Five Finger Death Punch - Darkness Settles In (Official Audio)

  • Published on: 28 February 2020
  • Official audio for 'Darkness Settles In' from the new album 'F8'.
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  • Runtime : 4:43
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  • Rimedra
    Rimedra   2 days ago

    This is my favorite song right now

  • Ivy Abel Ajpw, gacha , more

    I've listened to give finger death punch since I was two for real I am now ten now... I'm still your biggest fan I love you guys 😘❤️ rock on - bella

  • Nicholas Burton
    Nicholas Burton   3 days ago

    1:47 you emotional lukewarm little girl.What is the Antichrist supposed to deny?Save yourself?

  • Ivan Black
    Ivan Black   5 days ago

    People can have opinions, but it's a solid undeniable fact that Ivan Moody has the best voise and the best music to ever exist.

  • MacKenzy Royal
    MacKenzy Royal   1 weeks ago

    "You see your heaven doesn't want me and your hell won't let me in it's like I'm holding all the aces but I know I'll never win" truth

  • Anthony Indeglio
    Anthony Indeglio   1 weeks ago

    FFDP is the best band in my book,thank you Ivan for all the hard work and devotion to your fans to keep rockin on,we Love Ya

  • Jeffrey Doty
    Jeffrey Doty   2 weeks ago

    Your heaven doesn't want me and y he'll won't let me in I'm keeping all the darkness in my heart

  • Iustin Dună
    Iustin Dună   2 weeks ago

    I love instrumental, guitar, lyrics and voice.

  • KillThemAllKid Delano

    This is definitely the second or third best song on the whole album so why is it so much less views then it should be ? Smh this one is so fire.

  • Dylan Stephens
    Dylan Stephens   3 weeks ago

    This is a stormchaser's vibe too. I chase, and I relate

  • Chris Losh
    Chris Losh   3 weeks ago

    Hey Asking Alexandria, this is how it's done. These guys don't need to autotune their songs!!! 😂

  • Jamie DC
    Jamie DC   3 weeks ago

    This song really helped me alot when I was down one day. One of my favorites now. Thank you Ivan. :)

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  • Brandon Withers
    Brandon Withers   4 weeks ago

    It's amazing how much this song hits home for me. Keep rocking guys!!!!

  • Austin Michael
    Austin Michael   1 months ago

    It just came to my head on what the video for this song would actually be like:Two broken souls one of them was abused the other was a loner

  • Shelda Foust
    Shelda Foust   1 months ago


  • UnDone9668
    UnDone9668   1 months ago

    I was wondering when Five Finger Death Punch would make another remake of a song from Ivan's old bands. This is, ladies and gents, Vegas Moon by Ghost Machine

  • Mohamad Behtash
    Mohamad Behtash   1 months ago

    It's almost 4 am and im listening 2:28-3:00 over and over.

  • Hellwalker 1974
    Hellwalker 1974   1 months ago

    Well done gentlemen. Yet another song, that makes tangible, what we veterans with PTSD, feel. Thanks guys.

  • Shayne Saunders
    Shayne Saunders   1 months ago

    Still waiting for the day that five finger death punch and slipknot collab together and make an album....ivan and corey have some of the best vocal ranges in the world...just imagining those 2 powerhouse voices sends chills down my spine.

  • Brandon Biehler
    Brandon Biehler   1 months ago

    "It's like I'm holding all the aces, but I'll know I'll never win." Fuck me that hit me hard.

  • Fjord
    Fjord   1 months ago

    If incels had a theme song

  • DB Cooper
    DB Cooper   1 months ago

    all.was doing was trying to help others put my heart and soul into it only to realize I left me behind. brothers pffft none have any fukn idea the meaning

  • DB Cooper
    DB Cooper   1 months ago

    waiting for someone to change me,only you can change you.thats what I was working on when I got sober,trying to be a better man today than I was yesterday. got all thrown away because of a group of 2faced backstabbing goofs cmc

  • Anny Kells
    Anny Kells   1 months ago

    Meus deus é demais pro meu pobre coração 💓🔥🔥

  • Lucas Woolridge
    Lucas Woolridge   1 months ago

    It’s like I’m holding all the aces... but I know I’ll never win

  • wolven tiger
    wolven tiger   1 months ago

    We can make our own realm heaven and hell won't be allowed

  • David Sassin
    David Sassin   1 months ago

    When the divide comes the darkness settles in! The separation of darkness and light, the lightning separated the halves of the brain 🧠 the wheat 🌾 and the tares 🤔

  • HWS_ Wolf
    HWS_ Wolf   1 months ago

    Are Us live streamers alloud to play this music on our stream of course giving proper respect to FFDP?

  • Jesse Long
    Jesse Long   1 months ago

    Great tune settles all the rage I keep to myself would love to let it out but better if I kept it all in for my family thanks Ivan for helping me control that your my hero for staying dSober