Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Video)

  • Published on: 08 May 2017
  • Watch the official music video for "Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles
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    Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times
    We gotta get away from here
    We gotta get away from here
    Just stop your crying, it'll be alright
    They told me that the end is near
    We gotta get away from here

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  • Runtime : 5:42
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  • TheMadTube
    TheMadTube   50 minuts ago

    “They explain to Pike that a blind eye was turned to the whole genetic alteration, human experimentation, abomination to science, and ‘Goddamn you! I said throw the third switch!’ nature of Stamets, on account of the war.”

  • Bobo
    Bobo   1 hours ago

    cheeeto el pibe

  • Andi Cat
    Andi Cat   2 hours ago

    All grown up.He sounds amazing.

  • Creazy for BL
    Creazy for BL   3 hours ago

    I feel like hearing to the 60s and the futur at the same time

  • Kehan Rathnayake
    Kehan Rathnayake   4 hours ago

    The flying looks so fun, I also wanna fly like that with a beautiful surrounding

  • Erna Sharp
    Erna Sharp   4 hours ago

    Simply fantastic song. Beautiful.

  • BTS A.R.M.Y
    BTS A.R.M.Y   8 hours ago

    This was the time when I thought Harry Styles was Harry Potter

  • S9ninth
    S9ninth   9 hours ago

    Who from share my story

  • ElanaXx
    ElanaXx   9 hours ago

    At first i actually didn’t like this song, but after i sat down and listened to it properly, i can’t get it out of my head... im obsessed

  • Wayne Zahra
    Wayne Zahra   10 hours ago

    All my life I've been into movies and not really a big music fan just a couple of odd songs here and there. However ....these last couple of years I've found music extremely powerful and more so when I experience different emotions. I'm not sure I'm changing as I'm getting older but I'm really loving music I mean real music not that fantasy crap.

  • Arjit raj
    Arjit raj   13 hours ago

    Those who have disliked are the ones that love BTS😤

  • Iknewtheydfindyou
    Iknewtheydfindyou   13 hours ago

    Just because humans have the ability to learn, it doesn't mean they will.

  • Sarah Frazier
    Sarah Frazier   16 hours ago

    I'm 40 years old and i absolutely love this song its the perfect description of my life.. 👏👏

  • Dank Lad
    Dank Lad   18 hours ago

    who thought that was jacksepticeye in the thumbnail

  • ReaDMYNaMe
    ReaDMYNaMe   1 days ago

    I love 1D and i used to hear this song.. But i dont know he 1D members..well i just dont know their name 😂im just a kid when listening to 1D songs😂😂

  • aemun mustafa
    aemun mustafa   1 days ago

    We don't talk enough We should open up Before it's all too much Will we ever learn?This hits hard!You always think.This is the last time,Last time you will feel like this way.Last time you need someone to mend you..But No,your Darkness always come back.Maybe we can never learn!

  • Frank G
    Frank G   1 days ago

    Play this song at 11:58:39 so the beat will hit at 12:00:00

  • Mosx21
    Mosx21   1 days ago

    When your friend switches the world to creative

  • Jean de Deu Navarrete

    This song is the maxime expresitions ; each feel is fantastic....🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮

  • kartika fauzia
    kartika fauzia   1 days ago

    Is it only me who thinks that he looks like Theon Greyjoy

  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble   1 days ago

    Just putting it out there. I'm pretty sure I am actually Harry Styles because his songs sound like something I would sing. Also he just reminds me of me. XD