Blindfolded Skydiving w/ The Dolan Twins!

  • Published on: 20 November 2018
  • I went blindfolded skydiving with Ethan and Grayson Dolan and it was SO fun! (and scary...) SUBSCRIBE:
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    Video shot by Jake Roque:
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  • Runtime : 24:9
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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke   1 years ago

    Gallop and I finally released merch! It's available WORLDWIDE to order NOW until December 4th! Limited edition, get it before it's gone! I hope you all love it! xo

  • NikoSS GameS
    NikoSS GameS   40 minuts ago

    I was just waiting to watch them yeet off the plane

  • Grains Of Art
    Grains Of Art   10 hours ago

    Holds up hand guy in da back.. high-five high-five.. I start dieing!

  • Taco Antoine
    Taco Antoine   16 hours ago

    Water slides with the deep pool at the end are terrifying in my opinion.

  • Bib1027
    Bib1027   1 days ago

    Molly: “the gems the golden boys of youtube..”Me: PERIODTTTTTT amen 🙏

  • Martha S
    Martha S   2 days ago

    I love the Dolan twins but I don’t think they understood how impactful the meaning is behind the blindfolds. Ethan keeps talking about how hard the blindfold is and repeatedly saying he doesn’t like it but.... that’s Molly’s reality and I wish he would have been a little more mindful of his language.

  • Phazzr
    Phazzr   2 days ago

    The real skydive part starts at 16:00

  • Ce G
    Ce G   2 days ago

    Everything about this was cute 🥰🥰And I kinda ship Greyson and Molly

  • Sophia R
    Sophia R   2 days ago

    Greyson I think has some feelings?

  • Meadow The Cat
    Meadow The Cat   3 days ago

    I really want another collab with the Dolan Twins!

  • Michael Burton - Wizard Of Oz Collector

    I love how people go for a High Five with Molly.Because with Molly.You don't think "Oh this is a blind girl."You think "Oh this girl is Molly."And you forget she's blind because her disability doesn't limit who she is.

  • ÜÑÎ Tūbę
    ÜÑÎ Tūbę   5 days ago

    I was feeling anxious while watching this 😂

  • Lalanie Jamison
    Lalanie Jamison   1 weeks ago

    I’m almost 40 (turning 40 this year) and have never skydived while you are here blind and rocking It * so jealous 😂

  • Mark Galan
    Mark Galan   1 weeks ago

    Hehe is 2020 and I still wear your hoodie I made it big on me so I could fit in it for years I’m smart 😎

  • Tashyia Williams
    Tashyia Williams   1 weeks ago

    When the guy said come back again to her I was like ouhhhhh he got a crush 😊

  • Slitherinto Dracosbed

    Also idk why but the guy that took Molly skydiving 👀 they would be really cute together💖😂

  • Madison Parrish
    Madison Parrish   1 weeks ago

    I ship Grayson and Molly their hip name could be Mayson 🤣

  • leeonte Aspeling
    leeonte Aspeling   1 weeks ago

    Ok I know I'm a year late but does anyone else ship molly and gray?🤣

  • Juliana Linker
    Juliana Linker   1 weeks ago

    17:30 when grayson and Ethan both helped her walk🥺 they got raised right

  • Lexi Spensley
    Lexi Spensley   1 weeks ago

    Why do I think Molly kinda sounds like Emma Chamberlain 😂😂

  • Emily Noir
    Emily Noir   1 weeks ago

    The twins look like Giants next to Molly! 🕷️🦷🖤🤍

  • Samantha Homick
    Samantha Homick   1 weeks ago

    Everyone is talking about Ethan and Grayson being protective when the guy hugged her, but also at 13:57 aww

  • kt t
    kt t   1 weeks ago

    I love grayson's facial expressions everytime someone flirts with molly lol

  • it's me bitch
    it's me bitch   1 weeks ago

    Molly: ' I can see the light'Me: 'goodbye molly'

  • Helen Fernandez Liberato

    At 13:58 Gray probably tells Ethan that the instructor is flirting with Molly and then they stare at them 😂😂

  • Ybn.tevin
    Ybn.tevin   2 weeks ago

    How does it feel to put the best comment then realizing she cant read it😭😂

  • Ripzy
    Ripzy   2 weeks ago

    Im getting nervous watching this

  • Yasmin Kumar
    Yasmin Kumar   2 weeks ago

    The Dolan twins being overprotective for Molly Berke for 24 mins straight XD im dead