The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

  • Published on: 14 April 2019
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    Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?

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  • Runtime : 8:28
  • Strange Stars Quark Stars Neutron Stars Black Hole Strange Matter Strange Quarks Strangelet Dark Matter Big Bang Universe Space Solarsystem Supernova Star Sun Elektron Proton Neutron Gravity Quark Quarks Atoms Atom Nucleus Gluon Up Quark Down Quark Deconfinement Core Quark Matter Dense Density Galaxy


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  • Jojo Divas
    Jojo Divas   4 hours ago

    Kurzesagt: “So while you’re waiting for the universe to get destroyed”Me: Excuse me what the fak

  • LaBass666
    LaBass666   7 hours ago

    Ash's monologue in the 1979 alien film perfectly fits what stranglets do!

  • Joe Sturgeon
    Joe Sturgeon   15 hours ago

    After watching this again, I think it's possible that the sun in Frostpunk, might be a strange star.

  • Jaek
    Jaek   19 hours ago

    The properties that you say that strange matter most likely has match the theoretical properties of a singularity. Infinite density? Indestructibility? Also, we know due to the laws of physics that if there was strange matter at the core of neutron stars, then the whole star would instantly be converted to strange matter, so we can already conclude that strange matter is not at the core of a neutron star.We also know that neutron stars are not black holes due to the electromagnetic forces that cause molecules to repel each other, which further supports the conclusion that strange matter is not at the core of neutron stars.Furthermore, if my theory that singularities are the only place in the universe where strange matter exists and is stable is taken into account, it would explain the lack of planets collapsing due to your theorised "strangelets".So, for those looking for a reason not to fear strangelets, or those who didn't read the full comment :Stranglets most likely don't exist, as the only place where strange matter can exist stably is under the infinite gravitational pressure of a black hole.

  • S
    S   22 hours ago

    People always talk about humans doing something to cause our extinction without knowing. Messing with the stars might just be that. Another Big Bang is the bomb we didn’t expect.

  • Tim L
    Tim L   1 days ago

    Please please please make a video on dimensions or how to imagine dimensions.....Please

  • burnt f1ames
    burnt f1ames   1 days ago

    Fortnite It’s the most dangerous “thing” we know of

  • The glorious reich
    The glorious reich   1 days ago

    "Huh that's weird that comet looked green" the last sentence of human life

  • Exility Vorcer
    Exility Vorcer   1 days ago

    0:40Rest in peaceDied via math0:48Rest in peaceDied via chalkboard4:25Rest in peaceDied via strange matter x2

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell   1 days ago

    wheres the great galacduck? im only here for galactaduck!

  • A Dandy Guy
    A Dandy Guy   1 days ago

    Bill wartz-Whats it made out of? QUARKS N' STUFF

  • Jax Dodds
    Jax Dodds   1 days ago

    The zombie apocalypse of matter?

  • vincent78433
    vincent78433   1 days ago

    I can just imagine a future where the human race is so advanced we create our own neutron star just to figure out how it works and do some experiments. can you imagine the human race having that kind of power.

  • Quintin Krivacek
    Quintin Krivacek   1 days ago

    How has nobody made a sci-fi movie about strange matter yet?

  • Rahim LaQuica
    Rahim LaQuica   2 days ago

    This whole thing is BS. How the fuck do we know all this? We literally have never been ever close of any of these stars. These videos are getting more and more hypothetical and fictional. Sounds cool but yeah, it’s bullshit.

  • I agree with you.
    I agree with you.   2 days ago

    strange matter? no wonder people dont' believe in science. this some bullshit.

  • Kaden A
    Kaden A   2 days ago

    Have u ever heard of God and Jesus?

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini   2 days ago

    I got an ad for a civil war mobile game on this video and i don’t think it’s a good idea

  • Drax (Levi)
    Drax (Levi)   2 days ago


  • S L
    S L   2 days ago

    You say near the beginning only up and down quarks make stable matter, and strange quarks decay quickly into up quarks. Then you go on to say strange quarks help form strange matter which is the most stable form of matter and also the strange quarks now don't decay seemingly forever anymore because reasons? What's going on?

  • Mc Kraken
    Mc Kraken   2 days ago

    How long would I take for it to fully destroy the earth ? Couldn’t we Jsut stop it somehow

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez   3 days ago

    Strange matter isn’t like a disease or an infection. The visuals are very misleading it would infect the earth. It would pull matter into it creating a dense environment because the quarks would break apart and come together. It has to do with density not some green infection and is not going to destroy the universe ever.Edit: not to mention its doesn’t seem to exist naturally it’s purely theoretical and hasn’t been observed naturally. It’s been created in labs and controlled environments. It’s like a man made element it might not exist naturally but it’s a great thought exercise in discovering how our universe began

  • divyanthj
    divyanthj   3 days ago

    6:25 sounds like gambler's fallacy to me :(

  • Hex Maniac
    Hex Maniac   3 days ago

    Can't help yourself with the political commentary, huh?

  • ScionStorm
    ScionStorm   3 days ago

    What happens if a human is infected by a strangelet?

  • Nintenjoel
    Nintenjoel   3 days ago

    5:52... Trump duck??? Duckald Drumpf.