Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?

  • Published on: 08 April 2016
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    So. Space elevators. Are they are thing that we should talk about?

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    *Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?*

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  • Runtime : 6:32
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  • TheJunster10000
    TheJunster10000   4 days ago

    That lambda-class shuttle at the end has it's wings folded as though it were landed even though it looks like it is flying.

  • time to have fun
    time to have fun   5 days ago

    most importantly we could send all the flat-earthers into space

  • Nathan Lyon Productions

    Me: Looks at the departures boardAlso me: WHY DOES EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO BACK TO JAKKU!!!!

  • SM Casas
    SM Casas   1 weeks ago

    What about a mass driver to shoot things into space? Then put them together in space.

  • Ridato X
    Ridato X   2 weeks ago

    What about space debris? Won't tiny particles possibly hit the cabin or the tether?

  • Nicholas Petras (Student)

    Yes try it on the moon fist this would help a moon colony SO much making shipments to earth so much easier

  • William
    William   2 weeks ago

    Hey Kurzgesagt. I was just wondering. Are one of your members a fan of the band Gojira? Mainly because of the flying whale :)

  • Harry
    Harry   3 weeks ago

    Maybe the Tower of Babel was a space elevator

  • Mary Boulos
    Mary Boulos   3 weeks ago

    The animators 100% watched a Star Wars movie before getting to work on this

  • Rogue Zero
    Rogue Zero   3 weeks ago

    Okay one thing that bothers me is that wouldn’t the moon and earth rotating destroy the tether

  • Cennet Kaya
    Cennet Kaya   4 weeks ago

    X seed 4000: im The Tallest Building in The World!Space Eleavator: Hold My Beer

  • mike
    mike   4 weeks ago

    Exploring space won't make you any less lonely.

  • John Gillespie
    John Gillespie   1 months ago

    I believe a space tether will be feasible in the next twenty years. The key to a workable space tether is a workable fusion power reactor producing electricity. The byproduct of a fusion power reactor is helium. Almost an unlimited supply of helium. Helium is the key to a space elevator. It will take a century or two if we wait for a space tether made from carbon nano tubes. Even if we had the technology to produce carbon nano tubes, it is very expensive to produce. What about long and skinny pressurized tubes filled with helium and made from kevlar? Maybe twenty to thirty of these long and skinny pressurized kevlar tubes about a kilometer long and sealed off at each end and all these kevlar tubes bound together with one giant kevlar sleeve. The tubes would be self supporting all the way up into space by the lighter than air helium. After the helium pressurized tubes reach above the earth's atmosphere there would be no more need for the helium filled kevlar pressurized tubes. Above the earth's atmosphere all that would be needed would be a simple kevlar rope or tether. This tether would be attached to a space station that is held in a geosynchronous orbit fixed in space above the earth. The pressurized helium filled tubes that reach into space would need to have many kevlar tethers attached all around the pressurized space tether attached for miles around it from all different directions 360 degrees around the tether and anchored to the ground to keep the space tether secure. A fine aluminum mesh would need to surround the space tether to keep it protected from lightning strikes, just like the aluminum mesh protects air planes today.

  • Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos   1 months ago

    Then you need 2 arsenal birds to protect it

  • Jack Colson
    Jack Colson   1 months ago

    0:34 oh Kurzgesagt, you silly birds

  • Eden Han
    Eden Han   1 months ago

    Hmmmm a pink door...Is it a door from a kid Channel?

  • Christopher Rill
    Christopher Rill   1 months ago

    This video gave me an idea for a new launch system. We could create a really long tether in space with three ports along it; two of equal mass at each end and one in the center. Then we could spin the tether so that the two ends move in a circle very quickly around the center, creating a lot of centripetal acceleration. Then, incoming ships could dock with the center port (either by using AI to dock while rotating, or by adding a component to the center that rotates with the same RPM, but in the opposite direction as the tether, as to be stationary compared to an incoming ship), and passengers could take an elevator to the end, board a ship, and then disconnect themselves from the end, to be flung out into space. This would again require an extremely strong material for the tether, but if placed in GTO near a space elevator, you could potentially travel to anywhere in the Solar System with burning a single drop of rocket fuel. If we got really good at it, we could have ships coming in from different planets be "caught" in one of the end ports, without having to burn any fuel slowing down, and the passengers could ride down the tether to the center, take a short flight to the space elevator, all without ever burning fuel.

  • xaveirxx224
    xaveirxx224   1 months ago

    If u launch from space the heat would destroy the rope re entry is a problem

  • j everett
    j everett   1 months ago

    There may be a material strong enough for a space elevator. It's called starlite and is the strongest polymer but the guy who invented it was paranoid about it becoming a weapon so he never revealed how it is made.