How to Build a Dyson Sphere - The Ultimate Megastructure

  • Published on: 20 December 2018
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    If humans want to expand into space, it will take us incredible amounts of energy. How do we do that? Easy: we will just use the sun’s energy by realizing the most ambitious construction project in history. This is how it works.


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  • Runtime : 9:23
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    WD SWIMMING   6 hours ago

    1:57 on a scale hith or two undreamt of

  • Zayan Mirza
    Zayan Mirza   8 hours ago

    This video made me feel like I could rule the world

  • Z K
    Z K   12 hours ago

    7:31 " Achievement. Really messed up" yep that sums up things.

  • Nicholas Bos
    Nicholas Bos   13 hours ago

    If there were Dyson Spheres in the universe, we probably wouldn't see them, because they cover up a star's light...

    SCOREFIVE   20 hours ago

    you sold it to me! lets begin building tomorrow :D

  • Mattapo GooglyEyes
    Mattapo GooglyEyes   21 hours ago

    Why build a Dyson sphere when you can just set up a solar collection site on mercury?It would be safer, and cheaper to maintain

  • Agent Washington
    Agent Washington   21 hours ago

    And some politcal gains matter, and some conflicts are beyond our control- like between democrats and republicans

  • meixizou86
    meixizou86   23 hours ago

    It's very promising. But before reaching that level, I hope we can surpass these great filters of humanity : Political Conflict resulting to wars, Scientific breakthroughs leading to extinction, Cosmological scale calamities like asteroid impacts, gamma ray bursts etc.

  • Two side
    Two side   1 days ago

    Let's just hope we can get that all done before either the peacekeepers wake or the endgame crisis happens

  • elod marton
    elod marton   1 days ago

    So we basically want to block x% of sunlight... I struggle to understand how this wouldn’t create any problem on Earth and in the Solar System that we are unable to fix.

  • brqy
    brqy   1 days ago

    lets start doing this now

  • Katherine
    Katherine   1 days ago

    If this becomes a game I would definitely nut

  • GC200
    GC200   1 days ago

    Who came here from the black hole bomb

  • 블로비
    블로비   1 days ago

    But then, our earth would not get enough sunlight!

  • Goob
    Goob   1 days ago

    Have you considered that.. maybe being on a planet literally as close to the Sun as we are from the Moon MIGHT possibly melt the metal that we need to create the Dyson Sphere?Or even melt us with the metal? Solar panels probably can't take much heat either and our suits can't handle being that close to the Sun.We can definitely have our suits on in the vast cold universe, but there's no way we can survive that heat.Unless we use Aerogel. But even then, getting that much Aerogel would be a gruesome task.All I'm saying is we'd have to wait another millennia before we hope to accomplish something as big as this.

  • Max Power
    Max Power   1 days ago

    Amazing to think about how humans could come together and survive til the end of time, but in my opinion it's impossible. Internal conflict and lack of organization will be our downfall.

  • ReeDuckuliS
    ReeDuckuliS   1 days ago

    Mabye, just mabyeWe might not have to pay electric bills

  • \ Kris /
    \ Kris /   2 days ago

    It could be cool if this was a game

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper   2 days ago

    Did this idea of Dyson Sphere come from Star Trek?

  • Mongolian Boi
    Mongolian Boi   2 days ago

    I would buy this game that kurzgesagt used on this video tbh