Lifting Sunken Concrete Driveway Pads

  • Published on: 30 September 2018
  • The options? (1) remove and replace the sunken and cracked concrete pad for an estimated cost of $6,000 (I got three estimates), (2) lift the broken pads at a cost of $2,500, (3) do nothing and hope that no one gets injured. Easy decision, don't you think?

    Why repair? (1) Prevent possible injury from tripping, (2) stop the continued sinking and cracking of the concrete pads, and (3) improve the look of the driveway.

    I had tripped on the raised edge separating two concrete driveway pads while getting out of the car several times since we purchased this 40-year-old house, and I was concerned for the safety of myself, my wife, our friends, visitors and elderly members of our family (my father is 94).
  • Runtime : 13:19
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  • Blownblackknight
    Blownblackknight   2 days ago

    1. The tongue on this man's shoes are awesome2. One man crew? 2 people could knock this out quick

  • Alex Quiton
    Alex Quiton   4 days ago

    How it costs for that job ? I have a similar situation on my driveway? Thanks please let me know.

  • John Sumner
    John Sumner   1 weeks ago

    I would go to this company just for the simple fact the employee went back with a little cement and aggregate to blend in the fill holes. That attention to detail is what I love to find in a company. Or an employee. Dude had awesome customer service.

  • Steve
    Steve   1 weeks ago

    What did this cost you?

  • Steve
    Steve   1 weeks ago

    Good way to get contractors to be on the up and up! LOL!

  • Geo Envi
    Geo Envi   1 weeks ago

    Why doesn't the installer have safety glasses? Especially with the blowback of the foam through the drilled holes and concrete dust...

  • Daniel Fronc
    Daniel Fronc   1 weeks ago

    The important question which the homeowner should have researched and be asking is why has this particular part of the pavement subsided, and cracked to different degrees that there's a crazy eight pattern of fractures.

  • Audelio Espinoza
    Audelio Espinoza   2 weeks ago

    I never seen this type of work, what is the cost of job like this?Thanks for the video

  • HskHeroReborn
    HskHeroReborn   2 weeks ago

    From a tech perspective can not tell you how it’s not just about the tech but the feedback from the customer that can help aid the process. If you have a good tech even if you’re not overtly excited about what they’re doing let them talk a lot of the time it’s for their sanity or self reassurance on what they’re completing for you.

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith   2 weeks ago

    Awesome an diligent worker 👍👍👍

  • Captain Moretokin
    Captain Moretokin   3 weeks ago

    i watched to see if he would loose his cool by the end, but had his cool in overdrive. way.

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson   3 weeks ago

    Have you used Clemons aggregate crack filler with small pebbles to fill the cracks

  • John Kerr
    John Kerr   3 weeks ago

    This was an interesting video , smart how the drivewy lifted, but don't understand how the cracks weren't filled as part of the overall job. Does the driveway have to resettle before caulking / filling cracks. Couldn't fault the guys attitude.

  • K P
    K P   4 weeks ago

    Omg i had to fast foward thru the pressure washing part... so bad!!!

  • Miggy Plumber
    Miggy Plumber   1 months ago

    hey guys im trying to help a client of mine with some of her sunken slab in her kitchen. whats the name of that cantilever jack hes using to clamp and lift the slab? i need to get one

  • Star View Landscaping
    Star View Landscaping   1 months ago

    I still would have poured a new section. Would have been perfect then with no cracks left over. But obviously cost is a factor

  • Geoffrey Davies
    Geoffrey Davies   1 months ago

    My god I can't believe the comments I just Read, are you all Americans or what, that guy doing the driveway didn't stop talking bull shxt from the time he started till the time he finished I'll give it a month.

  • Wizard Sleeve
    Wizard Sleeve   1 months ago

    Great employee . As much as customers who want to talk non stop are annoying , this guy was fantastic at his job and certainly was a great representative of that company . I’m in Australia and found myself wishing this guy was here to fix my driveway .

  • pete smyth
    pete smyth   1 months ago

    You use mesh in driveways,not rebar ; rebar is used with slab edges.

  • Chad Losh
    Chad Losh   1 months ago

    That concrete apron hasn't sunk in front of the overhead door-- we pour driveways that way so that it prevents water from entering the garage by seeping under the door seal. Don't let this kid tell you wrong. Another thing is he isn't "bumping" a concrete slab up or down with a rubber mallet-- not if that driveway has been poured in the last 30 years and was done up to code because they mostly have wire or rebar reinforcement so... Learn a little more and talk a little less until you do bud-- sometimes when the homeowner asks you a question it's alright to say I don't know-- but I don't have to either to do my job or putting driveways in isn't my area of expertise... then present your opinion as just that. Use a little more caution and don't try to bullshit the "dumb homeowner" because that "dumb homeowner" may not be as dumb as they are putting on and in fact may know more about what you are attempting to talk about than you do...

  • Jack Blackberry
    Jack Blackberry   1 months ago

    It doesn’t last long we did it 3 years later it’s back down

  • смиренный
    смиренный   1 months ago

    Looks so simple I almost want to start my own business doing this

  • Camaro Craig
    Camaro Craig   1 months ago

    And this is why you pay $1sqft more for rebar......

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto   1 months ago

    This can't be in California. You find employees like that in the construction field it's very rare. And if you do, there either the boss or they want ridiculous wages for there time.

  • Justin Kahl
    Justin Kahl   1 months ago

    This guy poly levels!.. I do the same thing.. very accurate description and depiction of how this process works.👍

  • crescentmover
    crescentmover   1 months ago

    Is any one willing to sell me a jack like that or can tell me where i can set one??

  • Kevin LeMarre
    Kevin LeMarre   1 months ago

    "Just needs some good quality caulk and a lil bit of sand."- BDSM.

  • Speed Racer vet
    Speed Racer vet   1 months ago

    tell him too buy knee pads ,later he will be in pain

  • Mike Ike
    Mike Ike   1 months ago

    Is this great service available in New York??? I wonder how much this job cost?

    TRUTHSPEAKER   1 months ago

    This young man does a great job and knows his trade well! I'd be very comfortable having him working at my home, as his interpersonal skills are very high. It wouldn't surprise me if he owned his own company someday as well.

  • Orlvndvnc3
    Orlvndvnc3   1 months ago

    1:35 that’s what she said 😂

  • gorillius
    gorillius   1 months ago

    Good work . There are very uniquely skilled stone masons that can inject those cracks, patch and make them disappear. My father was a master at this particular skill .He also taught my older brother who has also become just as respected a master as our dad was.