Post Malone Buys Rolex For 21 Savage & Autographs A Bugatti!

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
  • Post Malone links up with Swae Lee at Icebox ahead of the Atlanta stop of their Runaway tour. Post does some birthday shopping for 21 while Swae picks up a new multi-color diamond ring and FaceTimes the legendary Ric Flair. Watch until the end to see Post sign a custom Bugatti!


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  • Runtime : 11:7
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  • Icebox
    Icebox   4 months ago


  • AintWorried BoutNothing

    Post Malone definitely needs to get in contact with Dr Hightower in regards to his posture 👍🏻

  • carlos j
    carlos j   1 days ago

    Post is litterly the nicest human ever

  • Inver Gin
    Inver Gin   1 days ago

    I saw Post ..SANITIZING. ..Did you!!! #corona virus ...south africa jeffy james

  • Rob Doherty Songwriter

    Post is such a cool, genuinely nice bloke. I don't know why but it made me smile when he walked into the jewellers, it was like 'The boy is here'

  • Jonas Heesch
    Jonas Heesch   3 days ago

    The track that's playing..What is the name......?

  • symi nur
    symi nur   3 days ago

    guys just imagin swae lee with blue skin... its look like avatar bro serious

  • Taylor Bridges
    Taylor Bridges   4 days ago

    These dudes shopping at the jewelry store like me and my boys do at walmart 😂😂😂

  • wait for it
    wait for it   5 days ago

    Swae lee even don't no who is 21 savage

  • Drake Martini
    Drake Martini   5 days ago

    very much down to earth he give respect to everyone

  • Rafli
    Rafli   6 days ago

    gua kira qorygore njir

  • Rodrigo Florencio
    Rodrigo Florencio   1 weeks ago

    Where is Adam Sandler? Oh wait! This is not Uncut Gems movie...

  • LIL JX
    LIL JX   1 weeks ago

    They could have gone to jhonny dang

  • Spunky Grubber
    Spunky Grubber   2 weeks ago

    How cool that must be to one of a small percentage that someone would let you write your name in their car.

    TGFBRO2   2 weeks ago

    Savage watching this pissed swae forgot his birthday

  • Jackson Tallent
    Jackson Tallent   2 weeks ago

    These dudes straight suck these rappers dicks mann I know ur tryna sell sum but god damn I think post started buying shit cuz he felt bad lmao

  • Savaun Brown
    Savaun Brown   3 weeks ago

    I like that Post called swae by his real name

  • flying. mozart
    flying. mozart   3 weeks ago

    Swae lee? Who is that supposed to be? Omg.... Such an idiot.. Post Melonee is top 👍

  • water melon
    water melon   3 weeks ago

    never judge a book by its cover. if you saw post around you wouldn’t think he would be as nice and as genuine as he is

  • J. Börder
    J. Börder   3 weeks ago

    Gebt dem Mann ein anständiges Bier. Herrgott. Das Gesöff kann doch niemand freiwillig saufen.

  • kira
    kira   3 weeks ago

    Post is a very nice dude wish he would adjust his posture lol

  • Chase Farrand
    Chase Farrand   3 weeks ago

    Nobody:Swae Lee: Sremm Life! On god! My guy!

  • Ryan Ise
    Ryan Ise   3 weeks ago

    these guys be raping all the rappers an celebs lol

  • HanLink - YouTuber
    HanLink - YouTuber   3 weeks ago

    Just don't turn the music so damn loud, than we would hear what they say.

  • TC1D
    TC1D   3 weeks ago

    Post has really good manners

  • Larry flynt
    Larry flynt   3 weeks ago

    Post and savage got a classic together. Its personal sway Lee young boy happy to be around

  • J R
    J R   3 weeks ago

    You know you have truly made it when someone lets you sign a Bugatti!

  • Nico
    Nico   3 weeks ago

    Swae Lee eyebrows mad at eachother🤣😂

  • KeMiKiLL
    KeMiKiLL   3 weeks ago

    lol straight up rob this little bitch take that ring from that bitch.

  • Anna Daniels
    Anna Daniels   3 weeks ago

    love it but cant watch caus bad words. love swae and post.

  • RoxyB 1973
    RoxyB 1973   3 weeks ago

    Post is so chill and mannerly 🥰Swae talking to Ric Flair cool 😎 as heck! Both of these young men are talented 🥰