Worst Shark Tank Products Ever

  • Published on: 27 February 2019
  • Shark Tank gets ranked! Find out what’s the worst of the worst with these flopped product pitches. GMM #1492

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  • Runtime : 14:49
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  • galaxy offender
    galaxy offender   1 days ago

    I want to buy a squirrel boss I must conquer mother nature not even the birds are safe 😂

  • ToastedBread
    ToastedBread   4 days ago

    shouldve said swimming with dafishency, LOL

  • Mikedeela
    Mikedeela   1 weeks ago

    They missed the mark on the Elephant. They should market it like pet rocks, or something. Cubic Animals! People would buy it.

  • YourPalLoops
    YourPalLoops   1 weeks ago

    2:04 "What happens if you miss DAREN" Amazing

  • Rae Dole
    Rae Dole   1 weeks ago

    Sorry but I want to draw a cat for you is a great product

  • Cars and Guitars
    Cars and Guitars   2 weeks ago

    I kinda want the squirrel one. But those people presenting them were kinda all assholes lol even if it was a bad product

  • RadiatedSheep
    RadiatedSheep   3 weeks ago

    Uhhh link masochist means the person likes pain a sadist is someone who likes causing pain. I think you meant sadist

  • Cescafied
    Cescafied   3 weeks ago

    Rhett’s hair is SO much better here than 2020.

  • Celienet
    Celienet   3 weeks ago

    The Cat Drawing guy is STILL in business (March 2020).

  • Sadx 99
    Sadx 99   1 months ago

    Link all ways laughs in the intro

  • thespankdmonkey
    thespankdmonkey   1 months ago

    I want to shock a squirrel for fun, yes I do!I want to shock a squirrel for you too. I want to shock a squirrel for fun, yes I do! .....Those two need to pair up!

  • Snippet
    Snippet   1 months ago

    Y'all work with some gorgeous women.

  • Jadon Cochrane
    Jadon Cochrane   1 months ago

    I want to draw a cat for you shut down for good 9 days ago haha what are the odds I'm watching this

    BOOMSTER ELITE   1 months ago

    I dont think I'd want to be around the redhead <_< >_>

  • DanielB
    DanielB   1 months ago

    Pretty uncool blatantly laughing at the comission artist being alone forever.

  • C Haffey
    C Haffey   1 months ago

    Pbbblttt what was that pbbblttt

  • Nirot the Wanderer
    Nirot the Wanderer   1 months ago

    Do you want cyber men? Because that ear implant is how you get cybermen.

  • Angel Broussard
    Angel Broussard   1 months ago

    but doesnt life alert literally says "life alert" on the controller

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu   1 months ago

    'I will draw a cat for you' is just fiverr

  • Mike G
    Mike G   1 months ago

    There needs to be more of these

  • Heavy Hemi
    Heavy Hemi   1 months ago

    Does GMM have a monopoly on people with amazing voices.. like what..

  • ranger1986ka
    ranger1986ka   1 months ago

    Why is Steven dressed like a dude? Something to do with her sexuality perhaps? Mental illness?

  • trash memes
    trash memes   1 months ago

    Heat is that guy from step brothers

  • The Orange guy
    The Orange guy   2 months ago

    Why do I feel like Rhett and link would go on the show to pitch a bird seed filter

  • Milo The Angel
    Milo The Angel   2 months ago

    The elephant in the box just makes me anxious, I feel so bad for that little elephant, I want him freed, what if he’s sad in there :((

  • Tess Dunn
    Tess Dunn   2 months ago

    i actually really liked the i want to draw a cat for you & would buy it