Supreme Court Blocks Extended Voting In Wisconsin, Forces Voters Out To The Polls

  • Published on: 08 April 2020
  • Stephen Colbert's at-home monologue, which feels extra right today with the addition of Jon Batiste, takes a look at the Navy Secretary's tone deaf speech and the tricky situation for primary voters in Wisconsin. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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  • Runtime : 12:54
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  • Milky Way Gal
    Milky Way Gal   3 weeks ago

    Trump clips are making my cptsd flair up, lovely 😒

  • Scott Hart
    Scott Hart   3 weeks ago

    I'd love if we could drop all the libs on fight island and let them wipe each other out. Then America would be great again.

  • Musik216
    Musik216   1 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 Colbert, you are truly gifted! Thank you for continuing to share it. You may not hear our responses, but our neighbors do!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arun
    Arun   1 months ago

    I don't think Americans understand that their elected representative should be the one who should be scared of the people and not the other way around. It's the right of the people to hold their elected leaders accountable!

  • Dummy Account
    Dummy Account   1 months ago

    that blue piece of paper thing is still in the cabinet thing

  • CoyBish
    CoyBish   1 months ago

    Any way you can make it so David Spade stops doing talk show appearances? So sick of that guy, he hasnt even done anything significant in years

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank   1 months ago

    Now I'm confused. What happened to the rest of Tuesday's show? The next segment is Wednesday and he's wearing a different ensemble.

  • MzMaverick !
    MzMaverick !   1 months ago

    Being a person in the military, I have no issues dying to protect others. My duty, however, is not to be treated like a damn disposable plate. If a mortar comes my way.. so be it. I don't regret my career but if you have the option to prevent a non wartime threat to me and those who will continue to serve long after this.. DO IT. We can't even start to complain about 99% of the shit you put us through.

  • Jackie371
    Jackie371   1 months ago

    This is my favorite episode! "You just got tested...positive for being a b...!...Congrats on the Corruption cake!..Who gives a ...!...Grow up and do your da... job!...iron-deficient Dr. Fauci..." Agree & lol!!!

  • Karrin Perez
    Karrin Perez   1 months ago

    OMG we are truly becoming scary. Thank you, Stephen, for the raw honesty and the's needed at this crazy time.

  • The Beach House Basel
    The Beach House Basel   1 months ago

    i feel colbert is so cramped in that corner makes it almost uncomfortable to watch.

  • Maxime Verrrstappenn
    Maxime Verrrstappenn   1 months ago

    Most of Trump’s supporters are people who don’t listen or watch the news, or are the super rich who don’t like the Democrat’s taxes

  • Debi M
    Debi M   1 months ago

    That UFC fighting island is gonna be another Fire Island. Someone with the virus incubating will slip by screening and 2 weeks later it'll be the Island of Suffering and Death. Please don't mess around guys, we love you too much!!

  • Elbar Jones
    Elbar Jones   1 months ago

    MAGA = Mass American Graves Attainable. The difference between Trump and a deuce on the lawn - The deuce on the lawn will dry up in a few days and go away.

  • Dave P
    Dave P   1 months ago

  • Karen Beebe KRISTENSEN
    Karen Beebe KRISTENSEN   1 months ago

    So happy that you have a New Orleanian on your show...great talent!!! Jon! Let the Good Times Roll...I come from the Westbank! You should see yourself in the mornings...I have to wait. We don't hear anything in the news except the numbers...about New Orleans on Most come to New Orleans, get drunk, puke, pee in our streets and then leave...especially during Mardi Gras. We didn't wash down every hotel room with the corona touch and didn't exactly expect the virus, but it hit. We are resilient. I saw you there on the video Stephen. We watch you all the time. Hope all turns out well for New Orleans... Feel so bad about your Broadway gig! Jon!!! wow...

  • glorioskey
    glorioskey   1 months ago

    Really haven't been able so see this despicable person since covid. His behavior is disturbing.

  • Abigail Smith
    Abigail Smith   1 months ago

    JB’s headboard is so beautiful! He has such good taste.

  • benzyboy101 1
    benzyboy101 1   1 months ago

    5 polling locations in the city of Milwaukee which has a population over 600,000... the republicans will do anything to minimize the votes from the democrats

  • Allison Roberts
    Allison Roberts   1 months ago

    Trump is a sickening excuse of a leader. He's a punk, not a president. Vote him OUT!

  • Bryan W
    Bryan W   1 months ago

    trump's incompetence and negligence is as guilty of as much of criminal manslaughter as hitler.

  • Stephen Magi-Sorge
    Stephen Magi-Sorge   1 months ago

    Just as an aside to the total gob smacking idiocy we see from public officials and politicians in the US it was refreshing to see people like Ryan Reynolds and Nancy Pelosi showing some soul in the face of the crisis. in the mean time, I have returned to my in door hobbies painting toy soldiers. You would be amazed at how fast time passes when you no longer have the eye sight you used to have and you try to paint details on 28mm figures. Naturally I have decided on my next project and am experimenting with a new paint type on a Plague Marine Army. 0The other observation I would make is, I'm sure there are morons in politics in other countries. I am certain of it here in Australia. The only hassle is our population is smaller than that of New York, still, around 20 mil' all up and that means a smaller volume of media to deal with and a greater capacity for the political parties to bag the idiots before they open their mouths.Stay safe Yanks, I have family and friends there and I want to be able to talk to them in the future

  • Kristen D
    Kristen D   1 months ago

    Seriously, i loved you 20 years ago on colbert report...wait 20 or 10? I hope I've aged as well as you've.

  • Kristen D
    Kristen D   1 months ago

    Ok, Kavanagh boof... You're getting more and more hilarious. Or I'm drunk. Or dilirious.

  • Kristen D
    Kristen D   1 months ago

    Funniest thing...dirt on Joe Biden ✌️💙🐕

  • Garry Miller
    Garry Miller   1 months ago

    Does this mean we no longer need to pay federal taxes?

  • Gan Khef
    Gan Khef   1 months ago

    Can't believe the captains' name was actually Crozier. What are the odds there's be another famous Captain Crozier?

  • Gan Khef
    Gan Khef   1 months ago

    Can't believe the captains' name was actually Crozier. What are the odds there's be another famous Captain Crozier?

  • Mike Hofer
    Mike Hofer   1 months ago

    Send that ACTING SECRETARY OF THE NAVY into NYC with the SAME PPE available to the FRONT LINE WORKERS at the NY & NJ Port Authority. While administrators and front office clerical staff are out fitted with fully compliant PPE the BOOTS ON THE GROUND FRONT LINE WORKERS MIGHT get masks in the next 4 weeks!

  • arti
    arti   1 months ago

    Trump is an utter failure. Trump lies and Americans die. Time to vote the fat lying blob out of our gov't.

  • Thomas De Quincey
    Thomas De Quincey   1 months ago

    This whole republican/Wisconsin thing is so stupid. The average age of a Focks viewer is 67. The age group most vulnerable to the Coronavirus is? I don't think the 'Boofer's' on the Supreme Court thouroughly thought it through (Little bit of alliteration there).