How Sloths Went From the Seas to the Trees

  • Published on: 28 November 2018
  • The story of sloths is one of astounding ecological variability, with some foraging in the seas, others living underground, and others still hiding from predators in towering cliffs. So why are their only living relatives in the trees?

    Thanks to Ceri Thomas for allowing us to use few sloth reconstructions! Check out more of Ceri's paleoart at and

    And thanks as always to Franz Anthony and everyone at for their great paleoart.

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  • Runtime : 12:21
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  • Ouaychai Pomling
    Ouaychai Pomling   1 days ago


  • Ouaychai Pomling
    Ouaychai Pomling   1 days ago


  • Xx Itz_Satuurn xX
    Xx Itz_Satuurn xX   1 days ago

    Pangolins are similar to armadillos. Would they go into this as well?

  • ok
    ok   3 days ago

    10:58 :,(

  • Random Nerd Of Doom
    Random Nerd Of Doom   3 days ago

    If there are all kinds of sloths why isn’t there a species of Sloth that has more Human characteristics like a Sloth species that can make tools, have a language, and can make technology? What if there is a more Humanoid intelligent Sloth species out there that has a secret civilization we Humans don’t know about?

  • Unihorns
    Unihorns   4 days ago

    There's no such thing as millions year ago, rn is only 2019...

  • Doodlescnof
    Doodlescnof   4 days ago

    Me going to my apartment after swimming practice

  • Kisiwa Madoido
    Kisiwa Madoido   1 weeks ago

    Im glad im not the only one with a lisp (the guy has a lisp in the video you can tell)

  • AiriannaPlays
    AiriannaPlays   1 weeks ago

    All i need to hear is "How sloths went from sea to trees"

  • Ashley Lichter
    Ashley Lichter   1 weeks ago

    tell me how i knew that was hank within the first two seconds

  • Nikki Garcia
    Nikki Garcia   1 weeks ago

    Bradypus haha... Ahhh ❤ I never knew I actually really liked these so ugly their cute lil creatures...

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed   1 weeks ago

    All of the on land illustrations looked more like large honey badgers.

  • Solitude
    Solitude   1 weeks ago

    The rest of the family: sea-foraging, burrow-digging, cliff-climbing successful members.Me:

  • Ivan Kazuo
    Ivan Kazuo   1 weeks ago

    Okay where are the space sloths?

  • Always Never
    Always Never   1 weeks ago

    started from the bottom now we all the way up

  • Sparklepuppy00 Aj
    Sparklepuppy00 Aj   2 weeks ago

    Moral of the story: sloths used to be able to do everything now they just smile and climb.:)

  • foreverwantingpie
    foreverwantingpie   2 weeks ago

    Sucks that now the climate is changing 10x faster, due to us, fewer species will survive this mass extinction event ha ha ha 😬

  • Jerry Wulf
    Jerry Wulf   2 weeks ago

    I thought it said “How sloths went from the seas to the STREETS” Anyone else?

  • I_r_d_f_c
    I_r_d_f_c   2 weeks ago

    It’s weird to think that we kinda aren’t supposed to know stuff like this cuz their extinct so it’s like they r forgotten forever it feels like we were never supposed to figure out stuff like this it’s weird it just gives me a weird feeling when thinking about it idrk

  • Jaden Matthews-Johnson

    I always wondered about the evolution of seals. I want to hear how seals came to be that be so cool.

  • Shade Crenshaw
    Shade Crenshaw   2 weeks ago

    Something I've always wondered is how does how slow sloths move have anything to do with algee growing in their fur I mean doesn't it just need enough moisture and sunlight how does speed affect that.

  • fumanchu168
    fumanchu168   2 weeks ago

    Idiocracy that is the future of human ;)

  • SmilerTyler
    SmilerTyler   2 weeks ago

    Next thing we know sloths will be found living in space