Google Glass Human

  • Published on: 23 May 2013
  • From the makers of iPod human and the iNavigator, we now present the Google Glass Human!

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  • Runtime : 4:27
  • Google Glass nigahiga


  • ZMuff
    ZMuff   1 weeks ago

    thumbnail changed. only OG's can recognise that 😂

  • 沈Sandy
    沈Sandy   2 weeks ago

    Maybe it’s gonna be google class water bottle again (spoiler: it’s 10 dollars for 1/10 of one bottle )

  • 1k Road
    1k Road   3 weeks ago

    Everytime i watch nigahiga videos, i laugh

  • NintendoGamer789
    NintendoGamer789   3 weeks ago

    Yo why did the thumbnail change from the sleep hold to a shot of Will

  • The Boi
    The Boi   4 weeks ago

    Tell her yes N O Y O U A R E A F A T G I R L

  • WizardShark
    WizardShark   4 weeks ago

    “I never leave home without it”*Stands outside without Google Glass Human on*

  • Jason Valentino
    Jason Valentino   1 months ago

    Ryan Higa,theonly man smart and stupid enough to create devices and commercials that does their work 0% of the time and works only 1.25% of the time! AMAZING! (i know that these videos are just jokes but they irritate me that the commercials/devices are really REALLY stupid..)

  • Blue Light24
    Blue Light24   1 months ago

    No long Beard or hair Will Vs Long Beard or Hair WillWho Will Win?YOU DECIDE

  • Ahadur Rahman Alif
    Ahadur Rahman Alif   1 months ago

    All these, I've never mentioned one thing....Now it's possible to buy people.

  • TopAnimeLoverEver
    TopAnimeLoverEver   1 months ago

    That entire last 2 minutes after "lifetime supply" had me laughing so hysterically that I genuinely, no joke, had to back it up and rewatch because I missed half of what was being said, because the previous sentence had me laughing so hard and now my gut hurts

  • Mattmojo105 Ruiz
    Mattmojo105 Ruiz   1 months ago

    I miss Sean so much. But I'm glad he's following his dreams.

  • Senpai Lucas
    Senpai Lucas   1 months ago

    2020 watching 2013 be like2020:I could've uploaded and notified people faster

  • Zhalfa Aulia
    Zhalfa Aulia   1 months ago

    And u can sell google human kidney and buy it again!

  • DieHardGamer12
    DieHardGamer12   1 months ago

    “Google Glass Human, find me the nearest coffee shop”“No”D E T R O I T B E C O M E H U M A N