8 Creepy Gifts You Secretly Want to Keep for Yourself • White Elephant Show #12

  • Published on: 23 October 2019
  • We found a collection of 8 gifts that are so creepy that they're actually awesome.
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  • Runtime : 12:6
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  • LovelyThought123
    LovelyThought123   4 hours ago

    That awkward moment when you realize that you are the Adam of your friend group...

  • Alisha Ahmed
    Alisha Ahmed   4 days ago

    I love how attached to the fuggler Danny was😂❤️

  • Minnila Nalluri
    Minnila Nalluri   1 weeks ago

    What would happen if the same person gets 2 bonus tickets??

  • Farah _bts
    Farah _bts   1 weeks ago

    I LOVE SCIENCE and that gummy bear puzzle diagram looks so interesting

  • Chloe Foong
    Chloe Foong   1 weeks ago

    I thought I had COVID-19 turns out I just ate too much lol 😝

  • Alyssa Saenz
    Alyssa Saenz   2 weeks ago

    me watching this on a computer. me, sees that people are using emojis me about to use an emoji me looks at computer keys , me sees that there's no emoji key me:all around me are familar faces

  • Alyssa Saenz
    Alyssa Saenz   2 weeks ago

    the thing that Josh got...IS VERY CREEPY AND I HATE FUGLERS

  • Nissa Indo
    Nissa Indo   2 weeks ago

    "its bc his face is so ugly now"#savageVat19

  • Ana Esmeralda
    Ana Esmeralda   2 weeks ago

    When you don't like your gift but you have to act like you do so you don't get fired 😒

  • AJ
    AJ   2 weeks ago

    My brother has one of those creepy dolls

  • Elite Drawer
    Elite Drawer   2 weeks ago

    Why did Adam look like howie from America’s got talent at first

  • Catie Dossi
    Catie Dossi   2 weeks ago

    “Let’s cut that part out”-Kara 2020

  • x NQ78 x
    x NQ78 x   2 weeks ago

    Why does the title say 8 gifts but there's actually 9

  • Crazy Stuff
    Crazy Stuff   2 weeks ago

    What if the same person 2 bonus gifts

  • Anitra
    Anitra   2 weeks ago

    10:05 Kara is a furry

  • Anitra
    Anitra   2 weeks ago

    My mom has that pillow of Nicholas gageMy mom has that pillow

  • Claire Allen
    Claire Allen   3 weeks ago

    Goes to a vat19 workers homeMe: Where did you get all of this weird stuff?Them:Oh.. a daily white elephant show at my work.Me: So vat19 huh.Them: Yep....

  • MJ Likes Pasta Salad
    MJ Likes Pasta Salad   3 weeks ago

    i want a white elephant with1. joey2. danny3. kara4. maddie5. jamie6. ben