Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 30 August 2019
  • MISSION START! Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection brings six intense action games (Mega Man Zero 1-4, Mega Man ZX & ZX Advent) to Nintendo Switch on January 21!

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  • Runtime : 2:11
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  • Alex
    Alex   5 hours ago

    Wooow....had to go out of my way a while back to look for these games. Now there all in one pack

  • Randell's Hub
    Randell's Hub   16 hours ago

    Wish they'd make a Megaman Zero game like breath of the wild!I mean it's the same right?A deafeated hero waking up without any memory several years or a hundred or so...But has a lot more enemies to deal with.

  • Pupie Devil
    Pupie Devil   4 days ago

    Good god...This year my credit card would be screwed.Katana ZERO,The Messenger,Cyber Shadow and now this!?What a great time for side scrolling fans.

  • Aussa Kagamine
    Aussa Kagamine   5 days ago

    Already been said. But ounce y'all out battle network and starforce you can have all my money lol

  • Jesta Demon
    Jesta Demon   5 days ago

    It's not blood, It's red oil. Get it right Nintendo!

  • Rango
    Rango   1 weeks ago

    Save-Assist Modes. THANK YOU!

  • darkness1744
    darkness1744   1 weeks ago

    i hope so much that i can buy the limited edition when you can buy it in the eu. until then i have to wait and with my luck the game will be sold out long before it get to sweden.

  • mega gamer
    mega gamer   1 weeks ago

    Looking forward for a conclussion for all the sagas,

  • EliteCaca
    EliteCaca   1 weeks ago

    Hope it’s all physical no DL codes

  • Carlo di donna
    Carlo di donna   1 weeks ago

    I can't wait! loving being able to own the entire series I missed out on as a kid on the switch, so convenient for me!

  • Emilia Gravata
    Emilia Gravata   1 weeks ago

    Make megaman zero 5That he will wike up in a forest without the helmet that was destroyed on mmzero 4

  • Comment Douchery
    Comment Douchery   1 weeks ago

    I sort of wish they would just do a reboot with the Zero Series already. It deserves to be told in higher quality.But I also understand the possible trade-off with doing that. If it's not exactly the same, and just HD, some people won't like it. And if it's changed too much, others won't like it as much as the original.But I really think that, if it's told in a mature manner, it could be that something special.Sadly, who's to say anyone would bet on that?

  • Jordy 9.99
    Jordy 9.99   2 weeks ago

    Ahora sólo quiero un Megaman Battle network collection :')

  • FE_Sn
    FE_Sn   2 weeks ago

    Oh ZX & Advent !! I loved those games!! I still remember some parts of Ashe story specially when... certain character come for a fight!

  • Alex Lo
    Alex Lo   2 weeks ago

    Megaman battlenetwork plz!

  • Kzuya
    Kzuya   2 weeks ago

    Why so late?

  • Alex1986Dec
    Alex1986Dec   2 weeks ago

    Please let this lead to ZX3 getting made!

  • Giacomo Martinelli
    Giacomo Martinelli   2 weeks ago

    Zx was my favourite one. Also loved the "Green Grass Gradation" soundtrack from the first level

  • Yukimura
    Yukimura   2 weeks ago


  • NewtonRPG2
    NewtonRPG2   2 weeks ago

    Finally, a way for me to play the Megaman Zero and ZX series without an emulator!

  • Corey D. Arnold
    Corey D. Arnold   2 weeks ago

    Just take my damn money, Capcom. Love me some Zero series!

  • AM Productions
    AM Productions   3 weeks ago

    JANUARY?!? FREAKING 2020 😭Don’t leave me with the crap from the last collection for that long

  • Syaizer Kromez
    Syaizer Kromez   3 weeks ago

    If they can remake these games,why cant they continue the process on Megaman Starforce 4?

  • Kiato
    Kiato   3 weeks ago

    Zero for SmashPlease remove him as an assist trophy and make him a fighter

  • Slamblaster
    Slamblaster   3 weeks ago

    Let's see...what's the new dash button and how much does fixing it cost?

  • Colin Schauer
    Colin Schauer   3 weeks ago

    Love me some Zero 4, and being able to play the prequel to ZX Advent after playing that game like 10 times? Heck yes.

  • Ashwath Nair
    Ashwath Nair   3 weeks ago

    Wait WHAT???? That's it I'm getting myself a Switch now.

  • Spyder EX
    Spyder EX   3 weeks ago


  • Shane Conklin
    Shane Conklin   3 weeks ago

    Let's see a star force collection next or Battle Network 7!

  • PopGoesTheGoomba
    PopGoesTheGoomba   3 weeks ago

    When is Nintendo going to make.NEW games. They only make remakes of remakes