Is This 18,000 Year Old Puppy a Dog Or a Wolf?

  • Published on: 03 December 2019
  • In Siberia, Russia, underneath the permafrost, a very well preserved pup has been found. Scientists estimate the mummy, dubbed ‘Drogo,’ is 18,000 years old. It was so well kept, even its whiskers and fur were in tact. Recently, Eastern Russia has become a gold mine of sorts for finding ancient animals, including woolly mammoths and a woolly rhinoceros. But as’s Stephanie Officer asks, is this latest discovery a dog, or a wolf?
  • Runtime : 1:10
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  • Cobalt225
    Cobalt225   1 months ago

    Please bring this good boy back to life

  • LeviTGKツ
    LeviTGKツ   2 months ago

    That underbite looks like my dogs underbite

  • Toasted Poptart
    Toasted Poptart   2 months ago

    it seems like he died while sleeping at least he had a peaceful death

  • Karo
    Karo   2 months ago

    Egyptians: We know how to mummify a corpse. It was our tradition.Siberia: Hold my beer.

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy   3 months ago

    Well he isn’t the oldest dog because he must have a mother or ancestors

  • Eh
    Eh   3 months ago

    It’s so smool

  • Steve Glen
    Steve Glen   3 months ago

    Human: I will back, you be a good boy

  • leesy61
    leesy61   3 months ago

    Its neither, its dead.

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath   3 months ago

    Dogs can live up to 18,000 years. It can't be. Something is wrong!!!

  • JaysOddFuture
    JaysOddFuture   3 months ago

    How do they know it’s 18,000 years. Carbon dating my ass

  • Zahara Frontin
    Zahara Frontin   3 months ago

    How is it 18,000 years old and we only lived on 2019

  • 200T aspirx
    200T aspirx   3 months ago

    Can’t be real cuz the skin can’t last long

  • Tedju
    Tedju   3 months ago

    How much is that in dog years?

  • Euphoria PT
    Euphoria PT   3 months ago

    Dang it,i wanted it to live>:(R.I.P pupper.....