Taiwanese Street Food Handmade Pizza

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
  • 5 Tasty affordable Street food from various night markets around Taiwan

    All the street food in this video is below $2usd

    1. Jumbo Ice cream cone

    2. Monster Pizza

    3. Peanut Ice Cream

    4. Crispy Taro Balls

    5. Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous rice
  • Runtime : 12:56
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  • 김주희
    김주희   1 hours ago

    첫번째 아이스크림 저거 사먹어봣는데 재채기 한번 하면 사라져요.

  • Ivan Conti
    Ivan Conti   2 hours ago

    Che schifo di pizza....LA PIZZA È SOLO MADE IN ITALY

  • Stoney
    Stoney   1 days ago

    Breah I thought it said heart made pizza 😂

  • TAEKOOK ed
    TAEKOOK ed   1 days ago

    The dpugh must be really malleable in order to flip in toss

  • Akis P
    Akis P   1 days ago

    Now i understood why Taiwan hae so grand population.They eat so well that they have power in the bed

  • Lesley Cuevas
    Lesley Cuevas   2 days ago

    All the sweat of his arms is in the pizza dough

  • Vid Savic
    Vid Savic   4 days ago

    Like per tutti li italiNi che hanno visto questo video e sono tristi

  • wassup v
    wassup v   5 days ago

    He took all the dust into the dough 😂

  • WG_aSe
    WG_aSe   6 days ago

    0:25If that’s $1.13I feel like I’m rich

  • yuu mooyor
    yuu mooyor   6 days ago

    ไอติมไต้หวันไม่อร่อยเลย เคยกิน ซื้อมาแท่ง40 ทิ้งเลย

  • Yash Kiratsata
    Yash Kiratsata   1 weeks ago