Bronny gets GAME-WINNING BUCKET with LeBron watching in Ohio! - ESPN Broadcast Highlights

  • Published on: 15 December 2019
  • December 14, 2019 - Sierra Canyon traveled to the state of Ohio to take on LeBron James alma mater, St. Vincent - St. Mary. LeBron watched his freshman son put down 16 points and take the go ahead basket to give the Trailblazers the win. Bronny James was named MVP for his efforts.

    St. Vincent - St. Mary was lead by Malaki Branham (no. 28 in the 2021 ESPN 60) and Sencire Harris.
  • Runtime : 24:22
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  • Ben Dorn
    Ben Dorn   1 days ago

    at the starting lebron pushed that kid

  • Repu Yt
    Repu Yt   2 days ago

    3:46 Is that Goldberg

  • Danis Sjuib
    Danis Sjuib   2 days ago

    Bronny is playing againts the high school team that lebron went to when he was bronnys age

  • chris allen
    chris allen   2 days ago

    where did he hit the game winning shot i am so confused

  • Gavin Mcgee
    Gavin Mcgee   2 days ago

    @18:45 you can see harden over his shoulder in a grey hoodie

  • Jovito Colin
    Jovito Colin   3 days ago

    Isn't Lebron a Lakers Guard not a Lakers Forward

  • Armaan West
    Armaan West   3 days ago

    People really in a stadium to watch some kids play basketball

  • Forsakened
    Forsakened   3 days ago

    16:20 uhh that guy to the left ok..?

    ETIKA   3 days ago

    11:06 all the camera that move at bronnie when he fall lmao

  • Destrife
    Destrife   3 days ago

    What the commentators talk about - 10% the actual game, 90% lebron

  • Jason Z
    Jason Z   3 days ago

    LeBron my favorite NBA person next be bronny

  • xBrawlx Mobile
    xBrawlx Mobile   3 days ago

    11:45 he didn't got ankle break. he fall over feet from block

  • Brayden Brayden
    Brayden Brayden   4 days ago

    this blows my mind that a high school program has the budget, my high school team was basically a pickup game

  • Lucas
    Lucas   4 days ago

    Dude why is Sierra Canyon getting all the NBA Sons😂 Bronny and Ziare

  • Donlin Yui
    Donlin Yui   5 days ago

    They need to give zaire wade more minutes to play to show what he got men.

  • Geronimo agarraspito

    Bronny is not even as good as his dad , just watch lebron vs oak hill , he was only 17 and ran thru that team that was #1 at that time.

  • Fahira Amaliya
    Fahira Amaliya   5 days ago

    imagine playing basketball and your dad is lebron.if it is me i would feel so pressure for the high expectation

  • Jerone Hamod
    Jerone Hamod   5 days ago

    imagine if LeBron suddenly joins in and dunks the ball

  • FreezeCold YT
    FreezeCold YT   6 days ago

    0:17 lol LeBron be mad with kid taking a video :///

  • The_Vicman006
    The_Vicman006   6 days ago

    Wait a minute, Sierra Canyon also have Dwayne Wade son? What is this? the Toronto Blue Jays? stocking on sons of star players.. For those who don't know baseball, The Toronto Blue Jays currently have Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo. Bichette, Cavan Biggio and Lourdes Gurrier Jr all sons of former pro players.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama   6 days ago

    Why didn't zaire wade play?

  • King_Tenshi_907
    King_Tenshi_907   6 days ago

    Bruh imagine growing up knowing your dad is LeBron James 🙌

  • The Aspirants
    The Aspirants   6 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel 😍 aspirants here from the Philippines.

  • Phillip.Whitlock
    Phillip.Whitlock   6 days ago

    Lebron and wade were a good duo so imagine what Bronny and Wades son could do in the future

  • Léo Stroisch
    Léo Stroisch   1 weeks ago

    But Lebron has already gone to a bronny game