I FOUND an OCEAN TEMPLE in Minecraft! (epic) - Part 11

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • We raid an ocean temple in minecraft epicly
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  • Runtime : 31:17


  • Louis Chaherli
    Louis Chaherli   1 hours ago

    5:30"Nether portal more like nothing in here portal"Nether update: am I a joke to you

  • blood sucka
    blood sucka   8 hours ago

    The first minute had me hysterically laughing what has my sense of humor come to 😔🖐

  • Blake Cacini
    Blake Cacini   10 hours ago

    It's weird. Whenever you look at a map where you aren't at the location yet, you just have a sense of which direction to go.

    RED DELTA   17 hours ago

    Yo you have server if so can I have ip or someone tell it to me???

  • Flaming Dragons
    Flaming Dragons   1 days ago

    BTW, Sven is actually a wolf, not a dog. The swimming fat things that was shooting you with like web things, that's called a guardian.

  • Big Nerd
    Big Nerd   1 days ago

    pewds: “Don’t look at me when i sp-“jeb: turns away Pewdiepie: “LOOK AT ME WHEN I SPEAK I MEAN”

  • Cowylover1221 Magun
    Cowylover1221 Magun   1 days ago

    As new boat cow grows up Felix: here take this Steak did anyone else see that

  • Chunky Milk
    Chunky Milk   2 days ago

    The best way to conquer those monuments is by busting holes in the top and sides of the monument. Then you can skip straight to the elder guardian fights and start getting the prismarine.

  • Swati Bohra
    Swati Bohra   2 days ago

    "hippidy hoppidy' u kill u ma property"this is my fvourite line lmao

  • yo cool dude
    yo cool dude   2 days ago

    don't try to fool us at 13:06 we saw your axe's health okay

  • Claudia Perez
    Claudia Perez   2 days ago

    Nadie: 29:40 El caballo esta surfeando xd 😂 Y otra cosa soy la unica que habla español

  • Fa'afetai Emosi
    Fa'afetai Emosi   2 days ago

    Bruh pewdiepie doesnt notice that the treasure is behind the block

  • Cyclipz
    Cyclipz   2 days ago

    “Can you guys frick off?” Boat cow has evolved.

  • Melisa L
    Melisa L   4 days ago

    All the people watching this during quarantine —

  • Smoll PP
    Smoll PP   4 days ago

    from joergen stinky leg dance to a present for old friendthis series can make u cry a few second later after u laugh so hard loland here i am, rewatch this for about 3 times and still got the emotional feelinggoddamnit bless this series

  • Quinten Janssens
    Quinten Janssens   4 days ago

    The IKEA tower got so popular that they actually made stores with the brand IKEA

  • Vali Luchian
    Vali Luchian   4 days ago

    Felix : "WoOw, Watercow is back"Felix as well : feeding Watercow with steak

  • MrMcYeet
    MrMcYeet   4 days ago

    "pool is powered by lava" klaxosaurs: now this looks like a job for me