How Master Sushi Chef Seiji Kumagawa Uses Modern Technology to Upgrade his Hawai'i Omakase — Omakase

  • Published on: 13 May 2019
  • Seiji Kumagawa has developed one of the most innovative omakase menus in Honolulu at his restaurant, Sasabune. By using local Hawai'i fish and produce, he has pioneered a uniquely experimental approach to sushi techniques and philosophies.

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  • Runtime : 13:15
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  • tolon tolon
    tolon tolon   19 hours ago

    he sounds like the awesomest boss ever

  • keng xiong
    keng xiong   1 days ago

    I hate sushi, but this makes it looks so delicious. I wanna try it

  • nesnalica
    nesnalica   1 days ago

    the secret of making good octopussy is massagin it with a vibrator for 45minutes

  • abhisek gupta
    abhisek gupta   1 weeks ago

    Watching these videos makes me feel that I am learning more than just the food and cuisine itself ... It imparts the "art of living" in the process

  • 559to916
    559to916   1 weeks ago

    Wow! Fish with lipstick :).

  • xloutlxrd
    xloutlxrd   1 weeks ago

    Customer:Wait sir I’m allergic to.. that skinny Asian chef:Trust Me 3 days later Customer dies

  • gie gie
    gie gie   1 weeks ago

    Inspiring person creates an inspiring food. Great one. Thanks for this video.

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell   1 weeks ago

    2:06 - 'Black-hearted, Witch Vag...'

  • ray
    ray   1 weeks ago

    damn the technique with the tuna was amazing, i had never seen it before

  • lim yanwai
    lim yanwai   2 weeks ago

    Extraordinary both chef and this vid. Great work! Just wow

  • Ekkol Dmpnt
    Ekkol Dmpnt   2 weeks ago

    Everytime i watched a sushi master, i feel their loved and pride of doing this kind of work. Now i get it why its expensive

  • A N
    A N   3 weeks ago

    not very smart 45 minutes massaging a tentacle sous vide it and then grill will come out just as good

  • dod dod
    dod dod   3 weeks ago

    I think you are the new grand master sushi chef overcome new styles tastes and ingredients to suit your new customers your a very humble man

  • Seth Gohn
    Seth Gohn   3 weeks ago

    Straight up seen every sushi video on multiple channels. This gentleman may not have any stars for his restaurant and I dig that. He's changing the game and being adaptive, creating new ways to bring home flavors here but not in a traditional way such as flying fish from Japan to Hawaii. He also knows his target audience and makes adjustments as necessary so he can still accommodate his guest without ceiling line prices and not sacrificing quality. This is definitely my favorite

  • SND
    SND   1 months ago

    1:40What!?This is not Sushi………

  • John Baugh
    John Baugh   1 months ago

    Okay I know it probably goes without saying because they are Master sushi chefs, but are we not going to comment on these guys' knife skills? Good grief. Absolutely amazing.

  • Vlasis T
    Vlasis T   1 months ago

    Such an inspiring chef. Really enjoyed the video

  • Jo Jo82
    Jo Jo82   1 months ago

    I love watching the chefs use a knife. Its like a paint brush.

  • Nanpa0
    Nanpa0   1 months ago

    What a great concept, sushi chef using local seafood. True Master.

  • blue copper
    blue copper   1 months ago

    Suddenly reminds me of Ip Man and Donnie Yen for some reason.

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen   1 months ago

    this chef literally motivated me to go to hawaii