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  • Published on: 29 July 2019
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  • Runtime : 29:38
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  • cuteXsloths s
    cuteXsloths s   2 days ago

    Tati: sees the ball coming at her face and doesn’t move Taylor : rolling Both: dead on the floor laughing

  • Kayleigh V
    Kayleigh V   1 weeks ago

    Logan is so cute!! 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Love
    Love   1 weeks ago

    OMG that’s a lot of PR. I would be overwhelmed.

  • Karson Million
    Karson Million   2 weeks ago

    You and Taylor have the best relationship now! You seem to really love and care about each other even though you aren't related by blood, you're family!

  • Sara McDougald
    Sara McDougald   3 weeks ago

    gotta love that casual “how are those ovaries” okay but low key that’s a pickup line but like for trying to have a kid like once i get married if my husband doesn’t ask if i want to have kids that way it’s a no.. well it’s a no anyway😂😂

  • Fuzz B
    Fuzz B   1 months ago

    Hillarious vid..loved it

  • Paige W
    Paige W   1 months ago

    Omg For the longest time I thought it said Dad jokes and not bad jokes!😱🤣

  • Hologamer Gacha
    Hologamer Gacha   1 months ago

    just me or when taylor chucked the inflatable flamingo and said "kobe" i almost started crying?

  • BlueRose 101
    BlueRose 101   1 months ago

    This was a family, kid filled video and I'm feeling sappy now

  • Tanya Clair
    Tanya Clair   1 months ago

    That’s a dood lookin’ redhead! GINGER POWER!

  • Crystal Stewart
    Crystal Stewart   2 months ago

    LOL, I loved watching you two together, you both were hilarious.. much love, stay positive Love watching your channel stay awesome

  • Amanda McMurtrie
    Amanda McMurtrie   3 months ago

    Comment as requested - OMG Tati I would be in heaven if I had all that makeup to play with. I love watching tutorials my makeup skills are just average wish I had more makeup to play with. I have basics and good quality so lucky there. I care for my mum So just on carers pay. It’s so nice of you to be so generous and your makeup tutorials are awesome. Thanks Tati x

  • sharron gray
    sharron gray   3 months ago

    arrr bless wot a lovely little boy😁💖💖

  • Jessica Somerville
    Jessica Somerville   3 months ago

    Wish I could get free makeup but even if this was a new video and I tried I’d never get chosen I’ve never won anything my whole life I couldn’t be lucky like other kids in school up until now can’t even win on a scratch ticket . I’ve suffered from depression since I was 13 and I have very very low self worth and self esteem but I just recently got into wanting to try make up to maybe lift my esteem even tho I don’t leave my house much due to depression, but I’d be happy with make up your just throwing out since I missed the giveaway and wouldn’t have won anyways

  • Mya Fleck
    Mya Fleck   3 months ago

    when taylor said “kobe” i cried

  • ash salas
    ash salas   3 months ago

    I truly am blessed to have someone like you to look up too , and your family truly is special, I love you my queen !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofia Matos
    Sofia Matos   3 months ago

    Who else felt it when she said Kobe

  • Purpledolphin24
    Purpledolphin24   3 months ago

    I don't think Taylor could hit Tati in the head again if he tried plus that was very funny

  • beccamazzini
    beccamazzini   3 months ago

    taylor is awesome! he’s really funny, def following him :) i’m such a fan, and it’s so cool to meet everyone in tati’s family bit by bit like this

  • Bunny
    Bunny   3 months ago

    I love this kid. :-)

  • Marina Bittencourt
    Marina Bittencourt   3 months ago

    he says “that’s my dad” like a cheerful 11 yo boy, i laughed so hard

  • Chloe Michels
    Chloe Michels   3 months ago

    I’m watching this on 1/29 and I heard Taylor say “Kobe” and I lost it😭😭

  • persephone444
    persephone444   3 months ago

    Omgg shes gonna be a amazing mom when she has her own baby

  • Ska ia
    Ska ia   3 months ago

    I love this boy❤