How to Build a Dyson Sphere - The Ultimate Megastructure

  • Published on: 20 December 2018
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    If humans want to expand into space, it will take us incredible amounts of energy. How do we do that? Easy: we will just use the sun’s energy by realizing the most ambitious construction project in history. This is how it works.


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  • Runtime : 9:23
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  • Night’s Bane
    Night’s Bane   3 hours ago

    So This Is The Minecraft Guide I Was Looking For

  • Joshua Navarro
    Joshua Navarro   5 hours ago

    Or the world just can become like Nazi germany with out the camps and every one is at war

  • Yu Tiub
    Yu Tiub   9 hours ago

    I think we won't be able to make it this far.

  • Nerdy Boy
    Nerdy Boy   23 hours ago

    Pls made a video on many worlds theory

  • Ashnov Ahmada
    Ashnov Ahmada   1 days ago

    Kurzgesagt should makes some interstellar world game by now. It will be cool as hell

  • J Swensy
    J Swensy   1 days ago

    Love to see a video showing the Ring World, you've got the other three down.

  • Jerry Baughman
    Jerry Baughman   1 days ago

    Is this a real video game?! I'd totally buy it! On par with the Civilization Series! Maybe more!

  • Zaballa Quinn Matthew C.

    Were gonna die when andromela galaxy will collide to our home galaxy but it will be a trillion year... BRUHH

  • Nic Bellew
    Nic Bellew   1 days ago

    I want a game with this aesthetic, and the goal is exploring the galaxy. You start in stone age, and work up yo building a Dyson sphere as one of the end game energy sources. As you progress the universe ages with it. You end up building a black hole energy source as your long term end game goal as you explore.

  • I am Monika
    I am Monika   1 days ago

    Average human: What if you could collect the Sun's energy? Wouldn't that be wild?? Kurzgesagt: EZ PZ

  • Dhruva V
    Dhruva V   1 days ago

    won't it block the suns light and kill us all?

  • Soundman2727
    Soundman2727   2 days ago

    What about the temperature difference in mercury? Especially on the dark side Vs the light side? Wouldn’t the temperature be strong enough to melt the equipment?

  • Tito Duray
    Tito Duray   2 days ago

    Put it on mercury soo it will be even easy

  • Drew Cowlthorp
    Drew Cowlthorp   2 days ago

    I’m all in but I have questions.1: What material would we use to collect the energy that is that heat resistant?2: How would we get to energy from the sun to wherever we need it?

  • Vasu Chhirolya
    Vasu Chhirolya   2 days ago

    @Kurzgesagt, Harnessing the sun's energy is one feat, but how can one transfer that energy to earth?can you make one video on that as well?

  • haykal aby
    haykal aby   2 days ago

    War: im about to destroy this guy's whole creerer

  • William Roy
    William Roy   2 days ago

    Running machine empires in Stellaris in a nutshell.

  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma   2 days ago

    2:48 that poor bird sacrificed itself for humanity's cause a despite all the trouble we cause to them.Shame on us.

  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma   2 days ago

    I won't be surprised if energy industries get this video banned.

  • ragindo XL
    ragindo XL   2 days ago

    Bla bla bla bla, peccato che non si tiene conto del vento solare e delle radiazioni mortali e distruttive che il sole emette continuamente, distruggerebbe tutto prima di essere completato, creare un progetto del genere è impossibile e stupido, e come cercare di creare una palloncino di carta intorno ad una torcia che brucia.

  • Pro at Stuff
    Pro at Stuff   2 days ago

    Make this into a game Call it something cool like age of evolution

  • George Burton
    George Burton   3 days ago

    Anyone else really want to play this colonizing game he's playing in the background

  • Mr._Ducko
    Mr._Ducko   3 days ago

    Me just sitting here waiting for the government to take us to space

  • Benny Bean
    Benny Bean   3 days ago

    Am i the only one that thinks these people are just time travelers and their mission in our time is to tell us about how to get things working for the future?

  • 吉川直宏
    吉川直宏   4 days ago

    8:59 I found a Cowboy Bebop(カウボーイ ビバップ) poster!

  • Celegonui 271
    Celegonui 271   4 days ago

    So the star used to creat Thor's stormbreaker was surrounded by a dyson sphere?

  • 杨婷婷
    杨婷婷   4 days ago

    How many birds dead by the channel?