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  • Published on: 04 December 2018
  • Puppet! Watch amazing comedian and ventriloquist Paul Zerdin on America's Got Talent 2015. Check out all his auditions, performances and golden buzzer audition. What did you think about his comedy?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • Runtime : 29:16
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  • Info Net
    Info Net   1 days ago

    Did Howie have to learn to do Irish dancing just for this or...

  • Rachel Stone
    Rachel Stone   2 days ago

    Did anybody else realize that it was Howard Howwy Heidi and Mel B WhY aLl ThE hS

  • Justin The soccer fan

    2:10 Heidi’s laugh makes it obvious that she’s like umm make it stop I’m scared

    ZC7 WOLFZ   3 days ago

    Tonight I want too do my dancing(Does orange justice)

  • Jeorge Perez
    Jeorge Perez   5 days ago

    I laughed so hard when howie twerked😂😂🤣🤣

  • Rolando Garcia
    Rolando Garcia   5 days ago

    He is good the one with the baby Me:like how the heck can the baby talk and the baby looks like he has a beard how is this funny I am amazed not laughing it's way more than FUNNY itz AWSOME BUT NOT AS GOOD AS.......Darci lyne

  • Fun for Life
    Fun for Life   5 days ago

    Poor Hawie I feel badHahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING17:52 You look like an idiotAngry Howie

  • Melina Galano
    Melina Galano   6 days ago

    "Little red riding hood was really frightened""Why?"I died😂

  • Galaxzy_gamez
    Galaxzy_gamez   6 days ago

    This could be the greatest sesame street out there.GoOd ShOw, FrIenD.

  • Sketcher Lays
    Sketcher Lays   6 days ago

    Anyone else amazed at how well he looks for his age? 👀👌

  • hey mongdeul
    hey mongdeul   6 days ago

    i'm just imagine that both of them and darci do stage together

  • Devin11
    Devin11   6 days ago

    Why was no one talking about the lullaby he saying!

  • Chloe Phillips
    Chloe Phillips   6 days ago

    when she said someone had won the show with ventriloquism i emediatly thaught of darci lyn

  • phil g
    phil g   1 weeks ago


  • Melia Brown
    Melia Brown   1 weeks ago

    No offense.. but darci Lynn is way better

  • Piz Studios
    Piz Studios   1 weeks ago

    Well, Howard was right. Paul did win

  • Anita Louise Sandison

    Third act : Paul: “Ladies and gentlemen do not get caught up in the land of make believe.”Fourth act :Paul: “Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to enter the land of make believe?”Me: 🤔 hmmmm ok.

  • Mcheimler Dinger
    Mcheimler Dinger   1 weeks ago

    it would be funny if the golden glitter came out to fast one time and punched the contestant in the face.