person. I don't know what this women looks like never seen her, but I can tell with an attitude like hers it doesn't matter how in shape she is, or good skin and hair she has, I can honestly say she gotta be very ugly to look at.

  • Prismo2020
    Prismo2020   3 weeks ago

    I see all these comments about how beautiful she is, I feel bad for how she was treated, no one should deserve that kind of treatment but if we’re being honest here, it doesn’t matter how beautiful a large person is when their in constantly in hospital, with ailments such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You not making this situation any better by virtue signalling, if you really want to help people like this, start by not encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle

  • Riley Pickles
    Riley Pickles   3 weeks ago

    To the woman that called the employee fat:Did I ask?

  • Cathy Park
    Cathy Park   3 weeks ago

    That girl seems so sweet and nice

  • Peter Demerly
    Peter Demerly   4 weeks ago

    Who cares if she's overweight. She has a job and earning her own money and she was polite. She not a dreg on America !!!I applaud the young lady for making her own way !!!!!

  • MK 2 MAX
    MK 2 MAX   4 weeks ago

    Dammit Karen stop going to yelp

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God   4 weeks ago

    It's not fat shaming. It's ashamed to be fat. Lose weight you hippo.

  • shaun griffin
    shaun griffin   1 months ago

    I’m obese according to my endocrinologist. If someone ever says something about my weight I wouldn’t say anything. I would just let their own ignorance speak for itself. Because they’re the ones that need to grow up.

  • Brian Hernandez
    Brian Hernandez   1 months ago

    She is beautiful how dare that old lady call her fat

  • Dave BB
    Dave BB   1 months ago

    But isnt she fat shamed every time she looks in a mirror?

  • I will eat u Ok
    I will eat u Ok   1 months ago

    Man if I was there I’d ask her out she looks SOOOO beautiful 🥰😍🥰

  • Ernie Estrada
    Ernie Estrada   1 months ago

    She's beautiful why would somebody make fun of her🥰

  • Mary Gay
    Mary Gay   1 months ago

    She is beautiful. I’m not just saying that to be nice. Don’t worry her Rude comment shows She’s a miserable person and you know what they say misery loves company. Keep being beautiful smiling and enjoying life you’re successful.