SURVIVAL life hacks : DOs and DONTs #StayHome

  • Published on: 27 March 2020
  • Azzyland - SURVIVAL life hacks : DOs and DONTs #StayHome

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  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • Mavis McW
    Mavis McW   6 hours ago

    Azzy I love your sense of humour and how you care about so many people you are such a good person

  • Harper Park
    Harper Park   1 days ago

    Ahh toilet paper i love you toilet paper

  • Harper Park
    Harper Park   1 days ago

    You da best i know what to do and what not to do

  • CoolKid Olive
    CoolKid Olive   1 days ago

    Azzy: Yeets phone Me: Holy Mother of Crackers!!

  • Shiba boi
    Shiba boi   1 days ago

    HOW COULD I DISSCONECCT? when I should be watching you! beacuse your awesome azzy!

  • Rosies World
    Rosies World   1 days ago

    That was so beautiful Azzy we all love you no matter what stay safe

  • Remi Rose
    Remi Rose   1 days ago

    We are the cars because me and for me please

  • Lu The Queen
    Lu The Queen   2 days ago

    I had a tooth removed today so I can get braces, and was eating small lollies. One got stuck in the hole where my tooth was, and I can't get it out. so scared to tell my mum. help!!!

  • Shea Jubb
    Shea Jubb   2 days ago

    In the do and don’t the one thing we reallly don’t do is give yourself bangs Azzy: don’t give yourself bangs Me: Mom get the scissors!

  • Aisa Morales
    Aisa Morales   2 days ago

    Uhh the don’t hurt yourself that is gonna be hard for me

  • Joshua Buys
    Joshua Buys   2 days ago

    my great-grandma died to COVID 19 today she lived to be 103 and this video helped me realize we are all in this together if we work together we can get through this.

  • Lucas Funes
    Lucas Funes   2 days ago

    I like how in the beginning she was making a cake or something and she wasnt measuring the thing that she was putting in the recipeLets get this comment 1k likes plssssssss

  • Elena Tadić
    Elena Tadić   2 days ago

    Azzy had a bag of smoki!!! And that's what I have thar in my cournty!!

  • Betty Lewis
    Betty Lewis   3 days ago

    Azzy :cleaning rilly fast like a tornado Me:HAHAHA LOL LMAS 😂😂😂

  • Camrynvk
    Camrynvk   4 days ago

    Ok whatever face care product she uses when she talks about self care I need it looks so cool. If anyone knows what it is please tell me!

  • Aurelia Nobes
    Aurelia Nobes   4 days ago

    I missed too birthday party’s because of the virus

  • Ella Jimenez
    Ella Jimenez   4 days ago

    This video really helped me, I was a really taking the risk of getting covid-19

  • Dinara Wehrmeister
    Dinara Wehrmeister   5 days ago

    Azzy: spend time with your loved ones Me: r u looking at ur self in the mirror while having something idk what it was calledAlso me: well im gonna be able to spend time with my awesome grandma and have a blast and have the best day of my life sooo gl everyone with this covid thinPs: im struggling too with this covid thing and its NOT going well...😥