Blindfolded Skydiving w/ The Dolan Twins!

  • Published on: 20 November 2018
  • I went blindfolded skydiving with Ethan and Grayson Dolan and it was SO fun! (and scary...) SUBSCRIBE:
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    Video shot by Jake Roque:
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  • Runtime : 24:9
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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke   11 months ago

    Gallop and I finally released merch! It's available WORLDWIDE to order NOW until December 4th! Limited edition, get it before it's gone! I hope you all love it! xo

  • Sparshita Sahu
    Sparshita Sahu   2 days ago

    Wait,if she is blind then how is she pointing towards the patch on the shirt?? It's just a question

  • Army Only
    Army Only   3 days ago

    I’m scared and I’m not even the one skydiving

  • Gia Smith
    Gia Smith   5 days ago

    grayson guiding molly is so fucking wholesome

  • Vick !
    Vick !   5 days ago

    I legit wondered why the skydiving guy had to tip Ethan's head up (and he still curled it back down!)

  • Braden Lee
    Braden Lee   6 days ago

    Please please please make your merch again. They were amazing.

  • Katzency
    Katzency   6 days ago

    Molly is so cute in this video <3 We're floating , MY HEART YALLLL

  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A   1 weeks ago

    20:40 jake ruined the joke lol

  • niya niya
    niya niya   1 weeks ago

    13:58 they was talking about them because look how they looking at them at 14:02-14:06

  • Dancing Gold
    Dancing Gold   1 weeks ago

    What if Molly's goggles landed on someone's windshield or forehead?

  • Matilda
    Matilda   1 weeks ago

    That guy has jumped 4 thousand times I-

  • The Cousins
    The Cousins   1 weeks ago

    20:05 Grayson and Ethan were burning HOLES through that guy. I love them they’re so soft

  • theokay lamp
    theokay lamp   1 weeks ago

    whenever the Irish man was around ethan crossed his arms and deep

  • Kathya C
    Kathya C   1 weeks ago

    Hi Molly, where can i find your merch? i have been looking for it but the sit is down or was removed.. advice please

  • sophiemay19x
    sophiemay19x   1 weeks ago

    Gutted grayson wasnt shown doing the skydive!

  • GalaxyCat 123
    GalaxyCat 123   2 weeks ago

    23:47Grayson is making me feel a certain way...

    GUSHO M   2 weeks ago

    No way she's blind bro

  • Clara Mueller
    Clara Mueller   2 weeks ago

    18:58 ethan licking his lips while he’s looking at molly totally loving hergrayson looking at ethan like “really dude?” 😂😂😂😂

  • JoAnn Montelongo
    JoAnn Montelongo   2 weeks ago

    Rewatching this I’m nervous for themMe finishing the video: they survived!!!!!

  • Michalla Kontof
    Michalla Kontof   2 weeks ago

    “I don’t know French I just know dog French” I love her omg

  • raquel urrea
    raquel urrea   2 weeks ago

    If this was their video they would’ve been sooo dramatic lmfaoooo

  • izmehniseh
    izmehniseh   2 weeks ago

    I ship grayson and molly so bad😍

  • jeff asmr
    jeff asmr   2 weeks ago

    just a question... can you see perfict outlines of light or is the light blurry/fading

  • Its_Presleyyy
    Its_Presleyyy   2 weeks ago

    But like can we talk about Ethan’s hair at 20:20 lol he looks like a mad scientist or something 😂

  • lindseyjorissen
    lindseyjorissen   2 weeks ago

    Hey molly, lately I've seen some cool products that are "designed for blind people", for example, a watch that had 2 magnets you could feel to know where the arms of the clock were. Have you ever tried any of these. Maybe you can do a video about it and test if they really are any good/handy or just making things unnecessarily more difficult/ more effort.

  • jannygirl11
    jannygirl11   2 weeks ago

    8:35 Tummy is only cute when Molly says it

  • Aqsa Khan
    Aqsa Khan   3 weeks ago

    The man who was putting harness on her he was creeping me out i really got a weird feeling

  • puga chan
    puga chan   3 weeks ago

    here a year later sad that i didn't get the merch

  • Brenda Boza
    Brenda Boza   3 weeks ago

    4:10 “you guys can be my models” EVERYONE buys it