ONINAKI - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 23 August 2019
  • The newest action-RPG ONINAKI has arrived! Take on the role of watcher, Kagachi, whose duty is to usher lost souls into the next world. After meeting a mysterious girl named Linne, his fate becomes entwined with blood and death.

    Be transported between two striking worlds and engage in exhilarating hack-and-slash battles as you fight to reconnect the living and beyond.

    Learn more about ONINAKI! https://bit.ly/2K07vE3

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  • Runtime : 2:43
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  • jedi 6973
    jedi 6973   5 months ago

    Fantastic game play. I enjoy adding to my collection.

  • Sarah VanBuskirk
    Sarah VanBuskirk   5 months ago

    I hope i can play this game with english diolog or english voice acting. Cause i only wish i could speak any Japanese at all.

  • Asuka Seitou
    Asuka Seitou   5 months ago

    I love the original chara design, but don't like it that they "realized" in chibi/SD-look

  • Anja
    Anja   5 months ago

    Spoiler in the trailer?

  • Miraculous The Rainwing

    It’s fun and the plot is cool, but the characters are terrible. I get that writing kids is hard, but they really couldn’t do any better? I also wish they’d let characters have feelings? At all?

  • Riky Stevanus
    Riky Stevanus   6 months ago

    If you like the story its a good game for you, but if you are more into a rpg, its a nope for me.

  • lastoflancas
    lastoflancas   6 months ago

    I wish this game had a cross-save function, so I can play on my PC and my Switch.

  • xDraZtiCx
    xDraZtiCx   6 months ago

    Played through this game twice already. As soon as I was done I fired it up for another go. This game is absolutely amazing!

  • LumberJake
    LumberJake   6 months ago

    Looks cool but the story made me cringe so hard :P

  • youtube korisnik
    youtube korisnik   6 months ago

    Can I get a free Nintendo Switch it is a dream of my life.I cry all the night because I don't have a money to aford one.

  • JVN Plays
    JVN Plays   6 months ago

    no one loves nintendo anymore.

  • David selec
    David selec   6 months ago

    Hola, tengo una pregunta sobre un juego haber si puedes ayudarme como a tantos otros así si podrías decirme si este juego saldrá a switch ''little devil inside'' gracias un saludo

  • J.
    J.   6 months ago

    Completely random comment, but I still hope they bring Mount & Blade Warband to the switch🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • علاء علام
    علاء علام   6 months ago

    Hello Nintendo iam one of the most loving and supportive of you and i will join you with a Nintendo internet subscription and I hope you will carry strong and wonderful games on the Nintendo switch without any procrastination or any delay and never give up and thanks you very much 💖💖💖👍👍👍👌✌

  • John Gray
    John Gray   6 months ago

    Hoping for a real game instead of the same one, same story, same graphics that people keep buying. Japan? When can you actually yknow? Do something WITHOUT anime characters in EVERY GAME YOU EVER MAKE

    RAINBOW PLAYS   6 months ago

    Make tomogoti life like a map to tomolife on super smash Bros ultmate

  • Andre Farfan
    Andre Farfan   6 months ago

    Hey gus: Hate speech derovolk And dr.ludwig rest in place on July 23 And august 1st 2019. https://youtu.be/KUk-XAvpAoI

  • Dan a míla
    Dan a míla   6 months ago


  • Dan a míla
    Dan a míla   6 months ago


  • Dan a míla
    Dan a míla   6 months ago


  • Dan a míla
    Dan a míla   6 months ago


  • Dan a míla
    Dan a míla   6 months ago


  • Sean Stevens
    Sean Stevens   6 months ago

    If nintendo wants my respect back, add koopalings and enimees to mario maker 2.

  • Baker boy
    Baker boy   6 months ago

    You guys should add toad to smash ultimate

  • Lu Cas
    Lu Cas   6 months ago

    This mobile game looks cool

  • YaseenSlayzz64
    YaseenSlayzz64   6 months ago

    Can u add overwatch in Nintendo plz I am ur best fan.

  • Gustav Gurke
    Gustav Gurke   6 months ago

    I mean it looks pretty cool but is it just me or do the animations look kinda slow

  • patrikpaprika
    patrikpaprika   6 months ago

    It's too many great games releasing in august/september. This, FE3H, DQXIS, Grandia HDC, FF8, Links Awakening, Astral Chain and later Luigi's Mansion 3. I can't keep up!

  • It's MAM!
    It's MAM!   6 months ago

    Nintendo please! Bring super mario sunshine to the switch!

  • kanekighoul ken
    kanekighoul ken   6 months ago

    Nintendo can you pls make Kirby maker I will thumbs up if you do it