The MKBHD Setup Tour 2020!

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • My Mac Pro setup for early 2020!
    Rubik's cubes:

    X-Desk Air Pro:
    Herman Miller Embody:
    Yamaha HS8:
    Promise Pegasus 80TB:
    Xiaomi Vertical Wireless charger
    Colorware AirPods Pro:
    Apple Pro Display XDR:
    Logitech 4K webcam:
    Logitech MX Master 3:
    Apollo Twin MKII:
    Red Artisan mousepad:
    Keychron K2:
    Mac Pro:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Mr J Medeiros
    Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

  • Runtime : 11:53
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  • JustDre
    JustDre   1 hours ago

    Appreciate the time and tech you are sharing with us! Those who are comparing his lifestyle vs yours; why? Its motivation, keep grinding.

  • Manjinder Singh Saini

    i watch his videos to test my new monitor and colors of his videos look so deep and bright... compared to LTT and other youtubers

  • Ivan Funes
    Ivan Funes   2 hours ago

    What’s the case on the iPhone?

  • Brendan Toohey
    Brendan Toohey   3 hours ago

    would be keen to see your EDC backpack etc video

  • Daniel Baum
    Daniel Baum   3 hours ago

    Peep the cable management tho 👀🙈

  • nads205
    nads205   10 hours ago

    Loving your 'realness' on this one. Keeping the new with the old. I've used the selfie camera trick myself.

  • 3DK
    3DK   11 hours ago

    Out of interest... what kind of wallpaper do you need for your setup?

  • ahpadt
    ahpadt   12 hours ago

    "a holder for the CPU" you said WAT

  • Paul Monks
    Paul Monks   13 hours ago

    Those wires hanging underneath make me feel sick lol

  • rarevfx
    rarevfx   14 hours ago

    This costs so much money and is super expensive

  • Phil Ndunge
    Phil Ndunge   14 hours ago

    I see you are prepared to hack into NASA. I hear their servers are pretty vulnerable (wink wink). Clean setup

  • vin boss
    vin boss   17 hours ago

    Do a video what on your phones. Which phone you used the most everyday.

  • James Rhiju
    James Rhiju   17 hours ago

    What's on my tech video please like last year please!!

  • K K
    K K   18 hours ago

    Show off 🙄

  • Hassan Qayyum
    Hassan Qayyum   1 days ago

    Feels like yesterday you moved into this place, time flies

  • makayel
    makayel   1 days ago

    What’s on my phone 2020🔥

  • jaron312
    jaron312   1 days ago

    Make a video on all of that. 1. Everyday carry 2. Apps on phones

  • Kurt Berber
    Kurt Berber   1 days ago

    you could just get a thunderbolt 3 docking station for a lot of the cables... e.g. the SD card reader, i guess the apollo twin too

  • Zsolt Varga
    Zsolt Varga   1 days ago

    XDesk Air Pro $ 3378-3805. Hungarian average salary $ 1000-1100 per month.Nice world.

  • Alrick Edwards
    Alrick Edwards   1 days ago

    Trying to get my own page off the ground any advise forbsomeone starting out?? And any low end devices ubwould recommend

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon   1 days ago

    Plz make”matte black everything”AirPods pro

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon   1 days ago

    Marques:I’ve never ever solved a rubix cube Me:same👇👇

  • Miguel Romero
    Miguel Romero   2 days ago

    A larger image than 6K then resize it in photoshop ?

  • Jagdeep Nerwal
    Jagdeep Nerwal   2 days ago

    Shiet i wanna feel more poor show us your personal set up

  • mazhar khan
    mazhar khan   2 days ago

    Pls remove that funky looking keyboard,every thing just blends very well and damn your setup is lit

  • Yash.0
    Yash.0   2 days ago

    2:53 as all things should be