Modi: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on: 24 February 2020
  • John Oliver talks about India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, why he’s popular, why he’s controversial, and where things are headed for the largest democracy in the world.

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  • Runtime : 18:48


  • DropUP
    DropUP   10 minuts ago

    wow thats great !! loved it. the idea of how humans are created.According to john oliver and many talented people out there , you would definately know but 10 yr old kid how can you fulfill his curiosity.Indian teachers-Story of bread............I think it is good idea!!! john oliver to his son- you fool you would not understand it,go to Neurologist and ask them.

  • Just another view
    Just another view   4 hours ago

    John Oliver, honestly, let's rely on something better than Al-jazeera to fact-check the textbooks. At least not a media channel completely dependent on a ultra-religious brutal theocratic autocracy for its survival, with an agenda to serve just one singular religion. Any independent, secular channels out there?

  • chil bill
    chil bill   6 hours ago

    A Brit who has no idea about today’s india just quoting some one sided view is very misleading. John you need to stop bashing a leader who has worked hard to be where he is. You are being extremely elitist and very prejudiced.

  • Vaishnavi Sinha
    Vaishnavi Sinha   11 hours ago

    We watch we understand an individual in India now knows what it sees we have together made governments broke them and bought new revolutions we are still standing as one nation with diversity maybe we have our own problems but we all support each and every religion as for crying for superstars of different religions at the same day and many more examples which can't be explained but we SEE everything

  • KommissarReb
    KommissarReb   11 hours ago

    9:19 Too late

  • Abhijeet Ghosh
    Abhijeet Ghosh   14 hours ago

    He demonetized currency to stop corruption led by opposition.... if people were suffering chaos then why the same people re elected him as PM again in 2019..... Stop speaking rubbish in ur show n make reputation down...... it's a matter of punishing the culprits n not minorities..n only one minority.....n stop taking footage from biased islamic media like own MF Aljazeera.... ABOUT Nehru...he was the worst MF dumb PM of Independent India who created numerous mistakes that we have to face even today..... about Muslim immigrants-we r not welcoming them if u find something odd plz take them in ur country and suffer....

  • J T
    J T   14 hours ago


  • J T
    J T   14 hours ago

    Hi Oliver ASSHOLE, so every allegation on MODI RSS and BJP is not proved and even Supreme court of India has completely given him clean cheat, WELL, if you can not belive Supreme court of India, YOU CAN GO TO international court, UN, and LISTEN carefully WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA elect him next 10 TIMES.

  • Enlightenment Truth
    Enlightenment Truth   14 hours ago

    7:00 99.3% money came back, this guy money ban was disaster being indian we are fed up but religion has more power than logic and statistics in India by the way ram temple is constructing assume.... The rest

  • 7th Quark
    7th Quark   16 hours ago

    As soon as you know Trump praised Modi, you can pretty much guess the rest.

  • Atheist
    Atheist   22 hours ago

    Last time we Non Muslims trusted Muslims, They created Pakistan, We will not repeat the same mistake again.....

  • Manjunath M Sagar
    Manjunath M Sagar   23 hours ago

    John should ve read the complete bills before doing this act for TRP for his channel

  • Azazel
    Azazel   23 hours ago

    Modi is not a Hindu Nationalist, stop deceiving people.

  • My Boss is an Austrian Painter

    Your nonstop political bullshit is what kills your humor. You're fucking useless Oliver. You're a complete fucking chromosome thief. Just catch the kung-flu and fuck off.

  • Manvendra Singh
    Manvendra Singh   1 days ago

    Aren't these kinda once though otherworldly riots happening in America now! I hope everything settles down in both countries and we stop being so indifferent to one another

  • Arren Perdue
    Arren Perdue   1 days ago

    I find it ironic that the books replaced an important historical figure for that nation is, in my opinion, half baked.

  • Beena Rajkumar
    Beena Rajkumar   1 days ago

    Thank you John Oliver for bringing out the truth about Modi ......🙏🙏💕💕


    That's like you walk out if we asked you about colonization in india.. remind your boldly history before giving us lecture over tolerance you idiot.

  • Inform Champ
    Inform Champ   1 days ago

    16:45 you guys are just telling the half truth which is equivalent to lie you are projecting it that muslims are the one who didn't get their names on list and now they are creating the camps for themselves 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ why why why the hell you are not telling that many Muslims got their name on the list but few who came to india during 1972 war don't have names on the list and you guys are helping tge agenda of Al-Jazeera again by spreading half truth news shame on you

  • Inform Champ
    Inform Champ   1 days ago

    12:44 that's Al-Jazeera OMG that's your standerd 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️And even you are trusting those things 😂😂😂😂😂😂Buddy whatever she is trying to project my suggestion to you Hindus have sufficient stuffs in terms of vedas and Upanishads you are christian no problem or atheist .. i ask you to read them once you yourself will what real things are and then next time if you will hear such thing you will know how wrongly our culture is being projected to you guys

  • Inform Champ
    Inform Champ   1 days ago

    12:00 bringing those two idots on your frame again and again Nehru was budy in fuking lord Mountbatten wife and tge other idiot was protesting for helping pakistan for giving financial aids when pakistan and india were on active war....These guys did blunders for India just because of them India is not where ,,, where it should be...True Indian were Netaji subhash chandra bose,Bhagat singh Rajguru,sukhdeve, chandrasekhar Aazad and many more...Some Indian freedom fighter were made controversial because of these m*therfukers

  • Inform Champ
    Inform Champ   1 days ago

    8:53 got inspired from hitler so what ??? Have you ever tried to know what RSS does in India no you didn't current example at the time of corona crises RSS & its Family is trying to help every citizen of India irrespective of religion You will not show that RSS do run school in which muslims students makes a big portion and that too it's all free educationIt have its ideology but still India is a secular nation or you can see pakistan after getting independence in 1947 it declared itself as islamic nation..BJP recently bought CAA in which people of non muslims religious will get citizenship of India who are facing religious persicution in PAKISTAN , AFGHANISTAN & Bangladesh and even on this world support pakistan agenda (non muslims means Hindus sikhs jains Buddhists Parsis Christians ) RSS is not ISIS so please stop projecting it in that way

  • indian
    indian   1 days ago

    Modi is the worst PM our country had.. he is worst than the dictators., he didn’t give a single press conference till date .. he can stand behind the mike and talk like dictators for hours but he is afraid to answer questions.. Fools voted him to power , we are suffering..

  • Inform Champ
    Inform Champ   1 days ago

    7:38 i was keep ignoring some of volatile statements but then you said that demonitization didn't make a dent 😂😂😂😂😂😂 better cheack reality then speak such things 🤦🏻‍♂️ it was all Chaos that's true people suffered but bought him back in 2019 why would people would have done that after that chaos you keep watching he will even win in 2024

  • miltonmania2007
    miltonmania2007   1 days ago

    Just one correction.......Nehru and Gandhi are not the founders of India

  • Bhanu Chunduru
    Bhanu Chunduru   1 days ago

    Unfortunately, this modi shit is still ruling india

  • entertainment videos

    modi is the man who is giving citizenship to presecuted christian,sikhs, hindus of pakistan,bangladesh and afghanistaan which is a muslim majority country and in pakistan 20000 christian/Hindu/sikhs girls forced to convert into islam by pakistani government annually, if you don't beleive me search on the google!

  • connor proudfoot
    connor proudfoot   1 days ago

    Anyone else loving that one audience member who really is not picking up on the applause cues?

  • keerthi vasan
    keerthi vasan   1 days ago

    You got a wonderful talent on presenting the showUnfortunately you are not good at facts :)Example about CAA and NRC you are completely wrong ;p

  • Denny D
    Denny D   1 days ago

    Instead of wasting time in shamming other countries, US and its media should acknowledge deep discrimination that exists in their society; which they are trying to quell with troops. Which is self-contradicting. Before preaching others on how to run their state/affairs, its media should look and solve the deeply penetrated discrimination in their own society.

  • Muhammed Nishad
    Muhammed Nishad   1 days ago

    Why do they worship someone who can't even bake a piece of bread?

  • Abhipsa Patnaik
    Abhipsa Patnaik   2 days ago

    Modi is the best PM ever we had.Western media is always biased bringing in atrocities and false narrative. ex... Have you read CAA it's not applicble to residents of India.

  • gooner
    gooner   2 days ago

    This mf right here is a radical hindu extremist, braindead twat has blood in his hands, killed so many innocent christians and muslims, hope this inbred rots in hell

  • rupinder singh
    rupinder singh   2 days ago

    And he is illiterate pm so what can we expect from a illiterate pm..

  • rupinder singh
    rupinder singh   2 days ago

    Modi is a waste PM ever .. accused of riots .lier you name it .. criminal government..

  • Mk Vidith
    Mk Vidith   2 days ago

    I guess u need to do better research next time you do a video, cause half of your facts on india is wrong