99.41% Cant Watch This Without Facepalming **super hard** /r/facepalm top all #57 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
  • /r/facepalm all top voted are epic on reddit
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  • chattycathydoll
    chattycathydoll   25 minuts ago

    The maths question is not 35. The sister was 3 when she was 6 so she's just three years younger making her 67.

  • Bought Winrar
    Bought Winrar   1 hours ago

    La Guardia Cross one at 6:22 was not a face palm that guy loves his girls so much and is happy they have a comfortable life which should be the goal of any father he’s not a boomer or anything...

  • Jigs S
    Jigs S   3 hours ago

    3:00 - That didn't age well

  • Christoffer Pedersen
    Christoffer Pedersen   3 hours ago

    5:45 in our country a famous politician thought the same thing. In a speech, he stated: “In this country, over a fourth of all teachers fail math exams, yes, actually almost a fifth!”

  • Louis Woolfrey
    Louis Woolfrey   6 hours ago

    With the whole atheist calling out Christian’s thing I’m atheist and I have never called out a Christian but christians always try to call me out it’s kind of annoying that people think atheists call out Christians because most atheist don’t actually care if people believe in god or not it’s just we look at things more logically and prefer science and physics and logic ps no hate to pew die pie

  • TenTonNuke
    TenTonNuke   6 hours ago

    Did you ever figure out the age one from 10:13? You seemed confused. She's 67.

  • tee hong yee
    tee hong yee   7 hours ago

    hey pewds, search up religious people calling out atheists, and youll be shocked

  • Redify
    Redify   7 hours ago

    I failed when I saw the title.

  • Lune Moon
    Lune Moon   12 hours ago

    Well because engineering students are virgins. we all know this fact

  • Memarup
    Memarup   13 hours ago

    Us 10 year old have bigger brain because 40 year old homeless man do crack cocain

  • Towelie
    Towelie   14 hours ago

    I mean, engineers do have way less time for other stuff, so the billboard is kinda right

  • WellHiIGuess 23
    WellHiIGuess 23   14 hours ago

    Felix YouTube is social Media so if you ban Social media then you ban YouTube

  • Simping for Yoda
    Simping for Yoda   16 hours ago

    Who would have knowing that those 22 people infected would soon be the future

  • John Nooyen
    John Nooyen   17 hours ago

    4:10 if that robot was black with the same gold like accents I would want one.

  • PR4NK3D - Brawl Stars
    PR4NK3D - Brawl Stars   19 hours ago

    11:38 I might be wrong but I think that its right. 6oz is 50% of 12oz so its 12oz+50%= 18oz

  • Angel Flores
    Angel Flores   21 hours ago

    11:22 300 thousand K Hmmmm yes Felix very big brain of you

  • Enrique Elsegood
    Enrique Elsegood   1 days ago

    pewds:me big brain pewds: boomers cant change their hdmi on their controler

  • [_Z3r0_]
    [_Z3r0_]   1 days ago

    Bruh this sub didnt nade me face palm it made me say bruh everytime i read a post

  • ZenMasterGaming
    ZenMasterGaming   1 days ago

    “I don’t think you need a vaccine for every flu, that’s just stupid”Felix - January 2020

  • I like Nothing
    I like Nothing   1 days ago

    Yes suck up all the energy that's already leaving the sun anyway? 😂

  • I like Nothing
    I like Nothing   1 days ago

    Yes suck up all the energy that's already leaving the sun anyway? 😂

  • Richard Delinsky
    Richard Delinsky   1 days ago

    "40% of Americans are one missed paycheck away from poverty"Coronavirus: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith   1 days ago

    So I know he was joking about the 1/10 lb burger but that’s actually the size the normal burgers are at McDonald’s

  • Killer Kirby
    Killer Kirby   1 days ago

    Hey pewds that woman was calling out atheist. it’s idiotic you literally said the opposite of what happens you shouldn’t call out each other

  • Erik Lysne
    Erik Lysne   1 days ago

    Watching in 2020 be like “I don’t see why you need every flu vaccine”

  • Blackbelt7000
    Blackbelt7000   1 days ago

    The point of the ad at 14:00 was to say that sex leads to pregnancy and if it happens too early then your life can become much harder, and you might not be able to become what you want to be. It's expensive and time consuming to raise a child, let alone go to school at the same time.

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer   1 days ago

    pewdiepie:kids are dumb9 year olds:...

  • Noxicity
    Noxicity   1 days ago

    We don’t have to have the flu vaccine it’s just recommended

  • Faze Nicolas
    Faze Nicolas   1 days ago

    The movie was “the breakfast club” Felix

  • Cade M
    Cade M   1 days ago

    Ahh virus jokes those were good until now

  • HariBlob
    HariBlob   2 days ago

    11:49 isnt that correct or am i just being stoopid