Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?

  • Published on: 08 April 2016
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    So. Space elevators. Are they are thing that we should talk about?

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    *Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?*

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  • Runtime : 6:32
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  • Sharkcraft
    Sharkcraft   3 days ago

    to be honest, id rather just have a 100% re-usable rocket than a space elevator.mainly because of safety reasons and also a rocket launch is a much more amazing visual than some elevator going up very quickly

  • Archer :p
    Archer :p   5 days ago

    3:21shows Vulcan and JakkuMe: Wait that’s illegal.

  • James Bernald
    James Bernald   5 days ago

    Imagine getting stuck in a space elevator is space dang I was afraid when a normal elevator I was in broke

  • Gian_ 25302
    Gian_ 25302   6 days ago

    1 million years laterMom: come on get in the space bus you need to go to Pluto for school

  • Jason & Chubs
    Jason & Chubs   1 weeks ago

    That was an ugly ass Yoda. I still liked the vid tho

  • Matthew T
    Matthew T   1 weeks ago

    Shouldnt the intro be at the VERY start of the vid?

  • Jordan Hicks
    Jordan Hicks   1 weeks ago

    IS NO ONE GONNA TALK ABOUT HOW HE ASKED “wanna get high?” at the start of the video

  • KrOWD
    KrOWD   1 weeks ago

    NASA:finally we've built the first space elevator.Terrorist:im about to end this man whole carrier

  • TommyTarkov
    TommyTarkov   1 weeks ago

    echt cool gemacht leute! ihr macht das toll!hab schon 5 oder so folgen gesehen xD

  • Mr. 2 minutes
    Mr. 2 minutes   1 weeks ago

    is it not gonna slow down the earth rotation?

  • Rothpol X
    Rothpol X   1 weeks ago

    "1 million tons . . . close to the weight of two International Space Stations"WHOA WHOA WHOAGuys, the ISS only weighs ~500 tons, not 500,000 tons! One million tons would get you two THOUSAND International-Space-Stations-worth of material into orbit.I think someone looked up the mass of the ISS and read kg as tons, or something. That is a huge error, off by three orders of magnitude.

  • Alfonso González
    Alfonso González   1 weeks ago

    All of this sounds amazing, but how can we spend so much money in something like this while people are dying of hunger...

  • SquirtlePWN
    SquirtlePWN   1 weeks ago

    A 2,000 km low orbit elevator is far more practical to build than a 36,000 km high Earth orbit one. You still get stuff to space with significantly less energy than today only it doesn't take more than a day to ascend. It's also far more practical for launching satellites which would be the primary commercial purpose for and elevator.

  • Corrado Orazi
    Corrado Orazi   1 weeks ago

    A bridge from Earth to the Moon ... a Bridge towards the Stars ... a Stargate for Tess !!! ...

  • Dom
    Dom   1 weeks ago

    Ummmm science says we may be doing it sometime soon

  • HGgame
    HGgame   2 weeks ago

    W A N N A G E T H I G H?

  • Assej Santos
    Assej Santos   2 weeks ago

    The thumbnail looks like a X-wing in starwars

  • Devin Robinson
    Devin Robinson   2 weeks ago

    Godzilla destroys ground tether, Gamera destroys space tether. “Please use stairs!

  • Gordon Sherriff-Smith

    I am so glad i am 5 years old because i can understand this video. But i couldn't go past 1:90 because it is so nauseating.

  • Fennekin Silver
    Fennekin Silver   3 weeks ago

    the first space elevator: coming to Disney winter 2019.

  • B. Lonewolf
    B. Lonewolf   3 weeks ago

    I'm just laughing at the idea of Kevlar being "flimsy", haha! I mean, it's not wrong, considering the structural needs of a space elevator; it only makes sense that a substance would be strong or flimsy relative to the engineering application, but it is still rather odd just hearing it.

  • Salman Khawaja
    Salman Khawaja   3 weeks ago

    My question is why you put a whale in the space ? Just whyyy ???

  • impreza0109
    impreza0109   3 weeks ago

    I kinda find it sad that no one referenced Gundam 00's space elevators.They are nearly the same space elevators the video described, but also equipped with solar panels that provide energy to Earth below without using nukes.