• Published on: 21 May 2020
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    The video is about radio rebel

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  • Runtime : 25:38
  • danny gonzalez funny commentary comedy react reaction reacting awful humor radio rebel disney channel movie


  • yo-im-soup
    yo-im-soup   18 minuts ago

    "That's such an aggressive way to greet your friends at school, just run up and push them." Oh trust me, high school students have greeted each other in worse ways

  • Catherine Copeland
    Catherine Copeland   24 minuts ago

    watch Quints it is by far the worst Disney channel original movie

  • Casey Chapone
    Casey Chapone   47 minuts ago

    What if Danny made a shirt with GG R Eon itThat would be great

  • s s
    s s   1 hours ago

    NO i’m radio rebel 😏

  • Potato !
    Potato !   1 hours ago

    I remember watching this movie and it made me sad i don't know why tho I just remember being sad for like a week straight after watching this movie

  • Midnight Awakens
    Midnight Awakens   1 hours ago

    It’s funny because teenagers DO run up on each other in the halls as a way to greet each other.

  • Still_a_Piece_of_Garbage

    When she said “vibe it, really really dig on it” I said “breathe it, love it” I’ve seen the Scales video too many times

  • CatKat
    CatKat   1 hours ago

    legit i watched Radio Rebel recently and i get this in my recommended...

  • Kellie Evans
    Kellie Evans   2 hours ago

    Your videos stay killing me when he found out she was radio rebel and you started ripping her oh my gosh 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • augusta b
    augusta b   2 hours ago

    The fact that you didn’t talk about Stacy’s house party and the complete embarrassment that whole scene was

  • Phylicia Q
    Phylicia Q   2 hours ago

    You should watch Read it and weep...

  • BIggie cheese
    BIggie cheese   2 hours ago

    i wish the main character was the janitor and the plot was that he had a podcast fro soundcloud and at the end he shot the school with pumped up kicks because that would be more entertaining then this film

  • Maleri Kelsey
    Maleri Kelsey   2 hours ago

    Ok but can you tell me how Martin Cummins her step dad Can go from playing a weird character in a Disney movie to a Sheriff and Boxing coach in a CW show riverdale

  • _ Alecator _
    _ Alecator _   2 hours ago

    Review Luck of the Irish. Do it! You won't!

  • Brandon Vance
    Brandon Vance   2 hours ago

    You should watch the old Disney channel movie Can of Worms!! It's about aliens and it's creepy as all get out but I love it!!

  • ava b
    ava b   3 hours ago

    do teen beach movie!

  • The Cactus Show
    The Cactus Show   3 hours ago

    Isn’t this just a washed version of “Pump Up the Volume”? (google it)

  • marais4me
    marais4me   3 hours ago

    “I NeEd dA dUsT pAn”-danny <33

  • Rose Redmayne
    Rose Redmayne   3 hours ago

    In high school, I didn't even know what date the prom was and I didn't want to pay 50 dollars for a ticket and even more for a dress soooo never went

  • Ne0n Toxic
    Ne0n Toxic   3 hours ago

    Did they just rip off Pump up the volume? Lllllaaaaaaammmmmeeeeee

    MCMAPPY   3 hours ago

    Fun fact: extras don’t really get directed

  • WrenchDawgDedSec
    WrenchDawgDedSec   4 hours ago

    I just found your channel.... and your honestly. The funniest fucking person on youtube

  • Carly Phoenixx
    Carly Phoenixx   5 hours ago

    Do teen beach movie! I don't like it very much! But I like when you rant about movies and shows!

  • Payge Fox
    Payge Fox   5 hours ago

    Please watch the dcom starstruck It’s hilariously bad.

  • Nina B.
    Nina B.   5 hours ago

    Why can’t she close her mouth it irritates me so much 🙃

  • Jacob Lescallette
    Jacob Lescallette   6 hours ago

    I remember watching it when I was 5 when it came out and I thought it was a great movie and now I’m 13 and I literally try to recreate her faces and react to it

  • 21CenturyHippie
    21CenturyHippie   6 hours ago

    3:35 wait, that’s me! I see this as an absolute win.