Dog Kissing Booth

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
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  • Runtime : 12:37
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  • Ana Pina
    Ana Pina   5 minuts ago

    Julien, ya got friendzoned bud

  • Megan Stevenson
    Megan Stevenson   2 hours ago

    Who the hell are the 2000 people disliking this video? It's the wholesome content we all need

  • marinarugg10960
    marinarugg10960   8 hours ago

    I just loved watching these pups. It made me really smile, and happy and sad & even miss more our baby, Italian Greyhound so much !! His name was Vito Corleone Ruggiero he was almost 16 when we lost him to stomach cancer. The best most loving and smart dog ever. I highly recommend that everyone own a greyhound or Italian Greyhound ( a Mini greyhound) and please rescue one from the many Greyhound /Italian greyhound rescue's. You will fall in love and be ever entertained! Thank so much for this amazing video! xoxox

  • Kaitlyn George
    Kaitlyn George   10 hours ago

    Waiting for Marble to kiss Jenna was what this video was about. Poor Bobby forgetting where he was at, get back to work and kiss Jenna's nose.

  • Floan Tilley
    Floan Tilley   10 hours ago

    this video is literally just jenna friendzoning julien for 12 minutes straight

  • Kaitlyn Mai
    Kaitlyn Mai   11 hours ago

    If you and Julien get out of the friendzone and get married please sew your own wedding dress!

  • Dallas Billette
    Dallas Billette   11 hours ago

    The moment Kermit walked between marbles and Jenna describes kermits personality perfectly

  • Rod Ruth
    Rod Ruth   13 hours ago

    The dog kissing booth took a little encouraging. In a dog's perspective, perhaps it would be more successful if it was an ass sniffing booth.

  • Anais Flynn
    Anais Flynn   14 hours ago

    jenna you already made yourself into a e girl but please make yourself into an e boy (please like so she can see)

  • Julie Mills
    Julie Mills   16 hours ago

    Jenna: Kermit is the best at kissing on command Kermit: iTs whAt I dO foR a LivINg.

  • Alaina Byrne
    Alaina Byrne   18 hours ago

    A concept- take the string of a balloon and braid it into your hair. That’s it. That’s the concept. Now you have magic floating balloon hair

  • Preston Hubers
    Preston Hubers   19 hours ago

    You should have used a 5-minute crafts tutorial 😂

  • Jennifer Yook
    Jennifer Yook   19 hours ago

    Peach: owes Jenna moneyJenna: you can pay me back in kissesPeach: okay, but YOU give ME the kisses???

  • Satan Girl
    Satan Girl   20 hours ago

    I need another calling in sick to jobs I don’t have video

    MICHELLE ROSS   20 hours ago

    When you're done with the booth, donate it to SPCA so they can use it for adoption days...

    MICHELLE ROSS   20 hours ago

    Looks like Peach does the European cheek kissing...

  • Astro Wiz
    Astro Wiz   22 hours ago

    I'm begging the internet, someone PLEASE make a "Peach Better Have my Money" meme remix starring Peach

  • Madison And Rylynn
    Madison And Rylynn   22 hours ago

    Jenna:kisses peachyMe: peachy has lipstick on her forehead Peachy: wait what’s on my forehead???

  • Wolfie Vlogs
    Wolfie Vlogs   1 days ago

    I think Jenna should take Kermit to Ireland when spring time comes along because Kermit's favourite soap is Irish Spring.

  • NaniOfTheHiddenMist
    NaniOfTheHiddenMist   1 days ago

    No matter how derpy your dogs are id still act like they’re the only dogs in the world

  • Frida
    Frida   1 days ago

    Old Man Marbles 😭💞

  • Grace Flimflam
    Grace Flimflam   1 days ago

    When peach knocked over the kissing booth I couldn't stop replaying/laughing for half an hour

  • Ana  Oseguera
    Ana Oseguera   1 days ago

    I watched this video because I legitimately thought Marbles was dead and I was just confirming

  • Dani Marie
    Dani Marie   1 days ago

    Jennaaaaaaa react to dissss

  • LadyLore Nickoli
    LadyLore Nickoli   1 days ago

    Jenna yells "whose on my back? Whose on my back?" Notices its peach "You owe me money!"😂I laughed so hard my sides hurt 🤣

  • Penelope Smith
    Penelope Smith   1 days ago

    Gotta say I’m a huge fan of the new running joke of peach owing Jenna money