Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?

  • Published on: 08 April 2016
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    So. Space elevators. Are they are thing that we should talk about?

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    *Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?*

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  • Runtime : 6:32
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    error.MoonGravityExceptionCould not find file 'not sick humans.exe' due to radiationBuilder: 'oops lemme unnail that'Entire elevator: crashes down

  • Baconnoobolo
    Baconnoobolo   3 days ago

    What if ur on the elevator and u have to take a big sh**

  • Daisy DU
    Daisy DU   5 days ago

    Who’s here after skyhook?

  • William Faber
    William Faber   5 days ago

    Things like this will never be built as long as there are terrorists in our solar system.

  • William Faber
    William Faber   5 days ago

    Why not power the tether? Like a space trolley car...

  • IsTethys
    IsTethys   6 days ago

    is there a place I can downlaoad that thumbnail? That looks like a sick Wallpaper!

  • Bryan Karlsson
    Bryan Karlsson   6 days ago

    you have a lot of grammar mistakes. please double-check, then recheck, then retype everything by adding periods and commas to make it look better. or you can just use Grammarly.

  • Maria Bart
    Maria Bart   1 weeks ago

    There should also be the question, were to build the anchor on the earth - in the sea, on the mountains or on flat land? Also the tether/anchor has to withstand earthquakes, tidal waves, things like tornados and don't forget humanity itself - like some terrorist attacks.I wonder if there will be a time, when mankind is not a potential threat to the progression of said mankind.

  • 68 Rumble Bee
    68 Rumble Bee   1 weeks ago

    Remember What Happened To The Space Elevator In Halo 3: ODST?

  • 68 Rumble Bee
    68 Rumble Bee   1 weeks ago

    Are You Sure You Want To Go To LV-223 Or Jakku. Unless Your Into Being Captured And Bred By Xenos Or Deserts Then Yeah You’d Be.

  • Giacomo Sorbi
    Giacomo Sorbi   1 weeks ago

    Ah, done a bit more than 3 years ago and already the costs of sending stuff to space became 1/10, thanks to spaceX.

  • robotic dude
    robotic dude   2 weeks ago

    what if the tether wasn't just a graphene rope and instead was a thicker sky scraper sort of thing. then the strength would be much stronger and could withstand more of everything

  • Sam eena
    Sam eena   2 weeks ago

    the spaceships at the begining are star wars, I:o(yawn)

  • trashy10
    trashy10   2 weeks ago

    who would of thought a space elevator will become a money pit

  • Luis Murrell
    Luis Murrell   2 weeks ago

    Why does the climber need several days to get to the top? Can it be powered like an electric train or trolley and go much faster once it's outside the atmosphere?

  • Samuel Stevens
    Samuel Stevens   2 weeks ago


  • Valhalla
    Valhalla   2 weeks ago

    You would think people would help and make this stuff free because they might make it to space oneday

  • Muntaj Gill
    Muntaj Gill   3 weeks ago

    Why does this video have the tag, “help”I am kind of worried...

  • 986Black
    986Black   3 weeks ago

    Great animation, really ejoyed it. Thank you.

  • 《Viper》
    《Viper》   3 weeks ago

    Osea or Eurasia made the space elevator!

  • Jacookie
    Jacookie   3 weeks ago

    We could never build one of these due to space debris alone.

  • Fl D 0 L F
    Fl D 0 L F   3 weeks ago

    Space Yeeter was more conventional

  • Nano606606
    Nano606606   3 weeks ago

    Just FYI you cant make a space elevator on the moon as the geosynchronous orbit of the moon takes you too far into Earth's gravity well and it wants to then orbit Earth. Making it an impossible idea. No material we have or think we could have in the near future can get close to a breaking length of 36,000km (nanotubes only make it 5,000km or so - way to short to extend it and then hope to carry any weight on the cable). A space elevator on Earth is a pipe dream. Now an orbital ring on the other hand is well within our current tech, costs about the same and is better in every way.